19 Things you should keep in mind when on Luxury Poland Tours

Poland is famous for offering some amazing luxury Poland tours and packages in 2021, and this is because everything is much cheaper in Poland compared to other European cities. The bars are cheaper, the hotels are nice and offer affordable rates, the entry prices for most museums are quite low, public transport will get you to most places for just a few bucks. This makes Poland one of the best countries in Europe where you can get the best bang for your buck and enjoy royal luxury without breaking the bank. It is one of the reasons why, every year, thousands of tourists visit Poland from around the world to explore its amazing cities, castles, and beaches.


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However, just like most European countries, tourists often face a cultural gap as soon as they get here. While enjoying your luxury Poland tours in 2021, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when traveling to Poland!



1. Jaywalking can land you in trouble



In many countries around the world, crossing the street even when there’s some traffic is completely fine. However, in Poland, jaywalking can land you in trouble, and the fine is quite hefty. So always check for the green man before crossing the street when on luxury Poland tours in 2021. Besides, it’s much safer anyway, since streets in Poland are often packed with vehicles.



2. Don’t Be Late


Poles like to be on time. Even if it is an informal meeting with a friend, it is best to always be on time. Much like the Germans, people in Poland do not like tardiness, especially in professional situations. It is best to give them a heads up, if possible.



3. Be attentive while tipping



It is customary in Poland to give up to 15%. The usual tip people leave for their server is 10%, but it can go up to 15% if you liked the service. Many restaurants sometimes include a 10% service charge in your bill, so remember to pay attention. Another interesting thing you should keep in mind while eating in a restaurant in Poland is if you say ‘thank you while handing the waiter a bill, it implies that they can keep the change.



4. Cash will do you no good


People in Poland don’t usually go by cash. Even in small shops and kiosks, in Poland, most pay with their cards and only use coins or bills of small denominations. You’re better off using your card to pay for everything instead of using cash because, mostly, you’ll be running around finding change.



5. Always keep your ID on you



Although the crime rate in Poland is quite low, you should still carry your proof of identification when traveling to Poland. The police don’t usually stop and ask you for your ID, but it is a good habit to develop whenever traveling to another country especially on luxury Poland tours in 2021.



6. Never drink in open spaces


Drinking in the open is a no-go in Poland. The outdoor drinking laws in Poland are quite strict and can attract a huge penalty. Therefore, you should avoid drinking out in the open, such as in parks, unless you want to risk getting caught or getting caught on your luxury Poland tours in 2021.



7. Try to learn few Polish Words



Poles usually communicate in Polish. However, English will still get you to wherever you want to go. But it helps to learn a few common Polish words, such as thank you, hello, how are you, goodbye, etc. Poles won’t judge you for speaking subpar Polish; on the contrary, they’ll probably be delighted for your attempt.



8. Don’t wear your shoes to someone’s house


The Poles are known for their hospitality, so you may be lucky enough to be invited to someone’s house for lunch or dinner on your luxury Poland tours in 2021. When you're at someone’s house, make sure to take off your shoes before entering. Most poles don’t wear shoes inside their houses and change into slippers instead.


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9. Be mindful when greeting someone over a doorway



A common door etiquette in Poland is to greet your companion or host while entering or leaving their house. However, you should make sure not to greet them while standing over the doorway. It is often considered as blocking the way for someone else. Make you leave plenty of room, or better yet, get in or stand outside while greeting.



10. Do not talk about religion


Most poles are quite religious and particular about their political leanings. Therefore, you must get your facts straight before striking up a conversation about religion or politics with your co-workers. However, when talking to strangers, it is best to skip the topic completely to avoid miscommunication.



11. Develop a Taste for Vodka



When you think of Vodka, you’d probably think of Russians. However, most Poles love their Vodka, it is one of the most popular spirits in the country. You’ll find plenty of bars and clubs serving vodka shots and cocktails on luxury Poland tours in 2021. Therefore, it’s best to develop a taste for the spirit if you are not used to it and planning to have a drink with a co-worker.



12. Beaches are Quite Chilly


There is a reason why Polish beaches are not so popular. It is because the temperature of the Baltic Sea can be quite chilly, and you might not enjoy your dip in the water as much. The beaches are clean and white, but most locals usually sit by soaking up the sun and enjoy the views at the beach.



13. Be careful when buying Artworks



Poland has some amazing artists and art galleries which you can enjoy on your visit. However, they don’t allow people to take paintings out of the country. Especially if the painting is made before 1955 or if the artist is dead. So always be careful while buying artworks in Poland, and make sure to check who the artist is on your luxury Poland tours in 2021.


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14.   Don’t use Euronet ATMs


In 2020, the Euronet ATM scam came to light, where they dupe foreigners while they take out cash from these ATMs. Euronet ATMs are spread out all across Europe and are quite easily identifiable. If you are a local, you will have no problems in making a transaction and taking out cash. However, when the ATM identifies that your card is registered in a different country, you are charged an additional tax, in addition to the currency exchange rates on your luxury Poland tours in 2021. Therefore it is best to use any other ATM near you or use your card to pay for everything.



15. Keep your History Lesson to yourself



It is no secret that Poland has played a significant role in both World Wars, and thus there are plenty of historical places and heritage sites all over the country. However, when going around the city and talking to a local, it is best to avoid giving a lecture on history or even bringing it up as most poles are quite sensitive about their history. So unless you have to say something positive and you have your facts right, it is best to skip the history lesson.



16. Stay away from pretty ladies


The crime rates may be low in Poland, but there are certain notorious scams that are still pretty active around the country. In most cities in Poland, when you are walking across a bar, you may be approached by a pretty lady, or two, inviting you to the bar with an enticing offer of free drinks. However, there have been instances where tourists report being scammed by the bars by getting charged extra or even waking up unconscious after just a few drinks.


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17.  Poles don’t like to smile



It is a pretty common notion that poles don’t like to smile and often have serious faces, much like their German neighbors. However, this is not completely true. When walking down the street on your luxury Poland tours in 2021, you won’t find people smiling or nodding at strangers for no reason at all. They are not rude. It's just a cultural gap, where people in Poland like to keep to themselves and not smile at people who they do not know.



18.   Don’t keep your hands in your pockets while Talking to someone


Keeping your hands in your pockets while talking to some is considered rude and inconsiderate. Especially in a formal situation. Therefore you should not fold your hands or keep them in your pockets while talking to someone, in a meeting, or while giving a speech on luxury Poland tours in 2021.



19. Do not litter



It goes without saying that you should never litter when visiting a foreign country, but you should give special attention to this point when going on a trip to Poland. Poles do not litter in public and always use a dustbin to throw away the trash. Most streets in Poland are spotless and free of any form of garbage.


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