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Costa Rica is embellished with some of the most beautiful natural jewels such as the exotic flora and fauna, green lush forests, pristine waters, and stunning coastlines. Get blown away with the environmental consciousness and biodiversity of Costa Rica. The best time to travel the gorgeous country is during the dry season to experience little rain and soothing sunlight. Embrace the splendid beauty and soothe your soul with the perfect itinerary!


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Puerto Viejo- Three Days

The place is very popular among the backpackers because of its location. There is always excitement hung in the air with the pristine beaches, surfing and partying. However, the ones looking for peaceful ambiance at Puerto Viejo have many quiet beach resorts at their rescue. The coastal town is a paradise to experience the best adventures. Surfing, snorkeling, and trekking is an attractive spot for tourists. The warm weather of the town offers you the Costa Rica vacation vibes.

Cahuita-Two Days

The small town rests right next to the national park, named after the town. Cahuita is very peaceful and is known to help you cleanse your inner self. Tourists generally enjoy hiking, animal spotting, and swimming. While some enjoy the adventures there, a few just end up reading books in their comfortable spots very peacefully. Cahuita is known to be influenced by the Afro-Caribbean culture and is clearly reflected in the food choices. People there generally love to eat grilled chicken and soft-sweet dessert crepes.

Arenal-Two Days

The place is known for its volcanoes if you're lucky enough you can see lava scrawling down the mountain. The Fortuna waterfall is a major tourist spot there. The ones who are in love with hiking can hit the national park for the adventurous-filled trek whereas the ones who love to enjoy the picturesque serenity near the lakeside can sit and admire the beauty of the sunset. For the adventurous ones, rafting is a stunning option. The hot springs of the place are also very one of the most visited places in Arenal.

Santa Teresa- Either a day or a month

The hippie backpacker town of Costa Rica rests at the south-most tip of the Nicoya Coast. The town has only one beach which is lined with a number of eatery places. Generally, tourists visit this place to regain their lost peace with the help of yoga centers. Moreover, there are a number of hostels and surfing shops for the hippies who come for adventures. Generally, people in town wake up early but are laid-back and relaxed most of the time. Santa Teresa does not host the loud and crazy parties if that's what you're expecting, the crowd there believes mostly in relaxing and enjoying the natural elements which the environment has to offer. It actually depends how many days you want to stay and relax because people end up staying either for a day, a week or even extend their stay for a month when on the Costa Rica vacation.

Poas Volcano- One Day

The active volcano has twin calderas that are filled with the sulfur water lakes. The lakes seem so still that you feel that it is a painted picture. The strato-volcano erupted last in the year 2017 and it's obviously uncertain when will it erupt next. The traces of the lava can be seen very clearly. However, you need to visit the place early in the morning so that the clouds do not ruin your picturesque moment.

Manuel Antonio- Two Days

The pristine beach lies on the Pacific coast, the beach is known for its beautiful white-sand beaches and blue clear water. Near Manuel Antonio, there is a national park that has three exotic kinds of monkeys. The tourists even take up hiking trails in the lap of the beautiful natural park and even enjoy sunsets on the secluded beaches.

Corcovado- Two Days

The beautiful national park occupies the southwestern part of Costa Rica. The park which was established in the year 1975 is considered to be the largest park in Costa Rica. The path to reach the national park is not a cakewalk, but once you reach there you feel like the luckiest person on the Earth. The deserted yet beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, and camping options make you fall in love with Corcovado. The marine life in Corcovado is very beautiful and is preserved in the best possible way. Many tourists have revealed that Corcovado is probably the best place in Costa Rica and should not be missed at any cost while on the Costa Rica vacation.

Monteverde- One Day

The stunning cloud forest of Costa Rica is a home to exotic and quetzal birds. Tourists generally visit the forest to see the exotic species. Yes, taking a trip to see one bird. Is it worth it? Absolutely yes! The place experiences extremely high winds and is at times stormed with unusual weather patterns. The green, clean and wet region has rich flora which can be admired through a zip line adventure. There is also an option to walk the sky bridge which should not be missed at any cost.

Dominical-One Day

The tropical place feels like heaven to the backpackers which has clear blue beaches, very cheap and affordable accommodation, dirt streets, and restaurants with open-air spaces with a relaxed vibe. The ones who visit the beautiful place find it difficult to step their foot out and end up getting their stays extended. In the main town, vendors set up their shops under the shed of the huge trees to sell craft and souvenirs to the tourists. Given the southern location of the tropical place, it is quite lush and one can find peace during the Costa Rica vacation. The beautiful paradise of Costa Rica has definitely a lot of tourist places but is a little crowded. In no small measure, it is only because of the natural beauty of the place, the white-sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, warm blue waters, exotic wildlife, and adventurous activities. Its high time you start penning down the itinerary and visit the heaven-like place as soon as the pandemic comes to an end.


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