The 10 Best Tropical Islands You Should Visit For A Fun Vacation

As soon as we all think of traveling, our mind suddenly drifts to white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and palm trees in a tropical paradise. When most people think about these tropical locales, their minds automatically shift to magical places in far-flung corners worldwide. Lounging around at the beach, sunbathing, reading your favorite book, and drinking from coconuts, does it get any better than this?


The best tropical islands are peaceful escapes where days drift by slowly, the problems surrounding your life suddenly seem to be melting away and time slowing down. They are not just islands; they are peace sanctuaries. 


Spending a few weeks or even days on some of these best tropical islands will probably turn out to be the best time you have spent in this life. For all the avid beach lovers, Leisure presents to you the ten best tropical islands you can escape to in 2021 for a fun vacation. 


1. Koh Lipe 



Located semi-off-the-map in southern Thailand, Koh Lipe is a traveler’s paradise. The time you spend here will always remain memorable. You will make plenty of fond memories that you can reminisce about later in your life. 


One of the best tropical islands, Koh Lipe, is an extraordinarily vivid and friendly place where you will find serene beaches, fantastic seafood, and lively waters. Accommodation here might seem basic, but it is still worth every penny you spend here. 


Near this island is a tiny island that offers travelers excellent opportunities for snorkeling. If you are lucky, you can even spot a few reef sharks. The waters on the island are bathtub-warm with fine, white sand on the beaches. You can easily spend at least three weeks here on the island. 


The best time to visit Koh Lipe is between November and March. You will find very few people while you are here during this time. If you visit the island from May through October, you might witness a harsh monsoon season that might shut the island down if it goes worse. The best way to get here is by boat from Pak Bara. 


Interesting Facts

1. You can walk around from one end of the island to the other in under an hour.

2. There are no cars because of the lack of roads on the island 

3. The total number of residents here on the island is below 1,000


2. Fiji 


Though the country has roughly 322 islands, only a third of these islands are inhabited. Most of the action, however, happens in the western part of these islands. But, no matter where you go, the Fiji islands are heavenly. Any time you hear the name Fiji, you automatically will get visions of beaches and tropical landscapes. There is an excellent reason for this too! Since the Fiji islands are one of the most incredible places to travel to, and with so many islands, you are bound to find one you will love. 


Fiji is a popular destination for young people and honeymooners. The islands offer something for everyone, from diving to sailing, snorkeling, whale watching, luxury, and so much more! Most young people head straight to the Yasawa island group for all the best action. 


The temperature here on the Fiji islands remains constant throughout the year, with chances of cyclones from November through January. 


Interesting Facts

1. There are over 330 islands, but only a third of them are inhabited

2. Fiji is home to 1,500 different species of sea life 

3. There are 28 total airports on the islands, but only 4 of them have paved runways.


3. Tahiti 



Have you come across the different pictures of those tropical bungalows in the water? That is Tahiti. 


Tahiti has for long been synonymous with being one of the best tropical islands in the world. The location is terrific for honeymooning couples since it offers the best of paradise and romance in a package deal. In Tahiti, you can relax and sunbathe freely, go scuba diving or just dine in and have some incredible seafood-based dishes. You can also go ahead and take a morning dip right from your bungalow. 


The Tahiti islands are expensive and cater to an affluent tourist crowd. The weather here is tropical all around the year and can be pretty humid at times. Though, if you visit Tahiti during May through October, you will find cooler temperatures. 


Interesting Facts 

1. Tahiti comprises 118 atolls and islands. 

2. What Tahiti sees in a year, Hawaii sees in a day in terms of the total number of travelers arriving. 

3. The first of its kind, the overwater bungalows were built in Tahiti.


4. The Perhentian Islands 


The Perhentian Islands are located on the eastern coast of Malaysia. They consist of two islands, both of which are covered with palm trees all around. The islands are also home to some of the most expansive beaches on this planet, with crystal clear waters. 


Though there is not much to do here on these islands, there are still many reasons to visit. The primary reason is, you get to lay down on the beach all day long with nothing to do but relax. You can detox from the previous night’s drinking in your perfectly put-up hammock. 


The weather here sees intense monsoons from November through February. You can visit the islands between March and October when the weather is excellent. If you really want to travel near the region from November through February, it is best you visit Thailand. You will find ideal weather conditions. 


Interesting Facts 

1. The name of the islands is defined as “stopping point” in Malay. The island was always a regular waypoint for some seafarers in the past. 

2. The islands are made up of two inhabited islands and five uninhabited ones. 

3. The islands have consistently been on the list of the world’s best beaches.


5. Bermuda 



One of the most beautiful islands in the world is the Bermuda islands. Sadly, they are also some of the most expensive islands you can visit. The islands are home to tax-avoiding businesses, banks, the rich, and crazily influential people who have jacked up the prices here. The resorts here, therefore, cater to an upscale crowd. However, this does not mean you cannot visit the islands.


You will, of course, require a reasonable budget to travel to one of the best tropical islands. If you give yourself a chance to immerse yourself in the environment here, you will find the most beautiful beaches in all of North America and the Caribbean islands. 


