Best Countries For Solo Travelers: Time To Go All Alone!

Author: Mansi

The choice of the right destination is a significant factor in mastering the art of solo travel. Regardless of whether you are planning a budget-friendly vacation or a luxurious escape, some destinations are best suited for solo travelers and are ideal for captivating lifelong memories. However, a few countries are incredibly amazing but not apt for traveling alone. So, you must be very careful and smart while choosing the one. To assist you in making the right selection, we have compiled a list of the 10 best solo travel destinations that are the perfect spots to begin your solo journey. Add these countries to your bucket list and leave for a lifetime adventure!


1. Iceland



Iceland is a breathtaking destination that has been on the bucket list of travelers for quite some time. There is a reason why Iceland has become a favorite destination in the past few years. The country is a paradise for tourists who love to enjoy outdoor activities and is rewarded with the tag of one of the safest countries in the world. This country lets solo travelers set aside their fears and enjoy their vacation without any worries. This dream destination offers the visitors to explore the ancient caves, walk through volcanoes, swimming at geothermal spas, hiking on the unexplored trails, and much more. The country is pleasantly compact and peaceful to derive the pleasure of solo traveling. The only downside of the country is its cost. If you are willing to afford an expensive vacation, then a trip to Iceland would be completely worth it. 


2. Costa Rica



Costa Rica is among the largest biodiverse nations in the world. The whole country prioritizes the protection of biodiversity and this makes it a feel-good destination for all the eco-minded explorers. Costa Rica is also popular as the happiest country that spoils the visitors with an abundance of offerings. From hiking to kayaking to trekking and mountain biking, a vacation to Costa Rica is a great adventure. It has ample adventurous activities to indulge yourself. If you want to take a rest from adventurous activities, then Costa Rica is perfect to explore picturesque white-sand beaches, tropical forests, and exotic wildlife. Traveling solo to this country is a bonus to your unforgettable experience. This is one of the best solo travel destinations that you ought to visit. 


3. New Zealand



New Zealand, one of the safest solo travel countries in the world, is an emerging paradise for backpackers. Here you can meet several travelers from every corner of the world. This will help you make some lifetime connections. To make your vacation safer in the country, you must plan to stay in the social hostels in the country. Staying in hostels will offer you some new road trip buddies. To enjoy yourself in the country, there are ample outdoor adventurous activities that will make you feel alive. From bungee jumping to water rafting to hiking, this country has it all. Along with this, to take a relaxing break in New Zealand, you can explore the incredible beaches, rocky glaciers, spectacular lakes, magnificent wineries, breathtaking waterfalls, and much more. Travel on your own to this country and make your whole vacation an unforgettable experience.


4. Spain



No less than a dreamy destination, Spain is a must to visit solo travel destinations all around the world. It is a country with vibrant culture, scenic destinations, and incredibly nice people. This charming land has everything to fulfill your solo travel needs. The first thing that will lure you into the country is the warm welcome from the locals. Another thing that will make you go speechless in Spain is the food. It serves the best cuisine that is a perfect treat to the tastebuds. When it comes to travel attractions, Spain has wonderful beaches, rich heritage sites, artistry museums, outstanding architecture, and enjoyable festivals that you can’t miss. This country has something for everyone. Spain is packed with things to do that make this country a perfect destination for solo travelers.  





Japan is believed to be one of the popular countries among solo travelers. Its beauty and elegance are perfect to lure visitors from all around the globe. This country is ideal for solo travelers as it is the safest, stable, friendly, and organized in all sense. Visiting this country is a fun ride to incredible wildlife inventions, enormous new towns, polished hostels, and more. Life in the country is immensely refreshing and is perfect for solo travelers. Here, eating and exploring alone is a common thing that locals prefer to do. When it comes to exploring, this country has unspoiled nature, rich heritage, stunning temples, and a lot more. To learn more about the country and its culture, you must indulge yourself in Japanese dining, calligraphy lessons, and outstanding nightlife. With so many offerings, solo travelers can never go wrong by planning a trip to this country. 





With several big cities, traveling to Germany on your own is a great option. This is apt for all beer lovers. From the world’s finest nightclubs to unmissable beer festivals, this country is popular for its beer. If you are a beer buff, then you must grab a few drinks in the country to enhance your overall experience. Germany is one of the great solo travel destinations with lots of offerings. One of the real things that you must enjoy in the country is the Oktoberfest in Munich. Other than that, in Germany, you must discover outstanding museums, cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and gardens. This country also has an unbelievable number of magical castles right from Gothic-style to dramatic to antiques. Travel solo to this magnificent country and create new lifelong memories.





If you are planning to escape to a beautiful land, then Ireland is one for you. This country is full of archeological sites, medieval forts, scenic views, and more. In Ireland, you can browse through the vibrant shops and storehouses to get yourself some antique pieces. The country is not just an amazing landscape but also has several welcoming people that make this country ideal for solo travelers. This massive country welcomes solo travelers with an open heart and lets them meet several new backpackers. To make the best of the time in the country, there are several attractions. The country is all covered with breathtaking mountains, exquisite monuments, dreamy castles, rugged terrains, and a lot more. Among all, Titanic Quarter is the top attraction. It is worth a visit on your vacation to Ireland. Ireland also holds two outstanding UNESCO world heritage sites that make this country a perfect destination to visit. 


The United States Of America



The diversity in the culture, attractions, states, and food makes the country best for solo travelers. The USA has plenty of offerings for all kinds of travelers. Right from the sandy beaches to skyscrapers to surreal sightseeings to fine dining, the country is ideal for all. Although this free land is a bit pricey to visit. However, the amazing offering of the country makes every penny you spend worth it. In the country, you can find several sharing accommodations that act as a cherry on the cake for solo traveling. This helps the travelers to find various incredible people who help in making lifetime memories. On your solo travel, you must indulge yourself in various adventurous activities and plan sightseeing to magnificent National Parks, soothing beaches, and historical buildings. The country has a lot to offer that will make your vacation to the USA a memorable experience. 





When it comes to the best solo travel destinations in the world, Australia is always on the bucket list. There is no other backpacker country in the world such as Australia for solo traveling. Australia is filled with amazing hostels and cheerful travelers to enjoy the best time in the country. While traveling to the country on your own, you must indulge yourself in various cultural opportunities to learn more about the country like Opera House, wine tour, coastlines, etc. Visiting Australia, especially solo is the ultimate experience one can ever get. In the country, backpacking to the East Coast is quite famous. The ease of accommodation, food, transportation, and everything makes this country a fun experience for solo travelers. Must plan a solo vacation to Australia. It will surely be the best destination you can ever visit. 





Certainly, it would be the classic architecture, charming rivers, dreamy mountains, and fascinating history that make Italy a perfect destination for solo travelers. This country is not just outstanding in its attractions but also rich in its food. Italy is known for the romance it has in its food. Italian cuisine is renowned all over the world. Here you can get the finest food right from the drinks to the snacks. To get the best taste of world-famous Italian cuisine, you must get in touch with the locals. The friendly locals of the country will help you know the top outlets to eat at. On your visit to Italy, you must allow your taste buds to go to the heaven of food. The food and the attractions both make Italy famous amongst tourists from all over the globe. 


These are the best 10 solo travel destinations that you must visit for a rewarding experience. Pick up your own adventure from the list of destinations and plan an ideal solo vacation.


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