7 Most Unusual Beaches In The World That You Need To Explore

Earth is truly a splendid place. Our planet is full of natural treasures with gorgeous forests, vivid attractions, majestic mountains, and much more. There is no dearth of beauty, and the beaches are no exception. However, when we talk about an idyllic beach vacation, we can only think of sunshine, white sand, and surging waves. Well, guess what, beaches are much more than that. There are several unusual beaches around the world that range from vibrant hues to secret locations.


As tourists continue to flock to coastal areas and enjoy a relaxing and unwinding vacation, they are always searching for a perfect beach destination. There are gorgeous beaches across the world that are not known to many people. With this in mind, we have come up with a list of the worlds most unique and bizarre beaches. Although white sand and crystal blue water make up for a perfect leisure tour package destination, there are several beaches that go beyond the usual charm. Many of these beaches are considered the most beautiful in the world. To find out more, lets dive deeper into the article and get introduced to the worlds strangest and most unique beaches.


Without wasting any more time, lets jump in!


Here Are The 7 Most Unusual Beaches Around The World


1. Glass Beach

2. Hyams Beach

3. Hidden Beach

4. Pink Sand Beach

5. Bowling Ball Beach

6. Boulders Beach

7. Giants Causeway


So what are you waiting for? Visit these beaches and level up your beach game. Grab your sunscreen, hold on to your hat, and enjoy an escape to serenity!


Glass Beach


Glass Beach


Visiting the Glass Beach and looking across the pristine white sand is as magical as observing a rainbow. Located in MacKerricher State Park, close to Fort Bragg in California, Glass Beach is one of the most intriguing beaches in the world. Heres a fun fact about the beach: It is not a natural creation, but instead, its mankinds waste wrapped around Mother Nature's gift. For many years, local residents exploited the beach and its surrounding by dumping garbage. And now, the glass waste at the beach has been turned into an incredible work of art as the tides and waves wore down and smoothened the disgusting litter. To this day, people enjoy visiting the Glass Beach and witness the colorful treasures.


Location: California, USA


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Hyams Beach


Hyams Beach


Australia is laden with beautiful white sand beaches all across the continent. However, Hyams Beach is one that holds the Guinness World Record for its whitest sand granules. Just three hours away from Sydney, Hyams Beach is perched on the beautiful shores of Jervis Bay in Australia. This beach is known worldwide for its light-colored sand. Although there is nothing unusual about the sand of Hyams Beach, its just that the granules are pure quartz. Hence, this beach shines in the bay of Jervis, and the sand feels magical underfoot. It is truly one of the most bizarre beaches in the world. So make sure you plan a beach vacation to Australia and witness the beauty of Hyams Beach that you wont get anywhere else. 


Location: New South Wales, Australia


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Hidden Beach


Hidden Beach


The Hidden Beach is, without a doubt, the most fantastic leisure tour package destination in the world. It is not like other beaches as it is hidden and cant be seen from outside. The Hidden Beach, which is popularly known as Playa del Amor, or Love Beach, is camouflaged on Marieta Islands in Mexico. Back in the 1990s, this beach was founded as a result of the Mexican Government's military target bombings. Oddly enough, the government used this place for testing as it had no civilization in and around it. Today, this bombsite has become a prominent beach vacation destination among travelers. But keep in mind, this beach is only accessible through a water tunnel at the time of low tides. 


Location: Marieta Islands, Mexico


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Pink Sand Beach


Pink Sand Beach


It is a place where pink sand meets blue water and offers visitors a breathtaking view. Nestled in the Bahamas harbor island, Pink Sand Beach is one of the worlds most majestic beaches. When we talk about a bizarre beach vacation, Pink Sand Beach is the first name that pops up in mind. It is known for its vibrant color and photogenic beauty. The sand of the beach gets its pink color from the foraminifera, which is a coral insect. When these insects die, they wash out on the coast and produce a pink color in the sand. On the list of unusual and strange beaches across the world, the Pink Sand Beach of The Bahamas definitely stands out. Interestingly, there are only a few pink sand beaches in the world, and the most gorgeous one is in the Bahamas. Its time to add this to your beach vacation checklist.  


Location: The Bahamas


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Bowling Ball Beach


Bowling Ball Beach


Bowling Ball Beach is one of the best additions in the list of most unusual and bizarre beaches worldwide. But what makes this leisure tour package destination unique and so special? Well, the answer is the mysterious round rocks of Schooner Gulch. This beach is home to rounded stones that resemble bowling balls. Millennia of concretion and erosion are the reason behind the formation of these bizarre rocks. But, with time, the waves shaped these rocks into the bowling balls that we witness today. Nevertheless, these formations are extremely eye-pleasing, making it the perfect beach vacation destination in the US. To enjoy the beauty of Bowling Ball Beach, you must plan an excursion during the low tides. Then, drop by the beach for your vacation and enjoy the beauty in its truest form. 


Location: Mendocino, California, USA


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Boulders Beach


Boulders Beach


When we talk about a beach vacation, we rarely anticipate encountering wildlife. Well, if you want to witness wildlife while lounging at the beach, Boulders Beach is the place to be. It is the most populous beach on the entire list. However, we are not talking about people here but penguins. Boulders Beach is one of the most unusual beaches in the world, as thousands of African penguins keep waddling around the area. Penguins call it their home, and this is what makes it so appealing for tourists. Without an iota of doubt, there are just a handful of places where you can observe penguins and spend your time in their vicinity. This makes Boulders Beach a great place to visit. You shouldnt miss out on this one-of-the-kind experience to sunbathe next to the penguins. 


Location: Simons Town, South Africa


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Giants Causeway


Giants Causeway


Although the Giant's Causeway is not a regular beach, it is a fantastic seaside leisure tour package destination that you cant afford to miss out on your vacation to the UK. This beach has connected hexagonal basalt columns with over 40,000 hexagonal black basalt poles. These columns emerge from the ocean and seem like a natural jigsaw. This makes the place extremely unique and an ideal beach vacation destination. The history of the Giant's Causeway dates back to over 50-60 million years ago when a volcanic eruption took place and resulted in strange and large columns. Today, these columns captivate the attention of travelers from all over the world and lure them to head here for their vacation. 


Location: Northern Ireland, UK


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