A Thrilling Experience With Adventure in 5-Days Latvia Vacation

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Oct 01,2019

The northeast Europe’s one of the Baltic states, Latvia is submerged deep in history. Visitors who wish to soak in a little-known yet rich culture will definitely relish sightseeing and exploring throughout Latvia. From a warm country hospitality to big city elegance, Latvia provides a pleasant welcoming environment for its visitors. So, wander through the magnificent valleys, uncover the ancient castles, or simply laze around on beaches in this gem of Baltic during your Latvia Vacation. 


An old European nation, Latvia is bordered by Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, and the Baltic Sea. There are plenty of deteriorating ruins of forts and castles that give evidence to centuries of assault by conquering intruders from all over Europe, and many scars were left during World War II by the Nazi occupation. During your Latvia vacation, you will get a chance to witness some incredible examples of historic architecture in many of the cities and towns, especially in the capital city of Riga, which boasts over 40 museums and a stunning Old Town. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will get enticed by the huge expanse of river valleys and pristine forests. You can also go snowboarding and skiing during the winters. In the last two centuries, Latvia have witnessed dramatic progress in the tourism industry, and the nation is actively  seeking tourists to come and relish some good Latvian hospitality. 

Tour At a Glance

Day 1: Riga

Day 2: Aluksne

Day 3: Gauja National Park

Day 4: Bauska

Day 5: Liepaja

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the most famous destination of Latvia, Riga and witness an incredible architecture and a rich history. 

  • Enjoy a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, cross-country skiing or boating in Aluksne.

  • Make your way to Gauja National Park and get amazed by the stunning view of the magnificent 200 years old Gauja Valley and pristine nature.


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Riga

When it comes to the most famous destination in Latvia, then definitely Riga tops the list. There is a reason for this. The Latvian capital, Riga is a beautiful city which is situated in the very center of the Baltic States and is over 800 years old. The city boasts an incredible architecture and a rich history. There is a lovely old town which is a UNESCO heritage site in Riga, new and fascinating hipster districts and also green and huge recreation areas. As per National Geographic, there’s something special about the city and there are plenty of amazing things to do here during your Latvia vacation. You’ll experience an amazing blend of old and modern yet distinct Northern Europe in Riga. No one leaves Riga without this strong urge to return back. These are the reasons for Riga being the best place to visit in Latvia. About one-third of the population in Latvia lives or works in Riga. If you are a nature lover, then get ready to be stunned here. 

Day 2: Aluksne

Situated in the northeast region of Latvia, the town of Latvia is close to the borders with Estonia and Russia. Tourists can experience a rich historical heritage here combined with a great variety of outdoor activities. If you are a history and architecture buff, then make your way to the ancient stone castle located on Castle Island, the Aluksne New Palace, and the Old Lakeshore Palace. Moreover, there are plenty of other wonderfully preserved palaces and museums as well as stately homes to explore. There are also many lovely lakeside trails for hikers. In summer, the lake offers various kinds of boating, whereas, in winters, the attention shifts to cross-country skiing. 

Day 3: Gauja National Park

The oldest national park in the country, Gauja National Park is one of the most gorgeous places to visit and draws plenty of local as well as foreign visitors. It is located in the central region of Latvia, known as Vidzeme. Get ready to be stunned by magnificent views of the incredible 200 million years old Gauja River Valley and a myriad of pristine nature here. Each of the distinct seasons brings distinct colors to this beautiful scenery. Enjoy amazing canoeing/kayaking tours in Gauja River as well as its wild tributaries in the green summer and spring months. Whereas, the Gauja Valley turns into an incredible yellow-red painting in the falls. 

If you wish to try out mountain or even cross-country skiing in a snow-filled winter, then Gauja National Park is certainly one of the best places to visit.  Other than all this, the park also offers amazing hiking or simply walks on the forest trails. Know that over 50% of the Latvia territory is covered with forests. Thus, plunging yourself in the greenery is a must during your Latvia vacation. 

You will also discover small lovely towns in Gauja National Park such as Krimulda, Ligatne, Sigulda, Ungurmuiza, and Turaida all locking up historical secrets you wouldn’t wish to miss. Lastly, you can also make your way to the charming city of Cesis in the heart of Gauja National Park, which is almost as old as Latvian cultural center and Riga. 

Day 4: Bauska

Situated in southern Latvia, Bauska is a beautiful and lesser-known area famous for its many nature reserves, plentiful rivers, and huge stretches of pristine forests. Other than the outdoor attractions, Bauska also boasts a number of historic buildings you can explore, which include the 15th century Bauska Castle, the Baroque and Rococo-style Rundale Palace, as well as many other stately homes. Known about the early history of Bauska at the Bauska Museum, or you can also embark on a guided tour around the historic Old Town. Witness samples of vintage vehicles at the Motor Museum in a newly refurbished Soviet Era warehouse. In the evening, you can get on a Gourmet Food Tour and try out local specialties to make your Latvia vacation even more memorable. 

Day 5: Liepaja

The city of Liepaja is situated on the eastern coast, on the Baltic Sea. It used to be the capital of Latvia during World War I. About half of Liepaja is the traditional center. The northern half, famous as Karosta, used to be a secret Russian military town in the past. Because of this, the architecture of the city changes depending on where you are in Liepaja. Most tourists visit the city for the stunning white sand beaches. Dienvidrietumi and Vecliepaja are the two most famous beaches here, however, you won’t see much crowd even here. One of the major annual beach music festival takes place in July in one of Karosta’s beaches. 

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