9 Top Places Slovenia Vacation Packages Must Include

Author: Srikanth Krishna on May 17,2021

Majestically sitting in the heart of Europe, Slovenia is most often known for its picturesque beauty, spectacular mountains, and heavenly lakes. There are a multitude of magical places that are worth getting a mention in most Slovenia vacation packages. Surrounded by beautiful places in all directions, including— Croatia, Hungary, the Adriatic Sea, Eastern Alps, and the Balkans— Slovenia offers thousands of reasons to be there. It might look like a tiny piece of land, but there are cities, mountains, lakes, and beach towns that you might not find anywhere else. Booking Slovenia vacation packages is an opportunity to enjoy the best leisure vacation packages during your lifetime.


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And, in addition to the natural beauty found here, Slovenia has traces of 20th-century architecture and is also known for its cultural values. Be it the fairy-tale town of Ljubljana or the dozens of castle-topped towns, or the iconic Lake Bled— this tiny nation is going to amaze you at every step. You’ll turn your eyes at any corner of this European nation, and your eyes will dazzle with the scene of sprawling vineyards, verdant valleys, and magical lakes. This article will help you figure out some of the top places to include in your Slovenia vacation packages— from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites to the top cities and the areas with the impeccable landscape. Let’s dive into knowing more:


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Best Time to Book Slovenia Vacation Packages


Summer (June through August) Autumn (September to November) Winter (December to February) Spring (March to May)

1. Most popular season to visit

2. Uncrowded

3. Best time to swim in Lake Bled

4. Perfect for adventure sports

5. Hotels fill up fast.

6. Temperatures can reach the upper 80s in a lot of areas.

1. Prices start to go down

2. Temperatures cool.

3. Crowds taper off.

4. Temperature warm enough to swim in September.

5. Triglav National Park is the best place to travel.

1. Crowds start spiking.

2. The real draw in winter is skiing.

3. Temperatures can dip down to freezing.

4. Sledding, snowshoeing, or ice skating

5. Christmas markets in Ljubljana are an attraction.

1. Not yet warm enough to swim.

2. Not cold enough to ski.

3. Less Crowded.

4. Unpredictable weather with unusual rains.

5. May is perfect for adventure activities.

6. Predjama Castle is the best attraction to see.


9 Top Places Slovenia Vacation Packages Must Include


The European nation is where you would see some of the best places to explore. According to the international ecological criteria, Slovenia was among the first countries that became green destinations globally. And, it is like, you have something so unique awaiting your discovery in every part of the country. So, don’t be too confused; just this and book from the best of the Slovenia vacation packages. 


1. Piran



Whenever I start looking for Slovenia vacation packages or discuss Slovenia vacations with anyone, I make sure the itinerary includes Piran. People usually don’t believe when I say I have traveled to this coastal city over three times— and hope to explore it more on my future trips. With so many beautiful tourist spots, a visit to this place certainly broadens your perspective about the town. Piran sits on the Southwestern part of Slovenia along the Adriatic Sea. You’ll be amazed to know that the city was a part of the Venetian Empire for over five centuries— and that is pretty evident in every aspect of the town. Piran is a great place, which usually mentions some of the best leisure vacation packages, and typically for the history buffs, it’s a fantastic exploration spot.


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Top tourist attractions in Piran: Tartini Square Piran, Piran Harbor, the Church of St. George, Piran Bell Tower, the Piran Rock Art, a walk from Piran to Strunjan.


2. Ljubljana



You’ll be amazed to know that while Ljubljana is the largest city in Slovenia, it is the smallest capital in Europe. If you love everything about Italy, you have some obvious reasons to fall in love with Ljubljana. This architecturally rich city has Italian inflection, and it is popularly known for the beauty evolved from the catastrophe. It allows you to see and understand how these catastrophes gave free rein to visionaries and how it led to establishing the masterpieces like the Art Nouveau from the rubble. And, for the eco-friendly travelers’ it’s something to look forward to— the young city was named the European Green Capital in 2016. There is a cycling network, the city is all car-free, and with only the low-emission public transport in the business. Look for Slovenia vacation packages that take you through the capital city. 


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Top Tourist attractions in Ljubljana: Gornji Trg, Franciscan Church, Metelkova, Dragon Bridge, Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Tivoli Park, Presernov Trg, Triple Bridge, Ljubljana Castle,  Old Town.


3. Postojna



Postojna is like — the best thing in the smallest package! Travelers at Leisure.com say this tiny city has many fun things to do & see, from thrilling adventures to a couple of exciting tourist attractions. Right Slovenia vacation packages & experts will help you experience the city in the right way. Postojna is typically known for its massive cave system, which has 20 miles of chambers, galleries & hallway— with some of the ceiling having a height of about 150 feet. There are also train tours that would take you through sections of the cave. And, you can explore the more intriguing areas of the cave system at your pace in the underground environment. This small town is packed with much more to explore! Choose the best leisure vacation packages for a deeper exploration of this pleasantly intriguing place. 


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Top Tourist attractions in Postojna: Postojna Cave, Predjama Castle, Nanos, Notranjski Museum Postojna, Planinsko Polje, Prestranek Castle Estate, Pri Stari Dami Museum Collection, Rakov Škocjan. 


