Here's What You Need to Know Before Booking Fiji Vacation Packages in 2021

Fiji is an archipelago of islands in the south pacific, with 330 islands to choose from! The white sandy beaches, tall palm & coconut trees and a bunch of luxury hotels make Fiji a popular destination among all types of travelers. The thriving coral reefs, and clear lagoons, make for a perfect setting to go snorkeling or scuba diving. Adventure travelers can also find Fiji vacation packages in 2021 that include skydiving, surfing, kayaking, and hiking to waterfalls, and many more exciting activities.


In addition to being a tropical paradise, Fiji is also famous for its culture, traditions, and rituals that may come as a shock to you during your vacation. Leisure travel guides present you with ten things you should know before booking your Fiji Vacation Packages in 2021!


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1. Be careful while visiting locals



The culture of Fiji is quite unique and has evolved over thousands of years. The local villages and indigenous tribes have various traditions and rituals which may seem peculiar to an outsider.


As a tourist on your Fiji Vacation Packages in 2021, you should be careful exploring the local villages and their community areas. The Fijian locals often accept tourists and celebrate with them. However, they are also known to protect their traditions and relics. It is customary for anyone visiting the local villages to bring a gift, usually a Kava, with them as a peace offering when entering the village.


Showing up without anything is considered rude and is equivalent to trespassing. While entering the villages, try to be respectful of locals’ boundaries and present the gift of kava to the village leader, who will then welcome you into their community.


Exploring local villages in Fiji is an amazing experience that allows you to learn about their unique culture and hike to some of the most stunning landscapes and waterfalls.



2. Traveling between islands can be expensive



Fiji is an archipelago that is made up of 330 islands. However, only 100 islands are inhabited by locals, and fewer than that have resorts and tourist activity. The most popular islands in Fiji include the Mamanuca Islands, the Yasawa islands, Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Wakaya Islands, and Kadavu.


While every island has something unique to offer, hopping between islands can get quite expensive. Hotels and Resorts try to lure travelers by offering cheap offers for rooms and accommodations for their stay. However, once you reach the islands, you realize that the room may be cheap, by the mandatory meal plans and cost of partaking in leisure activities may increase your budget. Since activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking are available at far-off islands, traveling to them can be quite expensive. Before you book your Fiji vacation packages in 2021, it is best to do your research and understand the perks and amenities offered by your hotels, hostel, or resorts.


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3. You’ll find plenty of machete-wielding men



Machetes are a common sight in Fiji. As soon as you land in Fiji, you’ll find plenty of muscular locals holding a machete. However, since machetes are the traditional tool of choice for Fijian locals, there is nothing to be afraid of. Be it cutting grass, chopping wood or vegetation, or opening a coconut, a Fijian local can do it all with just their machete.



4. Everyone goes to church



A majority of the Fijian population consists of Christians, and the people of Fiji are quite religious. Sundays are dedicated to the church, and you’ll find most locals going to church and traditional clothing to offer their prayers.


Another thing you’ll notice on your Fiji vacation packages in 2021 that most of the streets and shops will be empty on Sundays, as most locals visit the church and celebrate god’s day. Only a few shops will be open for business, that too for a limited number of hours. Therefore, if you plan to buy souvenirs or artifacts, it is best to do it any other day of the week.


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5. Plenty of Religious Holidays



Fijians are quite religious, but there is another thing Fijian locals are famous for, that is, always being enthusiastic and in the spirit of celebration. Two popular religions are prevalent among the Fijian locals, Christianity and Hinduism. As a part of its thousands of years old history, people from different cultures came and settled in Fiji. And therefore, due to a mix of cultures, there are many fun celebrations all year round. While Christians celebrate most of the popular Christian holidays, you will also find people celebrating Holi, Diwali, and other major Hindu festivals in the Fiji Islands.



6. Beware of Coconuts



It is one of the most important safety tips that you’ll always be reminded of while you’re in Fiji. The Fiji islands are full of tall and beautiful coconut trees as far as the eyes can see. However, there is always a risk of getting injured by a falling coconut whenever you’re out in the open. It is important to always keep an eye out for trees full of coconuts and avoid standing directly below them. Although chances of getting hit by a falling coconut are less, and one of the last things on your mind, it is very important to take care of it when surrounded by coconut trees. A fully grown coconut can seriously injury you when falling from a tall tree.


The best way to be safe is to stay clear of the coconut trees as much as possible and avoid going near them during storms and heavy winds. Another way to protecting yourself is to look at the color of the coconuts. If the color of the coconut is green, then you have nothing to worry about, as a green coconut is still quite unripe and is tightly attached to the tree. In comparison, a brown coconut is fully ripe and may detach from the tree and fall at any time.



7. Be mindful of what you wear



Fiji people are quite conservative, which means you should pay attention to your clothing while entering any local, town, village, or place of worship. Female tourists are required to cover their shoulders and torso and avoid wearing short skirts. Whereas men should stick to a shirt and long shorts whenever entering any village or town. Another thing to keep in mind of your Fiji vacation packages in 2021 is that Fijian locals consider the head sacred. Therefore you should not accidentally or deliberately touch anybody’s head. You should also not cover your head with a bandana or hat and remove your sunglasses when entering a temple or local village.



8. Plan your Fiji vacation properly!



Fiji weather can be quite notorious. While on your Fiji vacation packages in 2021, make sure you do your research and learn about the country’s two major seasons. Due to the country’s locations, the islands usually have only two major seasons throughout the year. One is a dry season, and the other is the wet season. The wet season in Fiji starts in November and lasts till April. The wet season can be quite rainy and humid and doesn’t attract many tourists because of the weather conditions. However, you can make the most of it by going on a budget trip to Fiji during late April, when the prices are still low and the rains and humidity have simmered down a little.


The dry season in Fiji, also known as the tourist season, starts in May and lasts till September. The dry season doesn’t have a lot of rain, and humidity but the days can get quite hot, so don’t forget to bring sunscreen. It is also the perfect weather to swim in the ocean and explore the local towns, villages, and hidden wonders.



9. Watch out for Dogs and Mosquitoes



The streets of Fiji are crawling with blood-sucking mosquitoes and dogs. The tropical environment serves as the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes which can ruin your night's sleep if you forget to close the window at night. Make sure you cover your arms and legs before stepping out, and always carry a mosquito repellent.


Apart from mosquitoes, dogs are a common sighting throughout the country. Whenever you’re out exploring the streets, you will always find a bunch of dogs following you around. Interestingly the dogs in Fiji have an instinct for identifying the tourists from the locals, and they make sure to leverage this skill to get treats from pooch-loving tourists.


As the world starts to open up, you can start planning your perfect Fiji vacation packages in 2021 with the things mentioned above in mind, have the best getaway of your life!


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