Long time, no sea? Enjoy the Best Cheap Beach Vacation at these affordable beaches in the USA

2020 had us all locked up in our houses for almost a whole year now. But the good thing is we can now move around a little more freely and do everything that we missed out on this past year. 


With summer fast approaching, there is no better time to break off that dry spell and take a swim in the ocean without burning a hole in your pocket at these best cheap beach vacation spots in the United States.

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1.    Fort Myers Beach, Florida



Of all the amazing beaches in Florida, Fort Myers gets the least recognition. It is however quite famous among young students, this beach town has hosted many great spring break parties for them. The main reason it is such a hot destination for students, is because of its simplicity and affordability. With a long stretch of clean sandy beach facing the Gulf of Mexico. With some affordable stay and food options, forgotten beach can be the best cheap beach vacation spot for you and your partner. Spending a day in Fort Myers including food and accommodation for two may only cost around $200 on liberal spending habits.


2.    Cocoa Beach, Florida



Cocoa Beach in Florida is a calm and peaceful beach getaway spot, which will allow you to enjoy a calm and peaceful time at the beach. But if you are in the mood to dance to some really good music, Cocoa Beach is also home to some of the best beach parties in Florida. Grab a surfboard and conquer the waves, or hit the shacks and pizza joints in this funky yet surprisingly affordable beach town. Spending a day including accommodation with your partner may only cost you around $190.


3.    St. Pete Beach Florida



The Gulf Coast is blessed with some of the best cheap beach vacation hotspots, this is why beach towns offer an affordable getaway by the beach. Move around town trying delicious craft beers, such as Dunedin Brewery, and several others. Grab an enchanting meal for lunch at the Zamora, or alternatively you can hit some of the best beach bars in bars, such as the Drunken Clam or the Undertow. Then take your umbrellas and rest on the white sandy beach and watch the sunset. Spending a day at St. Pete Beach doing all this, will only cost you $185 for a day with your companion.


4.    Lincoln City, Oregon



Lincoln City is a quiet and colorful beach on the coast of Oregon. Spend a peaceful beach vacation at affordable prices at this beach all year round, or plan your vacation during the months of June to witness some of the most majestic kites flying over your head during Oregon’s largest kite festival. As for the beach itself, it has a clear coastline which is stretching 7 miles so you can find plenty of space to distance yourself from and be safe while spending the best cheap beach vacation with your family or friends. It only costs $185 to spend a day at this off beat beach town for a couple.


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5.    Seaside, Oregon



Another popular attract along the west coast in Oregon for the best cheap beach vacation, is Seaside Beach. The beach has plenty of activities going on along the coastline, most popular of which is the World’s biggest Volleyball tournament, hosting a total of 1500 teams which happens every August. Try some the best craft beers at the Seaside Brewing Company or take a hike into the multiple trails by the beach. Explore the Tillamook State Forest to discover some army bunkers made during World War 2. Spending a weekend getaway at this beach destination is quite affordable at $180 for a day for two people.


6.    Miramar Beach, Florida



Miramar Beach in Florida is not necessarily a cheap beach, but definitely one that offers something for everybody. With wide open views of the Gulf of Mexico, this beach town, has some of the best affordable restaurants, and shacks and beachfront hotels and resorts for you to stay at. With modern architecture and amenities just behind you with some scenic roads and luxury shopping outlets Miramar beach is the best cheap beach vacation spot to visit with your family and friends without spending too much money. Spending a day at Miramar beach is still very affordable at $170 For a day.


7.    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina



Myrtle Beach along the Atlantic coast of South Carolina is a popular tourist attraction, for beach lovers. This spot gets a lot of visitors in the peak seasons which makes the prices for hotels and accommodation skyrocket. Now is the best time to visit Myrtle Beach and make the most of everything this beach has to offer without the crowds or high prices. Get a bird’s eye view of the town through the Sky wheel or visit the gaming arcades and the amusement parks in the city.  Spending a day at this vibrant beach may be a bit more expensive than some of the other spots even in less crowded seasons at $200 for a day.


8.    Ocean City, Maryland



Ocean City beach in Maryland is a quiet beach popular among the young students, mostly high school and college freshman, because of what the city has to offer in its price. Ocean City is one of the best cheap beach vacation destinations in the country, with multiple bars and joints to fill up on delicious fried goodness and innovative drinks. This beach town brings beach nostalgic memories of senior year and offers plenty of opportunities to relive them in a different way. Spending a day at Ocean City Beach town is still quite affordable to this day, at $170 for a day for a couple.


9.    Carolina Beach, North Carolina



The Carolina Beach is among the lesser known beaches in North Carolina, but still loved by locals. The beach offers one of the best cheap beach vacation opportunities, with long stretches of beautiful clear sandy beaches. If you wish to explore more than just the coastline you can take a hike in to the Carolina Beach State Park. Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast in the morning after a good days hike at Britt’s Donuts, or have a drink with amazing sandwiches at the SeaWich restaurant and Tiki Bar. Spending a beach getaway at this quaint beach is surprisingly affordable at only $160 for a day for two people.


10.   Panama City Beach, Florida



Once destroyed due to a hurricane, the beach town is now back on its feet and completely revamped. The Panama City beach has completely overturned its reputation from being a popular spot for enjoying spring break, to a nice destination for a family vacation. With plenty of restaurants to explore, Panama City offers a wide variety of cuisines. In addition the city is filled with beautiful hidden spots for you to explore, such as the shell island. The city regularly hosts artists at the Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge while enjoying your drink accompanied with country music. Spending a day at this lovely beach in Florida costs at a reasonable $160 only.


11.   Siesta Key Beach, Florida



The Siesta Key, Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches from all other contenders on this list. The turquoise waters, and white sandy beaches, accompanied by tall, tropical trees behind, make this beach one of the best cheap beach vacation spots in the country. Hit the waves on a paddleboard or rent a kayak to take them head-on or simply go in for a peaceful swim in the crystal clear waters. The beach also hosts other offbeat attractions such as belly dancing or sword balancing on Sundays to make your evenings a little more happening. Enjoying an amazing day at this colorful beach will only cost you $150.


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12.   Cherry Grove Beach, South Carolina



In case the bustling crowds at the Myrtle Beach put you off, you can still have a quiet day at the Cherry Grove Beach, just 30 minutes off Myrtle Beach. The beach is secluded and reasonably priced, for the best cheap beach vacations, with very little crowds to disturb you. If enjoying a peaceful day full of fun activities is your idea of a vacation, then Cherry Grove is your best and the most affordable option. The beach offers paddle boarding and kayaking across the swamps or hitting the golf course, with various options for people with different levels of experiences. You can also check out the delectable seafood joints by the beach with The Shack, and Duffy Street Food being the crowd favorites. Surprisingly enough, spending a day at this amazing quiet beach is pretty reasonable at $130 for a day.


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