Top Adventurous Activities and Places for Fiji Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jul 24,2019

Fiji is the quintessential French Polynesia paradise which is famous for its tropical islands and adventure sports. Fiji is a group of 300 islands and 500+ islets. These jumbled groups of islands are alluring with volcanic peaks to charming coral reefs, tropical waterfalls, and dense rainforest. Fiji tour is the vest remote tour to visit once in a lifetime. All the islands of Fiji offer various adventurous and dauntless panoramic activities. Fiji is the spirit-lift destination to visit. Fiji displays happy colors. Dive-in colorful corals of Fiji Island. Fiji allows you to do numerous adrenalin and impressive activities. Fiji offers panoramic activities for every age. Discover Fiji in your way and satisfy your adventure craving. Fiji travel agent will take you to most adventurous places and help you in discovering most of Fiji Island. Many reasons will force you to visit Fiji Island. The colors of the island, the moderate temperature, friendly locals, fresh food, especially organized kava ceremony for the tourist by the Fijians, Fiji's cultural music, and the peaceful atmosphere of the Island are the main reason that will take you to the Island.

Top Adventurous Activities:

  • Scuba Diving

  • Snorkeling

  • Hiking

  • Rafting

  • Kayaking

  • Jet Skiing

  • Ziplining

  • Jet Boating

  • Parasailing

  • Cruising

  • Surfboarding

  • Canoeing

  • Cycling

  • Horse riding

  • Fishing

  • Heli Diving

  • Paddle Boarding

Top Adventurous Places:

  • Mamanuca Island

  • Castaway Island

  • Yasawa Island

  • Malolo

  • Mana Island

  • South Sea Island

  • Kula Wild Adventure Park

  • Tokoriki

  • Monuriki

  • Robinson Crusoe Island

  • Matagi Island

  • Kuata

  • Mount Tomanivi

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Detailed Itinerary

  1. Mamanuca Island- Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Mamanuca Island is the most picture-perfect island of Fiji Island. The greenish-blue sea and white sandy beaches of the island make this island ideal for the visit. Mamanuca Island is a great spot for all types of water sports and family-friendly Island. Discover famous scuba diving sites and snorkeling sites in Mamanuca. Mamanuca Island is easily accessible from every island of Fiji. If you are looking for a relaxing break, affordable holiday and adventurous sites; Mamanuca Island offers you the whole package in one.

  1. Castaway Island- Cruise

Castaway Island is the most beautiful island resort and has an amazing Fijian welcome in Fijian cultural way. Discover the beauty of the resort with the day cruise of the island. Enjoy the lazy moments under the sun on the cruise with your wine. The vibrant coral reefs and crystal clear water will take your stress out. Enjoy the pristine coastline of the beaches during your cruise trip.

  1. Yasawa Island- Jet Skiing and Parasailing

Yasawa means heaven. Yasawa Island is the unspoiled island of Fiji. Yasawa Island offers palm bungalows, pristine white water beaches, colored reefs, ancient culture. You'll enjoy every moment in complete solitude on Yasawa Island. Yasawa Island offers you the most amazing water sports jet skiing and parasailing with experienced instructors and at affordable prices.

  1. Mana Island- Kayaking and Rafting

Explore Fiji's inner heart, Mana Island by kayaking and rafting. Water rafting takes place between the waterfalls of the island. Kayaking fights the white water of the sea. Mana Island is the epic center and idyllic place belongs to the Fiji island group. Mana Island is surrounded by the colored coral reefs, turquoise seawater, and white sandy beaches.

  1. Malolo- Surfboarding

Malolo offers a daily schedule of various activities including non-motorised water sports also. Try surfboarding in the pristine seawater and magnificent scenery of the island. Fiji travel agent hires personal instructors for your amazing experience of surfboarding. Malolo offers daily trips of the undiscovered part of the island. The protected marine life and coral reefs of the island make your surfboarding experience ideal. 

  1. South Sea Island- Jet Boating and Canoeing

South Sea Island is the popular destination if the Fiji tour. Island is surrounded by various marine life, coral reefs, and crystal clear waters. The island is small but welcomes you with the amazing experience of Jet Boating and Canoeing. Fijians offer you jet boating at great speed over water into a cultural experience. The experienced instructors will provide the entire safety vest and allow you to see the exhilarating view of the lush mountain greenery over the white water of the sea.

  1. Kula Wild Adventure Park- Zip Lining

Strapped in the harness and discover the spectacular beauty of the adventure park. Launch yourself in the series of eight zip-lines. The higher, faster and longer zip-line offers jaw-dropping speed with breathtaking ocean views and cave exploration. With the zip-lining activity, you'll discover the three ecosystems of the park. Fiji travel agent will take care of the safety measures during your activity.

  1. Tokoriki- Fishing

Escape in the beauty of Tokoriki Island. Fiji tour offers you the most treasured island of the south pacific. Embark the luxurious and exquisite destination to explore the paradise of the island. With a drink in your hands and the sound of the ocean enjoy fishing with peace and forget all the stress. Fiji travel agent will book your luxurious private resort for your stay and hire a guide for the precise details of the island.

  1. Monuriki- Cycling

Monuriki Island offers you the amazing trails for cycling. During the free time of Monuriki Island, the locals will take a bike ride, i.e. cycling on the sandy trails of beaches and the roads. During cycling, you'll be amazed by the view of the amazing coastlines and the sound of the ocean, which will give you a peaceful experience of the bike ride. Fiji travel agent will book your bike ride with experienced guides of the island.

  1. Robinson Crusoe Island- Horse Riding

Fiji tour will take to another paradise island. Robinson Crusoe Island offers a unique cultural experience for adventure lovers. It offers various water sports and horse riding. Fiji travel agents will take you to the place of horse riding. Robinson Crusoe Island offers the unspoiled and natural beauty of the island during your horse riding tour. The horses of the Fijian culture is quiet attractive and friendly to give a ride to the strangers. Robinson Crusoe Island maintains comfort for the tourist, cleanliness, and hygiene.

  1. Matagi Island- Paddle Boarding

Matagi Island is the romantic and private island resort of Fiji. The stunning tropical rainforest, white sandy beaches, and pristine coral reefs provide you the perfect back-drop for paddleboarding. Matagi Island offers a variety of complimentary activities to explore the beautiful surroundings of the island paradise. Matagi Island is also home to various bird species.

  1. Kuata- Heli Diving

Kuata Island offers magnificent peaks above the waves of the ocean. Fiji travel agent will book your helicopter tour. Experience the view of the island from the helicopter and enjoy the thrilling adventure experience of Heli-diving. The instructors will take care of all the safety measures. Feel the jaw-dropping experience of heli-diving.

  1. Mount Tomanivi- Hiking

Hike on the highest mountain on Fiji Island. It is located on the main island of Fiji. The experienced guides will help you in taking the greatest challenge of hiking the mountain. It is previously known as Mount Victoria. It is an extinct volcano in the northern highlands of Viti Levu. This hiking experience is one of the best among all your hiking's.


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