6 Places To Visit During Travel Restrictions In Summer 2022

Author: Shubhankar Sen on May 24,2022
Travel Restrictions

While growing up, the best memories from our childhood are the ones that involve an adventurous and nostalgic summer trip with family. A trip enhances an individual's mental and physical well-being, strengthening mutual bonds among family or friends in a new place. At the same time, summer allows making the most of vacation and engaging in the best adventure activities for some real fun. This is a suitable time to travel with nearly no weather disturbances and more straightforward packing. The present generation might miss that fun with the new concept of travel restrictions that makes it all the more necessary to go for a trip in summer as the world is healing after the pandemic. 


The past two years have been difficult, and the travel restrictions made it even worse to relax and enjoy. Majority of the nation imposed travel restrictions and bans on international travelers for their citizen's safety. Over the past few months, life has gotten back to normal, and some 87 destinations have eased their travel guidelines to welcome tourists to their country. You might feel confused about the best summer holiday destination and the travel restrictions in different countries. 

Here we have curated the 6 best places to vacation during travel restrictions in Summer 2022 and relive the old times.


1. Singapore




Summer marks the driest season in Singapore. For this reason, it is a popular time to visit the country. During this time, there are multiple events, unique shops, and feasts organized in the country for visitors. Singapore houses some of the best architectural wonders globally, with some of the best culinary surprises for every foodie. An underestimated fact about Singapore is its multicultural diversity which boasts various museums and sites for tourists to learn about its identity. 

It is a traveler's favorite because you will easily spot stunning sights, shops, cultural events, and beautiful sightseeing sites. Also, every trip is incomplete without shopping for the best goodies unique to that place. So, shopaholic individuals will be delighted with the iconic shopping malls filled with some of the best brands in the world. The wonders of Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, the sight of Marina Bay waterfront, the botanic garden, and the vibrant life of Singapore will only make you ask for more! The country has eased the travel restrictions and announced that there would be no requirement for a negative test report. But, travelers above 12 need to be fully vaccinated to enter the country. 


2. India


In terms of summer, few parts of India experience heat waves. But, thankfully there are beautiful mountains, hills, beaches, and pristine forests that are cool and perfect to visit during summer. At this time, the tourists can see Himalayan destinations inaccessible to visit in winter, enjoy the chilly mountains, and participate in adventure activities like hiking, trekking, camping, and other water sports activities. India offers exciting choices to visitors among its hill stations and exotic islands that experience the Monsoon during summer. Some places like Shimla, Darjeeling, Munnar, Andaman Nicobar Islands, Rishikesh, Lakshadweep, Ooty, and Shillong are best visited in summer. They will have the right temperature to stay and enjoy the trip to its fullest. 

India has the treasure of adventure, spiritual landmarks, exotic cuisine, and historical heritage, which offers neverending travel opportunities. After February, the country dropped the quarantine rule for its tourists; however, they need to be fully vaccinated or get a negative test report. 


3. Fiji



Fiji makes the perfect summer destination with a dry and bit warm temperature that is the right time to roam around the place without any discomfort. It's the best time to engage in surfing, scuba diving, and other water sports and adventures in Fiji. The tropical islands of Fiji are the best place to relax and have fun in between a stressful and tiring life. You can take a ride down the charming coral reef, be a part of the kava ceremony, enjoy skydiving, stroll through the sandy beaches, and go hiking to solitary hills. 


The sparkling waters, striking beaches, and luxurious spas and resorts allow sitting down and spend some time together with your loved ones. Fiji has relaxed its travel restrictions for summer 2022. As per new regulations, visitors above the age of 16 need to be fully vaccinated, and there is no pre-arrival test report required to visit the country. Still, they need to undergo an in-country covid-19 test within 48-72 hours before entering Fiji. 


4. Iceland


Iceland houses hot springs, glaciers, and high mountains, perfect for visiting for a summer vacation. The longer days and warm climate below 20° C make it beneficial to visit inaccessible places in winter and participate in multiple activities. Beginning from the highlands, you will get to see the mountains, and towering volcanoes, experience the midnight sun, and attend the summer festival of Iceland. Interestingly, a unique experience will be sailing between the blue-colored icebergs to hiking in a picturesque landscape. 


June to August is the best time to visit the Nordic nation with architectural beauty and a food lover's paradise. Also, you will get an opportunity to sit on a long drive along with the calm weather of Iceland with exciting layovers. After March 2022, the country removed all travel restrictions, and its borders are open regardless of vaccination status, with no requirement to pre-register before visiting. Also, there is no need for any test report or no quarantine rule extending to tourists worldwide. 


5. Morocco


Morocco is another country with a pleasant summer. If you are traveling to Morocco in summer, you will get to see music festivals, the pair of golden sand and sun, and a chance to see authentic Morocco. The country has a diverse geography, from incredible Atlas mountains to hot deserts. A little fact about Morocco is that it's home to multiple festivals during the summer. The country's sweeping deserts and warm hospitality make it a paradise for backpackers, adventure travelers, families, and food lovers. The old imperial cities with a rich history are a sight to behold, along with the rich cultural influences and flavorful dishes from the Moroccan kitchen. 


There is breathtaking architecture, unique traditional marketplaces for shopping, and a wide range of luxurious accommodations that form the characteristics of a good trip. As per the new guidelines released by the government, the travel restrictions have been eased, and there is no need to get a negative test report. However, the travelers must get a vaccine pass to enter the Moroccan kingdom.  


6. Switzerland 




The summer is the tourist season in Switzerland, runs from May to September. The unparalleled landscapes, peaceful environment, and vibrant cities with relaxed atmospheres make it an attractive tourist destination. The dreamy countryside is a unique and memorable experience for travelers. Switzerland houses various adventure sports activities like canyoning, hiking, and water sports. Swiss chocolate and Swiss cuisine are the perfect addition to the country's beautiful mountains. 


A few people know that Switzerland has centuries-old castles and lakes that seem straight out of fairy-tale and serene waterfalls that are the best escape from a monotonous life. In case of travel restrictions for the summer of 2022, travelers from around the globe will visit Switzerland with no civil rules from May 2, and there will be no need for a valid vaccination proof or test certificate. 


Wrapping up

Summers offer the best time to relax and rejuvenate from stressful life and enjoy a visit to a new destination. The comfortable weather and an opportunity to access the inaccessible goals of winter are delightful to travel. A trip to a new country will allow you to inspire, relax, try new experiences and taste new cuisines that will make you cherish this beautiful world even more.


Some new meaningful moments with family and friends are enough to charge you up for the next months of stressful work and busy life. At the same time, the improving situation of covid-19 has compelled many countries to ease their travel restrictions and welcome tourists with open arms after two years, making it all the more special. You can have fun, gain new experiences and get help for a self-discovery process after the tiring winters. Suppose you are looking to set out for a perfect summer vacation after a big gap. Visit Leisure.com to organize luxury tours, offer the best travel tips, and provide important travel news or information. We will leave no stone unturned for a beautiful trip and a bag full of memories. 

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