Love Whitewater Rafting? Here Are The Best Spots In The USA

Whitewater Rafting

An enthusiast of watersports will never want to miss the chance of whitewater rafting. It's a sport that tests your patience and courage, and you can only handle a raft if you have enough persistence. It's a team sport, best for your thrill-loving besties who want to experience something extraordinary in their life. 

It's one of the most thrilling water activities you should enjoy once in your life. That activity should be on your bucket list if you love adventures. What's more adventurous than fighting a whole river? The overpowering streams and your gang against each other, doesn't that sound exciting? But you need to choose your raft. We will find you the top places for whitewater rafting in the USA. 


1. Colorado River, Texas


Colorado River


The rafting season in the Colorado River begins at the flowering of spring. Rafting in the Colorado River is done by people belonging to any age group, from teenagers to senior citizens. The service provided by the rafting companies makes it to the A-list service. Colorado Whitewater Guides know how to deal with people who are already masters at rafting and who are there to learn it. And it becomes easy once you pay attention to discover if whitewater rafting is a new experience for you. Rafting in the Colorado river, you can anticipate beautiful sceneries that will leave you amazed. You will get to make your way through National Parks. So, get ready to see some wildlife on your way. 


2. Salmon River, Idaho


This river comes under the category of one of the largest rivers in North America. That's why it's probably the best place to get the experience of whitewater rafting in the USA. It comprises the deepest canyons that can even challenge the Grand Canyon in depth. This river of Idaho is wild and filled with picturesque views to marvel at and enjoy capturing some gorgeous scenes in your camera to remember those moments. 

The Salmon River is divided into three known sections: Main Salmon, The Middle Fork of Salmon River, and the Lower Salmon. Salmon River offers you rafting experiences ranging from fun rapids and calm floats. It's suitable for picnic purposes or adventure. The river is also called The River of No Return. Perhaps you don't want to leave this river once you get your raft in it. You can even enjoy hiking in your free time if you are never tired of doing fun activities. 


3. Tuolumne River, California


You get the chance to experience Yosemite National Park, which is one of the most known and loved National Parks in the USA. At the same time, you raft in the Tuolumne River in California. It's the best place for those who already have some rafting experience or want to challenge their expertise because it offers some grand rapids. You will come across steep rapids while you raft in the Tuolumne River. The first section of the river introduces you to the immediate rapids by the name of Clavey falls. Then in the middle, you will get some time to contain yourself. So, you can prepare yourself for the final challenges. 

You can see yourself reflecting in the crystal clear water of the Tuolumne River. But it's not the only scenery it provides you with. You will witness beautiful waterfalls and thought-provoking wilderness, making you feel closer to nature and the beauty it holds.


4. Buena Vista, Colorado


Rafting in Buena Vista is a call for a unique experience. It's located near the mountains. Mountain lovers can enjoy the thrill of the river and the beauty of firm peaks altogether. It also provides you with Brown Canyon National Monument. You can enjoy all types of rafting experiences here. Class I-lll is best if you are with your family, and a milk run should be your choice if you have come with your children. The traces of wildlife can be evidenced here in Buena Vista. If you are interested in seeing the rock formations, you should go through Brown Canyon. It's available even if you are with your family. 


5. Snake River, Wyoming


snake river


Rafting in Snake River is possibly one of the most enjoyable activities one can do in Jackson hole. This 8 miles rafting trip is going to energize your soul. Hell Canyon is the deepest gorge in the whole United States. The rocks and boulders which make their way to the river are the creators of some of the biggest rapids in the Pacific Northwest. The rafting trips in Snake River are also blessed with scenic views. Hence, your heart and eyes will both be filled with contentment. The people searching for an escape from their daily life can find their refuge here. 


6. Gauley River, West Virginia


Suppose there is a place where whitewater rafting experts should be. In that case, it is not possible for Gauley River to not be mentioned because it provides Whitewater Rafting Rapids under class V+. It means that the Gauley River provides one of the most challenging settings for rafting; hence only experts are recommended for sport at this point. The Gauley River is divided into Upper Gauley and Lower Gauley River. It has been ranked in the top 5 rivers that provide you with whitewater rafting in the whole world and have been ranked in the top 3 in the entire country, leaving no reason not to visit the Gauley River once. The Lower Gauley River is also filled with scenic views and a fantastic experience that will stay with you and your group for a very long time. 


7. Rogue River, Oregano


Rogue River also makes its name in the list of rivers that poses significant challenges in front of lovers of whitewater rafting. The cascading waterfalls are the contributors to posing these challenges. Located in Southern Oregon, this river is known for its incredible whitewater rafting experience. Kayaking is also a sport you can enjoy, along with whitewater rafting at Rogue River. The place has treasured wildlife, and you also get to stay in the riverside lodges. The scenery, the nature, and the water, everything feels like heaven here. You can plan the trip to Rogue River according to your needs to enjoy even a few hours journey, or you can make it last long till four days. 


8. Arkansas River, Arkansas


Visitors of all ages can do whitewater rafting at all levels on the Arkansas River. The best part is there are a lot of restaurants available in the nearby town. Hence you can settle your appetite once your hunger for fun is satisfied by the Arkansas River. Not just that, you can enjoy many other activities like hiking or making your way on a bike. There's a lot to do because the Arkansas River never runs out of options for having fun. You can set the period of your trips if you want it to be for half a day or extend it to the whole night, and it's all your choice. The Arkansas River provides more than 100 miles which you can explore on your raft. Enjoy the lush waters underneath you as you let yourself lose in the arms of mother nature. 


9. Kennebec River, Maine




Kennebec River is 170 miles long, and it ends with the Atlantic Ocean. It provides you with a 12 miles stretch of whitewater rafting that you can explore on your rafts. It comes under the category of a dream destination for first-time rafters or people who want to cherish this experience with their families. Still, even those who are not a novice at whitewater rafting are welcomed to pleasure themselves tearing through the water on their rafts. Big Mama, Whitewasher, and the Magic Falls are the names of some of the most famous rapids available in Kennebec River. The experience of whitewater rafting here will leave you feeling bliss for a long time. 



Fighting the waves when you are in your raft and paddling can be tricky but not finding the place to go for whitewater rafting. We hope our blog satisfied your curiosity and helped you find the right place to water raft for your following vacation plans. Visit for more details on planning a trip, winter vacations, and more!

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