Mind-blowing Trip Suggestions for Travelers to Travel in 2021

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jan 13,2021

Traveling in 2020 has been at a halt, thanks to the pandemic, which kept travelers at bay from traveling to their desired destination. However, with vaccination news and safety measures for travelers in various countries, the hopes are still alive in the hearts of travelers. Some countries have locked the doors for tourists from foreign lands, while some have spruced up their facilities to sustain all the safety regulations and health-conveniences about the Pandemic restriction protocols. Even the Airlines and travel mediums have contributed majorly to invoke safer tourism standards for people to travel safely and boldly.


Travel bookings have noticed a considerable rise, giving travel industries a ray of hope to revive their economy. They have been bent on providing all necessary conveniences to tourists who dare to step out. When compared to last year, things look upbeat about traveling in general. There is always a slight tentativeness that clings to us regarding the places we may choose to explore. This might go for the tossing of thoughts with the avid travelers, as this year there will be more preferences for reclusive and secluded destinations that usually have lesser footfalls. It is also expected that travelers might opt for places that follow social-distancing norms. 


Hence, careful planning on trips becomes a poignant action this year for travelers. In this article, you will be revealed to some super-cool trip suggestions that guide you to the desired destinations. These will offer you a mind-blowing experience that matches with prominent travel choices of this year.




This destination comes across as one of the best trip suggestions that combine aesthetic pleasure and safety standards at its maximum. This country has handled the pandemic crisis impeccably with rigorous testing and safety regulations that surpass any other country’s standards. This is also a place where tourists get perked up with varieties of animal diversities and eco-friendly spots the country displays. The country boasts of splendid culture, mind-blowing landscapes, endangered animals, and breezy & sandy beaches. It would look like one big platter of delightful treats to tourists for exploring the best tourist attractions altogether. This country is captivating visitors which makes it a suitable choice to travel this year.


Special Suggestions: Anna Trzebiński, the famous fashion designer from Kenya, owns the Hotel Eden from Nairobi which flaunts all her works and styles explicitly and that calls for an interesting choice for visitors across the globe.





One of the exquisite trip suggestions for this year would be to head to Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan, one of the Stan countries often misconstrued as an unsafe destination is one of the friendliest destinations one could venture to. This travel destination would aptly match the travel choice of 2021 as it has not been too commercialized in recent times and the footfalls this place receives are comparatively less. The country is a blend of exuberant lifestyle with traditional rooting of nomads who are scantily populated here. The food choices are exceptional as one would not miss the opportunity to devour the meals in local restaurants that are reasonably affordable. Of course, activities like hiking, walking tours, and cooking tours offer the tourists lots of excitement which makes it an unmissable place.


Special Suggestions: Hiking tour in Pamir hill of Osh, and Plov-cooking tour in Osh, are something that you can’t afford to miss while embarking on a Kyrgyzstan trip.



Costa Rica


This country in Latin America is considered one of the apt choices of the best trip suggestions for the year 2021. This is one of the countries which managed fewer fatality rates during adverse pandemic conditions the world encountered. This place is also considered to be one of the cleanest destinations that have been spruced up its tourist attractions in recent times. The whole country is a visual retreat with a combination of volcanoes, beaches, forests, and endangered wildlife. All these attractions blew the mind of the travelers with their ecstasies and pleasantries.


Special Suggestions: Antonio Park and Arenal Volcano National Park are places of considerable importance as they offer beautiful volcano views and glimpses of rare endangered animal species that entice the tourists.



British Virgin Islands

For all the water-lovers, visiting the British Virgin Islands becomes one of the best trip suggestions they could follow. The illumination of the waters exhibits the beauty of nature that will certainly allure you. They invigorate your spirits to fall in love with this place naturally. As for the social-distancing norm, one should follow, this place comes across as a spacious destination that is remotely famous paving the way for someone to enjoy a secluded and reclusive vacation here. Multiple visits invariably call for eco-friendly attractions that surprise people with their elegance.


Special Suggestions: Branson’s Necker Island displays eco-friendly attractions that are a delight to travelers and is considered a must-visit place.



New Zealand

One of the most quintessential of all trip suggestions is to backpack and fly to New-Zealand. A country that has controlled Covid-19 cases considerably and goes on to become a natural traveler’s choice for the year 2021. Anybody craving a socially-distanced travel destination can blindly opt for this place without a doubt. As with its specialties, it has a lot of spectacular wildlife to display and also beautiful landscapes filled with high mountains and misty streets. The beaches are a value add for tourists for the impeccable relaxation it offers.


Special Suggestions: The North Island of New Zealand is a typical travel-wonder to be explored which serves the tourists with beautiful beaches and wonderful landscapes.





The most exuberant of all trip suggestions has to be Mexico. A country that binds opulence with natural wonders is none other than Mexico. One of the exclusive destinations which have spruced up its infrastructures to the maximum to accommodate tourism to its best in the upcoming year. Mexico City, Merida, and San Miguel de Allende are cities of considerable importance that prove worthy of visits. Of course, Caribbean beaches give their pleasure without fail with the displays and food choices that prevail there. There is also a special lookout for archaeological sites which flaunts its tradition binding the visitor’s big time.


Special Suggestions: Merida is a special mention as it serves as a testimony of ancient Maya civilization which preserves its historical sites for visitors across the globe.


If you are planning to have a trip around the world, with the best trip suggestions, you are ready to travel to any destination you want to explore. These trip-ready suggestions will certainly satiate your travel preferences. 

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