5 Crazy Travel Stories: Explore The Hilarious World!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 18,2021

While traveling, things never go exactly as planned. Many times, ridiculously absurd things happen that turn the whole situation into a memorable experience that you never vowed to forget. These travel experiences are uncontrolled and you just need to hold and have fun riding with time. Such uncertain moments that happen on the way, make the whole trip a bizarre travel story. Travel stories have something that will make you feel amazing and teach you some great lessons in life. Later, when you read those stories, you will laugh your heart out and surely go into a deep nostalgia. 


From fun to scary to wild to outrageous, we have compiled all the best stories that will take you on a crazy ride. Scroll down and read some of the most hilarious and crazy travel stories ever. So, grab some popcorn, pick up a drink, and get ready to see the hilarious world with these travel stories. 


The dad tried to film his vegas trip, but end up filming the close-ups of his face



Irish man Mr. Joseph Griffin, a non-tech savvy dad, went on a trip to Las Vegas and planned to film his entire trip but came back with a hilarious video. He took the go pro from his son while he was leaving for his first trip to Las Vegas. When he came back, his son posted his botched video on the internet which went viral and made his dad a popular icon. 


The video that the son posted was a close-up video of his dad. The Irish man, Joseph Griffin, managed just to film his face, not the vacation. Although the father took the camera with him on the whole journey, it all went wrong. Without realizing it, the dad mistakenly recorded his face instead of shooting the destination. He faced the camera the wrong way which turned the vlog into a crazy travel video. The video started with dad showing his hotel and describing it as “Stunning”. As with the trip, he goes on narrating and filming flamingoes and various other attractions. But all that is captured and the viewers can see is his face. The Internet loved the classic move of the dad and made him a viral internet sensation.  


A drunk guy mistakenly booked a trip to Rio



Jamie Ather, a 24-year young guy, woke up one morning in Glasgow and found out that he mistakenly booked a trip to Rio De Janeiro after getting drunk. He had a wild night at the club and savored a lot of alcohol. After getting drunk, he spent $800 and booked a flight to Brazil. When he woke up the next day, he had no memory of making the bookings. As soon as he realized his mistake, he tried to get his money back but the airlines refused. After being left with no option, the guy decided to go with the flow instead of whining over his drunk mistake. Even though he never dreamed of visiting South America, he decided to take the trip and have a new experience. Later it proved to be one of his best decisions that he doesn’t regret at all. 


While on a vacation, he had the best time of his life. He went on a hike to Machu Picchu and visited the sloth sanctuary. He posted various unbelievable photographs on the internet, showing how he enjoyed the vacation. Together with having a nice time in Brazil, this unplanned trip made him more confident. He stated that he never dared to go alone and explore the country. But this accidental trip provided him confidence and taught him to conquer his fears. His drunk mistake turned out to be a lifetime experience. 


A man finds his doppelganger on Ryanair flight



With over 23,000 retweets, the incident of meeting a doppelganger broke the internet. Neil Thomas Douglas was traveling from Glasgow to Galway via Stansted. When he boarded the plane, he came face to face with his doppelganger. Robert Stirling from London was his identical twin with a similar beard, smiles, and hairstyle. This strange similarity hit the plane and everyone was shocked to see the twins. This surprised not just the twins but the whole world. When their selfie went on the internet it went viral and people loved the meeting of two twin strangers. Not just this, the twins encounter further coincidences. They discovered that they both booked the same hotel in Galway. Later in the evening, they again bumped into each other at the same pub wearing similar black outfits. They both then decided to have a beer together. Undoubtedly, this world functions mysteriously. The meeting of lookalike men was one of the crazy travel stories that made the whole world amazed.


A flight is diverted after it smelled like a poop



Although the word “Smelly Poop” does not appear in the headlines, this time this forced British Airlines to divert back to the UK. It was a seven-hour long British flight that was flying to Dubai. When the cabin crew realized the pungent smell, they tried to fix the issue but were not able to do that. When the odor became intolerable for the passengers, the pilot had to divert the flight just after 30 minutes of flying. 


When the flight took off from the airport, the pilot encountered a foul smell that was coming from the toilet. It happened just after 10 minutes. When he found something bizarre in the flight, he asked for help from the senior team. The whole crew tried their best to solve the problem but after a few more minutes the smell started becoming unbearable for the passengers. This is when the pilot decided to return to Heathrow airport in the UK. Since the next flight from the UK was after 15 hours, the airlines had to arrange accommodation for the passengers in the hotel. 


A man board the flight wearing everything that he packed



Among so many crazy travel stories from all around the internet, but this one created a lot of drama. This incident took place at Keflavik Airport in Iceland. A guy named, Ryan Carney Willians, boarded the British Airlines flight to London. The fun part of his boarding is that he was wearing 8 pairs of pants and 10 shirts. When he reached the airport, he filmed himself wrapped in layers of cloth. He was all draped with clothes on the shoulders and neck. This approach of wearing all the luggage is not to save himself from cold but was to get rid of the extra baggage fee. When the British airlines came to know about this incident, he was denied to board the flight and was asked to pay a huge fine. The airlines also refused to offer him a return.



Review these stories and take yourself on a fun ride. Reading them will remind you that we all have something interesting to share with the world. To provide you with fun, strange, and crazy travel stories, we always stay at the core of every event. Why keep reading other people's stories? It’s time to grab your bag and leave for creating your own bizarre travel story.

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