Top Things To Remember When On The Go

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 22,2020

Traveling years back was an achievement, a luxury. People traveled for various reasons. Perhaps, it was because of the entry of tourism industries which gave tourism a far-fledged constructive meaning. Slowly, vacation packages started to develop for various destinations around the world.

Now traveling has become a necessity and a child’s play. It is no longer an achievement but something that helps us to take a break from the usual phases of life. Right from youngsters to elders go on vacation to escape from reality.

Be it a group tour or solo trip, there are various things to keep in mind while embarking on a journey. Here are a few things you need to take note of so that your vacation package does not become messy. 

1. Do not over plan everything too much:

Tourists have to curate a vacation package before going on a trip. But that does not mean to plan every minute’s schedule in detail. Too much planning spoils the idea of vacation. It takes away the fun and makes it too systematic. Plan your programs on the surface for two or three days and let the next to be suspense for you! 

2. Know the laws and customs of the country:

Every country is different regarding culture, laws, customs, and traditions. Some countries are lenient with tourists and do not mind much, while others expect tourists to know about their country well. A little unawareness can lead you to pay a huge amount of fine.  

Similarly, know what the rights are for tourists in the host country. That will make sure you do to get taken advantage of by strangers. 

3. Keep your documents safely:

Extremely important but tourists take it straightforward. Avail the travel documents such a passport, visa, travel insurance, etc. well on time. Today vacation packages arrange for all your documents as well as for the vacation. 

Organize every document in a file and keep it within reach in your luggage. Another mistake people do is save the air ticket copies on the phone. Your phone may go dead anytime so, it is better not to rely on it. Take photocopies of all the documents to be on the safer side. 

4. Currency exchange during traveling:

While traveling abroad, you will need the country’s currency. Not all currencies are accepted in a country. Hence, tourists exchange money in the airport kiosk. This may seem an easy option, but it cost a lot of money which people aren’t aware of. The best and other ways to get the exchange done is via an ATM. It is savvy but still, some ATMs may charge higher. In that case, you can stop the entire transaction before it completes. 

If you don’t have time to change the currency in the destination, then consider exchanging it in your bank. Banks do it systematically and at a decent rate. Today, there are various currency conversions websites available online, such as TransferWise, Oanda, XE, Travelex, etc. 

5. Explore the destination on foot:

Exploring on foot exposes you to the best views and adventures which you would miss while traveling in a taxi or public transport. You get to learn a lot about street style, architecture, people, and food. Plus, it helps you save a lot of money. At times, drivers try to extract double the rates from tourists. Beware!

6. Go on walk tours:

A walking tour is undertaken by foot to a historical site and monuments. Vacation packages offer walk tours to tourists who want to make their travel informative and get insights about the background of the destination. Guides are employed to give first-hand information to tourists. 

7. Try new things:

Make your vacation a memorable one. Today vacation packages do not offer the usual facilities but strive to go ahead in knowing the preferences of the tourists. According to that, adventure sports, activities, classes, sessions are suggested. Speaking of adventure, various destinations provide hand gliding, parasailing, trekking, mountain biking, hiking, horse rides, snorkeling, surfing, free fall, jungle safaris, camping, etc. these adventures make your trip stand apart from the usual ones. They let you explore your niche, capacities, and the creative side. 

Similarly, skill-based classes are offered to tourists. Resorts collaborate with artists and other relevant people in the destination to arrange workshops for tourists. Salsa, cooking, chocolate making, yoga, origami, etc. There are some classes tourists can enroll in. 

Have the local food. Every country has its cuisine. Tourism intended to explore food and various cuisines is called gastronomy. Tourists check out famous restaurants, and try several dishes and sweets. Food is also an important part of travel so focusing on it makes your trip worthy. Write a blog article explaining all the foods you had and that will make you a better traveler! 

8. Do not spend too much time on social media:

We all love to post updates on our social media during vacation. Some just go too overboard posting every single detail. Spending too much time on the screen spoils your trip. You do not have to keep telling people about your whereabouts; it may put you in danger. So stop fixing your Instagram feed, and Facebook profile and enjoy the view first! 

That also brings us to the gadgets part. People often carry too many devices only to regret later. A mobile phone can do all the tasks such as clicking photos, sending messages, navigating, searching for information, etc. In that case, other devices need not be carried. It takes too much space in your luggage and distracts you. Enjoy in a natural setting as much as possible without gadgets. 

9. Buy souvenirs:

Every destination has its landmark feature. They are made into key-chains, magnets, classic t-shirts, vases, food items, craft items, and postcards for tourists to buy. Having a souvenir helps you to cherish your vacation times. Such souvenirs make great memorabilia. On the other hand, it helps local artisans as well. 

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