The 8 Best Honeymoon Destinations In The USA On A Budget

Author: Shubhankar Sen on Jun 21,2022
Honeymoon Destinations

Have you been married recently and are looking for a perfect first getaway with your spouse? Be it a cool breeze on a beach, ear-drumming jazz music in a late-night club, or museums and streets with stories of the historical past exhibiting the proud culture. Only one country in the world offers anything and everything to all kinds of tourists - the United States! The USA brings you romance and glamor all at once to make your honeymoon a great experience. If you want the best experience under a budget, the US is your place to spend some memorable days with your new bride. Keep reading for the 8 best honeymoon destinations in the USA that too under your budget.


8 best honeymoon destinations in the USA


1. Asheville, North Carolina




Suppose you are a couple who enjoys adventurous outdoor activities to escape the daily hustle and bustle of life. In that case, Asheville is the perfect spot for your honeymoon. Asheville is the diamond destination for couples on their honeymoons during the spring and fall. Asheville provides a wide range of activities like a road trip, a mountain hike on the Great Smoky Mountains, and an excursion on the Blue Ridge Parkway. To spend your evenings, you can stop at one of the coffee breweries spread across the place, dine at renowned restaurants or even have a look at the rich local art and music culture.


How to reach Asheville:

Asheville has a regional airport that is well connected to the eastern part of the United States and is closest to the city of Baltimore.

Where to stay in Asheville:

Asheville is home to many romantic hotels offering various luxury services. These are Princess Anne Hotel, Hotel Indigo Downtown Asheville, and Cambria Hotel Downtown Asheville. They are pretty affordable and give exceptional services to newly-weds and couples.


2. Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful yet underrated tropical romantic destinations for couples for their honeymoons. Its beaches, high rising palm trees, delicious seafood, and dreamy sunsets make Puerto Rico nothing less than a fairytale come true for lovers. A couple can enjoy their stay in Puerto Rico days by enjoying the majestic waterfalls and jungles that the island is home to.


How to reach Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico is home to an international airport named Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, which is well connected to North America and Europe. Cruise ships are also available to reach Puerto Rico.

Where to stay in Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico is home to many romantic hotels offering various luxury services. These hotels are Hotel Villa Del Sol, Casablanca Hotel, and Hotel Melia Ponce.


3. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado


Suppose you are a couple who is a sucker for mountain destinations. In that case, Rocky Mountain National Park is the best honeymoon destination under your budget. Regardless of the day and time, the Rocky Mountain houses exquisite sceneries. The national park offers its visitors a variety of adventure sports such as rafting, hiking, fishing, skiing, hill climbing, and snowboarding, depending on the weather and climate conditions.


How to reach Rocky Mountain National Park

Denver International Airport is the closest airport to the Rocky Mountain National Park. You can book a cab directly to the National park or explore the park later after easing yourself at a luxury hotel available at the park.

Where to stay in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is surrounded by many romantic hotels offering various luxury services. Murphy's resort, Discovery Lodge, and Coyote's Mountain Lodge are some of these hotels.


4. Santa Barbara, California


Santa Barbara


Santa Barbara in California is one of the most famous and renowned vacation hotspots for couples to spend a romantic getaway together. While walking along the streets and lanes of Santa Barbara, you can experience its exquisite Spanish architecture with your loved one. Santa Barbara is home to several wineries and renowned Mexican restaurants for you to explore.


How to reach Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Airport is the city's airport, though Los Angeles Airport is also close, just an hour away.

Where to stay in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is home to many romantic hotels offering various luxury services. The Presidio, Motel 6 Santa Barbara, and the Orange Tree Inn are the top hotels.


5. Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville is famous amongst tourists for its rich culture of local music. If you haven't heard of a Nashville honeymoon before, you'll be chanting its glories in a Southern drawl in no time. The city is home to meticulously performed arts and music, which give tourists a taste of its diverse and exquisite culture, making it a perfect spot to plan your honeymoon trip. A Nashville honeymoon for laid-back couples means plenty of live music and deep-fried cuisine matched with local craft beer.


How to reach Nashville

Nashville has its International airport, which is 13 kilometers far away from downtown Nashville.

Where to stay in Nashville

Nashville is home to many romantic hotels offering various luxury services. Some top hotels are Hutton Hotel, Motel 6 Nashville, and Brentwood Suites.


6. New Orleans, Louisiana


If you are a Klaus Mikaelson fan, this place is hands down the best to plan your honeymoon trip. Visit the small lanes and streets in the city to get to know the architecture that dates back centuries ago. The city is home to various cultures and stories around historical incidents, art, culture, and music.

How to reach New Orleans

New Orleans has an airport in downtown New Orleans named the New Orleans International Airport.

Where to stay in New Orleans

New Orleans is home to many romantic hotels offering various luxury services. These are Pelham Hotel, French Market Inn, and Hotel St. Marie.


7. Cannon Beach, Oregon


Cannon Beach is situated on the northern Oregon coast and is often ranked as the most romantic place for couples to visit. The rugged coastline of North Oregon is home to several species of sea animals, wherein you can spot colonies of seabirds and puffins on the seashore. Looking up to the sky, you can frequently spot brown pelicans and eagles owning the blue sky. The city can provide you with anything and everything, from picnics on the beach under the sunlight or a historical trip to its exquisite and rich museums.


How to reach Cannon Beach

The closest airport to Cannon Beach is the Portland International Airport which is 92 miles far from the beach.

Where to stay in Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is home to many romantic hotels and beachside resorts that come under a budget and offer various luxury services. Riverside Suites Hotel, Lanai at the Cove, and The Ocean Lodge are these hotels.


8. Oahu, Hawaii




Hawaii is a tropical paradise in the Pacific Ocean, with the unlimited sun, powder-soft sands, ancient cultural experiences, and spectacular natural adventures. Hawaii is one of the favorite destinations for couples to plan a trip. It gets a bit confusing as to which beach to stay at. Oahu in Hawaii gives you the best Hawaiian sunset experience along with perfect dining options to make your honeymoon the most romantic trip of your life. Apart from a mushy night, couples can enjoy their days at Oahu by participating in several water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. Hawaii is also home to tourists' fabulous artistic, musical, and cultural feasts.


How to reach Oahu

Hawaii's major airport is the Honolulu International Airport which provides cheap flights from Hawaii to Los Angeles, Seattle, and Las Vegas.

Where to stay in Oahu

Oahu in Hawaii is home to many romantic hotels and beachside resorts that come under a budget and offer various luxury services. Marina Tower Waikiki, Ilikai Hotel, and Aqua Oasis are some of those hotels.



The honeymoon period after your marriage is certainly one of the most blissful periods of a relationship. People plan honeymoons to enjoy and celebrate their new wedding in the best places possible. Though everyone would want the best experience for themselves and their spouses, an eye on the budget must be kept so that you do not overspend on your honeymoon. Keeping this in mind, here is an exhaustive and helpful list of the 8 best honeymoon destinations in the US that fall under your budget and will give you an enriching honeymoon experience. For more fun trips, hotels, and travel itineraries under a budget, follow!

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