Different Seasons To Experience On Your Indian Excursion

India is a land with six seasons and all the seasons hold different importance in the lives of people here. If you want to experience every season on your India vacation packages then do plan an itinerary that gives you a tour of the entire nation according to the season you are visiting in. Also, every season has some festival that you can never afford to miss. Indian vacation is no less than a roller coaster ride. There are many magical things about this country and many unique gods. There are many religions here and is the biggest secular country. The locals are very welcoming and helpful. Experience the best of hospitality when you are on a vacation here. There could be many reasons for your visit here as one never goes empty-handed. 

The four main seasons and the places to visit in them are as follows:

  • Best places to visit in Summer

  • Best places to visit in Monsoon

  • Best places to visit in Spring

  • Best places to visit in Winter

Experience the best of every season in Delhi, the capital of India. However, to live the majestic beauty of this country visit as many states as possible. Travelers and explorers spend at least 2 months in India to visit every beauty that lays on this land

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Best Places To Visit In Summer

The summer season of India is very hot and humid in many places. People usually search for the states that are less hot and move towards the north for their comfort. No one loves the scorching heat, India is blessed with dense forests, mountains, and beaches that people find solace in. The summer season starts from late March and stays till June. During this time the crowd moves towards the hills in the north and east. However, if you want to escape the heat and move towards the less populated states then the seven sisters in the east are your go-to place.

Gangtok is a very unique hill station and is the perfect getaway for you. You can also plan to visit Leh Ladakh and take a bide ride there as there are snow-capped mountains wherever you lay your eyes. It is now a union territory and you can easily access the land whenever you visit India.

States to visit in Summers:

  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Uttrakhand
  • Sikkim
  • West Bengal

Best Places To Visit In Monsoon

Rains are magical on this land and the lush greenery and waterfalls make it more majestic. The monsoon season starts in June and stays till August. The locals usually enjoy this season with Tea and fritters. Sipping amazing ginger tea along with these vegetable fritters is a combo you can never forget. The best of monsoons can be experienced in the south. Visiting South India is a beautiful decision. However, if you land here in march and want to participate in the festival of colors-Holi then, you must visit Vrindavan in UP and you can learn many cultural and historical facts about the country. 

Kerala is a hub of many travelers who visit India for finding peace and therapeutic massages. The charming landscape of Kerala is very magnetic and the lush greenery here attracts more during the monsoon season.

Explore the land by road and as it is quite peaceful and very clean. Tamil Nadu is also blessed with bountiful rains and a landscape that adds the cherry on the top. The best places you on can visit on your vacation in India in Monsoon are:

  • Kerala
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Sikkim
  • Delhi
  • Rajasthan

Best places to visit in Spring

There is nothing more majestic than colorful and beautiful flowers. You can watch the buds blooming in many parts of India. The flora here is very vast and every region has different flower species. Valley of flowers is a hidden gem in Uttrakhand that you can trek to and get lost in the enchanting blossoms of flowers. Spring season gives relief from the bitter weather conditions and marks the beginning of the harvest season. Haryana and Punjab are the states where you can experience rural life and relish the cultural food. 

Kashmir also layers into beautiful flowers and greenery. You can visit lakes around or simply take a walk into the lanes of this paradise on earth.

The best places to visit during Spring season are:

  • Valley of flowers, Uttrakhand
  • Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh
  • Kashmir
  • Gangtok
  • Darjeeling
  • Gujarat
  • Kanyakumari

Best places to visit in Winter

Winters in India are not harsh, it is very soothing. You can spend days by yourself reading books, laying into the clear moonlight, watching stars and enjoy the peace. Winter also marks the beginning of wedding seasons in India. Weddings are no less than a carnival here. The delicacies of winters are mouth-watering like the carrot pudding which is a must-have sweet in every household. To experience snowfall you can visit the northern states and enjoy the view of snow-capped mountains and the layer of snow covering the roads. You can also take up many snow activities like skiing, paragliding and much more. 

The places you should visit in India if your India vacation packages are in winter could be:

  • Kalga, Himachal
  • Chopta Tungnath, Uttrakhand
  • Naddi, Himachal
  • Shimla, Himachal
  • Sikkim
  • Jammu
  • Kashmir
  • Andaman and Nicobar
  • Goa
  • Leh Ladakh
  • Spiti valley

India is a hub of many archeological and cultural wonders. The street food here is lip-smacking and one could easily fall in love with it. The deeper you explore India the more mysterious it gets. You can find perfect harmony in the rural and urban areas. India vacation packages are no less than a roller-coaster ride as some experiences might be high on life and some may be low and peaceful. Discover the various possibilities here. However, one must stay aware of their environments and be extra cautious while they travel. The city air is polluted hence, it is advisable to take care of your health while you are on the road exploring the country. Also, double-check with the locals before paying as you might get double charged.

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