Here Are The 10 Best Surf Spots In California

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jun 07,2022
Spots In California

The Golden State of California has the best surf spots and unique surfing culture. The state is lined up with beautiful beaches and thrilling surf spots, making it one of the best spots to surf in the world. The best surf spots in California give the best water sports experience. The Pacific Ocean, the rhythmic waves, and the rise and fall of currents make surfing in California a fantastic experience. 

Visitors and Californian locals throng the Californian beaches on sunny weekends from San Francisco to San Diego to surf all day. As a new visitor to California, it can be hard to choose a surf spot because California has numerous places for surfers. Here, we have picked the best ten surfing spots for beginners and pro surfers in California. 


Surfing essentials for Californian surf spots


Before surfing on a beautiful surf spot, a surfing enthusiast must pack some surfing essentials as they will be necessary while surfing. Here is a list of things to carry while surfing in the ocean blue waters of California. 

  • Surfboards- Surfboards are necessary for surfing. Choose a surfboard depending upon the beach and wave conditions. A good surfboard can give you the best surfing experience. Along with surfboards, do not forget to carry extra fins and surf wax. 
  • Wetsuits- Choose a comfortable wetsuit while surfing. Observe the weather conditions, know about the water temperature, and wave conditions, and choose a wetsuit accordingly. A thick and full-body wetsuit will be perfect if the temperature is down. 
  • Camera- Californian surf spots make for perfect picture ops and recording surfing adventures. A camera in hand will give you a memorable surfing experience. 
  • Sunscreen- Protect your skiing from sun rays and unwanted tan. Sunscreen is an important beach essential. 
  • Other essentials- Pack your swimsuits and towels and carry a beach travel bag to have an incredible surf experience at California beaches. 


The 10 Most Amazing Surf Spots in California


California is famous for its breathtaking surf spots and pop surf culture. The state hosts some of the world's best surfing competitions. Whether a beginner or a pro surfer, there is a surf spot for everyone in California. Here are the ten most amazing surf spots in California. 


1. Malibu Surfrider Beach, Malibu


Malibu Surfrider Beach


Malibu Surfrider Beach has one of the best surf spots in the US. It is a part of Malibu Lagoon state beach, and this surf spot has been featured in many movies. The waves are calm and peaceful, where beginners can practice, but the Surfrider beach has perfect conditions for pro surfers most times. One can learn surfing with pro-surfers. 

The beach has 90 parking spaces and clean restrooms and showers. Surfers can also play basketball, go on a dive, and play volleyball. However, the Surfrider surf spot has limited swimming space. Hence, Malibu Surfrider is perfect for surfers.


2. Huntington Beach


Huntington Beach surf spots are known for their consistent waves and for hosting almost 50 surf competitions in a year. Huntington's surf spots are not beginner-friendly, and one can find many veteran surfers showing their surfing skills on the beach. This beach is known for its moniker, Surf City USA, making it one of the most desirable surfing spots for surfers.

Visitors can learn surfing lessons, visit the International surfing museum, look at the Surfers Hall of fame, and buy some best-quality surfboards. Huntington Beach is on every surfing enthusiast's list. 


3. La Jolla Shores, San Diego


La Jolla shores are the best to surf throughout the summer. La Jolla literally means 'The Jewel.' One can find leopard sharks in La Jolla from June to November and surf or swim along with them. These sharks are not harmful; however, if someone is afraid of sharks, La Jolla might not be a perfect surf spot. 

La Jolla Shores is perfect for all levels of surfers. This surf spot has parking spaces, surf lessons, restrooms, and other surfing facilities. The waves are always around, and it is one of the most sought-after surf spots in California.


4. Windansea Surf, San Diego 


Windansea Surf is a part of Windansea Beach and is reliable for surfing all around the year. This surf spot has waves as big as ten feet, and it is not a beginner-friendly surf spot. However, one can learn to surf with professional surfers, and the mightier waves have made fearless surfers. If you are at Windansea, let the waves bring you to experience surfing like never before. 

Windansea Surf has free parking space, picnic space, restrooms, showers, and other facilities. Be aware that it gets crowded on weekends. Prefer to visit on a weekday to avoid footfall and experience the sheer pleasure of surfing. 


5. Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz County


Pleasure Point


Pleasure Point hosts the perfect surf spots for beginners and skilled surfers alike. The beach at Santa Cruz is limited, making it ideal for surfers. It is famous for long winter swells, and waves can be as long as up to 5 feet.

The surf spot has a parking spot. One can go diving and snorkeling, and all amenities are available. Bring your Longboard, Shortboard, and Fun board to experience some of the best surfing in California at Pleasure Point. 


6. Mavericks Surf, Half Moon Bay, El Granada


Mavericks Surf is California's most thrilling surf spot. This surf spot is located near Pillar Point and sometimes can be hard to find, but one can always ask locals for directions. Mavericks have some of the most giant waves for surfers globally, with waves as high as 25 ft. during winter swells. It is the best surfing spot for veterans. However, beginners can surf during summers and learn surfing lessons when waves are low. 

The beach is a beautiful sight, with amenities like parking and restrooms available for visitors. Mavericks surf is one of the world's best surfing destinations. 


7. San Onofre State Beach, San Diego 


San Onofre State Surfing Beach is famous among surfers and beach lovers alike. San Onofre is also known as Old Man's Beach. The beach has beautiful swells and is perfect for beginners and skilled surfers alike. San Onofre has the best waves and breaks during the summer months, making it a surfing haven.

The beach offers other activities apart from surfing, such as camping, swimming, kayaking, and much more. The beach is safe because of the constant presence of lifeguards and is equipped with parking and all other amenities. However, this surf spot can get crowded during summers. So, reach early and grab a place to surf all day. 


8. Rincon Surf, Santa Barbara, Ventura County


Rincon Surf is the Queen of the waves. Rincon has some of the best swells during winters and can be perfect for summer surfs. This surf spot has a classy point break. The waves are not as regular as on other beaches, but they are one of the best when waves occur. 

This surf spot has all public amenities. The best part about surfing at Rincon Surf is that it never gets too crowded due to the various divisions on Rincon Beach. It's perfect for advanced surfers and beginners, and the spot has many water activities for water sports lovers. 


9. Rockpile surf Spot, Laguna Beach


Rockpile Surf spot is one of the best spots for surfing in summer. The waves are consistent, with the gentle breeze and perfect summer swells. This surf spot is beginner-friendly near the shores and thrilling for advanced surfers because of its long waves. Rockpile Surf Spot is one of California's most famous spots for surfers. 

Surfers can also swim or take part in other water sports activities. However, the Rockpile surf gets crowded during summers and weekends, and visitors may not be able to surf correctly during high footfall. Don't worry, plan a visit on a weekday for a perfect surfing experience. 


10. The Wedge, Newport Beach


the wedge


The Wedge is known for its long waves, and it is not for beginner surfers and is one of California's most challenging surfing spots. To experience some of the most thrilling waves on the planet, visitors can visit The Wedge in summer or fall because that is the best time for swells and long locks. 

The Wedge can be scary for inexperienced surfers, but anyone can visit to watch the mighty waves and thrilling surfers. This surf spot offers the best photo ops among Californian surf spots.  


To Conclude

California hosts the world's best surfers every year, and this state has some of the planet's fantastic surf spots. If you are a surfing enthusiast, you must surf at the best surf spots in California to experience the thrill, joy, and pleasure of surfing in the blue pacific waters of California. Read more at to know the best surf and beach spots around the US. 

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