4. Bled



Bled, the Slovenian resort town in the foothills of the Julian Alps, is charming. This tiny European land offers you an opportunity to meet some of the most amicable people in the world, discover Slovenia’s history, and watch through some of the most incredible natural wonders. Bled also gives travelers extraordinary opportunities to enjoy some of the best winter sports ever. The picture-perfect, incredibly photogenic Lake Bled makes for the best places to visit here. The fairy-tale lake and its turquoise blue waters will simply enamor you! It’s where you can go cycling, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and so much more. And, very close to Bled, there are some popular skiing areas that you can reach through chairlift. 


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Top Tourist attractions in Bled: Bled Castle, Vintgar Gorge, Lake Bled, Church of the Assumption of Maria, Pokljuka Plateau, Straža Ski Resort, Triglav National Park, Church of St. Martin, Bled Island Gallery. 


5. Ptuj



A lot of travelers come and ask me— what is this strange name ‘Ptuj’. Let me tell you; this is the oldest city in Slovenia; it does have something incredible to experience through most Slovenia vacation packages. And, guys, I want to tell you this little gem is one of the top places that all the best leisure vacation packages must include. Ptuj is particularly an incredibly terrific location for all the history buffs out there— from the cobbled streets to the Romans shrines & the Renaissance castle; there’s so much awaiting your discovery. More than that, Ptuj has some fantastic restaurants, hotels, and bars. If you like photography, this is going to be the perfect getaway for you— where you get to capture some of the striking views from the top of the castle. 


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Top Tourist attractions in Ptuj: Ptuj Castle, Dominican Monastery, Orpheus Monument, Church of St. George, Ptuj City Theatre, Town Hall, Minorite Monastery, St. Florian Monument. 


6. Koper



Most intrigues me about Koper is its location— it snuggles between Croatia, Italy & a part of the Istrian Peninsula. And, the next thing that I look for in Slovenia vacation packages when it comes to Koper excursion is — the massive things to do. From the beach lovers to the day-trippers and all those epicures, Koper is the right place. With a population of 25,000, Koper is the largest coastal city in Slovenia. The good news for Italian travelers is that— Slovenia uses both Italian & Slovenian as the official languages. It makes out that Italian will not have any problem reading boards & menus. 


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Top Tourist attractions in Koper: Muda Gate, Koper Cathedral and Bell Tower, Praetorian Palace, Škocjan Caves, Postojna Cave, Histria Botanica, Tito Square, Cathedral of the Assumption, Praetorian Palace. 


7. Maribor



Maribor, the second-largest city in Slovenia, is positioned along the Drava River. It is another place in the European country you must include in Slovenia vacation packages. It might be marginally lesser in cultural appeal and sophistication than Ljubljana, but there’s plenty of things to see. Maribor boasts its long winemaking tradition, architectural styles, peacefully vibrant streets, monuments, churches, and colorful squares. In 2012, Maribor also won the European Capital of Culture title— here, you’ll get an opportunity to learn a lot about Slovenia’s culture, especially the wine culture. You’ll get to taste some of the best wines and see the vineyards stretching from Maribor into the Pohorje forests.


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Top Tourist attractions in Maribor: Old Vine House, Glavni Trg, Water Tower, Piramida, Maribor Cathedral, Plague Column, Maribor Castle, Regional Museum Maribor, Maribor Synagogue, Mestni Park. 


8. Celje



If you are looking for Slovenia vacation packages, make sure it does not miss Celje on the list of places to visit in its itinerary. Celje is something different— it will make you feel as you have reached back in time, the architecture & the old city charm definitely can’t be missed. In addition to its plenty of unique relaxation spots, some places add to its serenity. More than that, if you are booking Slovenia vacation packages during summers, Celje is the perfect place for catching up on some adventure. They say Celje is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia, and the vast Celje castle is the most sought-after tourist spot in the city.  


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Top Tourist attractions in Celje: Celje Castle, the Old Landgraviate Building, Prince’s Mansion, Museum of Recent History, Josip Pelikan’s Skylight Photo Studio, Celje Cathedral, City Walls, Celje Adventure Park.


9. Kranj



Kranj is popularly known for being the capital of the Slovenian Alps. It is the 6,000-years old history, fantastic location, incredible culture, and impeccable culinary scenes that find it a place in most Slovenia vacation packages. The three mountain ranges, including Grintavec, Stol, and Triglav— are essential attractions in the city. Kranj Old Town is often called the most beautiful historical town in Slovenia. The tunnel built during World WarII is another top attraction that attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you are driving down from Ljubljana to Lake Bled, you can stop by and enjoy the beautiful scenes of Kranj. Some of the best leisure vacation packages do not specifically mention ‘Kranj’ in their itinerary, but the fact that it lies between Ljubljana and Lake Bled— you might explore it at your own pace. 


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Top Tourist attractions in Kranj: Kranj Town Hall, Kranj Tunnels, the Sava River, Kokra Canyon, Slovenian Craft Beer, Triglav National Park, Slovenian Square, France Prešeren House.


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