Local residents here are friendly, and the food here is top-notch. To keep yourself busy on these islands, you can indulge in snorkeling, cave explorations, hiking, and so many more things.


Interesting Facts 

1. The Bermuda islands are a self-governing British overseas colony. 

2. There were no inhabitants until the first ones arrived here in the 17th century. A shipwreck led to the colonization of this island. 

4. The islands are known as the shipwreck capital of the world. 


6. Isla de Providencia (Old Province)


Isla de Providencia is located between Jamaica and Costa Rica and is actually a part of Columbia. The island is further divided into two smaller islands - Providencia and Santa Catalina. These two tropical islands together only cover 22 square kilometers. 


Unlike its luxurious Caribbean neighbors, on these islands, you will find budget-friendly accommodations. Everything you require on these two best tropical islands reaches you via ships or airplanes, so it might not be as cheap as it sounds. However, since the non-natives cannot own any property here, there is no form of overdevelopment influx going on. This makes sure the island stays authentic, simple, and beautiful. For a more rustic vacation, you should consider visiting this tropical paradise. 


Interesting Facts 

- The islands were once a site for an English Puritan colony. 

- The famous pirate Henry Morgan’s treasure might still be buried somewhere on the island since he used this location as a base. 

- There is also a sizable Rastafari population on this island.


7. San Blas Islands 



One of the most underrated destinations in Central America, San Blas Islands is one of the best tropical islands you can visit. 


The islands are famous for boat tours and sailings, though there are some resorts here too if you are looking forward to a luxurious vacation. Usually, these islands are rustic and make for a fantastic off-the-grid island getaway. There are also hundreds of beautiful spots around the island with great opportunities to indulge in sailing, snorkeling, and diving. 


While you are here, you can book a sailing expedition for yourself to get off the islands and out onto the water. You can vacation here by getting on a 4-5 day cruise, which will cost you approximately $400 per person. 


Interesting Facts 

1. San Blas Islands are comprised of over 365 islands. 

2. The local indigenous people here are Kuna, who reside only on 49 of all the islands.

3. By the end of the century, most islands here will be uninhabitable because of the rising sea levels. 


8. Saint Lucia 


The stunning islands are often considered the best romantic paradise on the planet. The incredible, lush surroundings and the white sand beaches with a serene atmosphere, all of which stretches for miles and miles, make this one of the best tropical islands you should visit once in your lifetime. 


St. Lucia is also home to an incredible variety of wildlife. The island also boasts top-notch diving activities. So, whether you are looking for an active and astonishing holiday full of fun and adventure or you are looking for a laid-back, lazy escape to the beaches, St. Lucia will not disappoint you. 


Interesting Facts 

1. St. Lucia boasts both white and black sand beaches because of its proximity to volcanoes. 

2. The country is the only one named after a woman. 

3. The first inhabitants of this island mass were the Arawak Indians, who were later forced off St. Lucia. 


9. Naxos 



While most travelers head to Mykonos or Santorini, you can beat the crowd and head to Naxos to have more fun. One of the best tropical islands, Naxos is as stunning as it can get and is highly picturesque. You will find pristine beaches and incredibly charming villages. The destination will completely satisfy your desire to beat the hustle and bustle of your daily life and indulge in a serene Mediterranean lifestyle. 


Whether you are looking forward to relaxing on the beaches or heading out to hike, you will have plenty of things to do. You can also go out and enjoy world-class water sports and get a lesson in history on this island. This place will keep you entertained at all times. It is a little slice of Greek culture, hundreds of miles away from the regular tourists. 


Interesting Facts

1. According to Greek mythology, Zeus grew up on the Naxos island

2. Naxos is also the biggest of all Cycladic islands situated in the Aegean Sea 

3. The island was once named Gallipolis, literally meaning “The Best City.”


10. The Whitsunday Islands 


The Whitsunday Islands in Australia might be the last on our list of the ten best tropical islands for a great vacation, but it will not disappoint you. The islands are gorgeous, located off the central coast of Queensland. The majority of these islands have designated national parks and form a part of the Great Barrier Reef. 


Naturally, the islands boast some fantastic coral reefs for diving and snorkeling, pristine beaches, and calmness so soothing; you might not find it anywhere else. Hence, because of this reason, over half a million people visit the islands every year. Upon your arrival here, you will instantly see why this is one of the best tropical islands on this planet. 


Another popular way to witness the beauty of this island is through a multi-day sailing tour. The prices for multi-day sailing tours start at around $350. 


Interesting Facts 

1. 70% of the islands are covered with national parks 

2. In 1770, the first European to visit the islands was Captain Cook. However, the region at the time was inhabited by Aboriginals, which dates back as far as 8,000 years. 

3. The Whitehaven Beach here is rated the best beach in Australia consistently. 


Final Words:

So, there you go! 

These are Leisure’s ten best tropical islands you can escape to for a fun vacation. No matter what you are looking for - luxury, calmness, healing, or anything else, there is something for everyone on this list. Be sure to visit at least one this year.


Happy vacationing to you! 



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