Want To Celebrate Love? The Top Destinations For Valentine's Day

The month of February is known for Valentine's Day celebrations. From the beginning of this month, many people start preparing themselves for Valentine's Day, and the rest wait for Friendship Day. You can celebrate Valentine's day the usual way by giving some chocolates and a greeting card to your loved one. But you can go one step ahead and go to any of the top destinations for Valentine's Day and experience some great tastes and sites to celebrate this special day. Shelling out some cash on these various activities will be extremely worthwhile, and you and your significant other will enhance your romantic memories together. There is not a lot of time before the day comes around. So, it is time to get up and start exploring the top destinations for Valentine's Day if you have not already.


Take charge of your inner romantic and chalk out a short holiday to one of the top destinations for Valentine's Day to spend some great time with your partner. Many hotels across the world also prepare themselves to give couples the best experience during this time. Here are the top destinations for Valentine's Day for a romantic getaway.


Top Destinations for Valentine's Day: Paris, France


No romantic destination guide can be complete without mentioning the city of love and romance. Paris is the capital city of France. There are many reasons why so many people look for the energy and environment of this location. When a person moves about this French city, they will be absorbed by the aroma of fresh bread, clean cobblestone streets, and lazy coffee shops. It is sure to get you into the good books of your partner. Couples can spend the time discovering several legendary love-infused landmarks. These include the Pont Des Arts bridge located outside Notre Dame and the famous Eiffel Tower. During the night, couples can cozy up together in an AirBNB or shell out some money to reside in one of the most sophisticated and premium resorts in Paris.


If you want to visit the city in fall, summer, or spring, try to rent bicycles as the preferred mode of transportation, complete with a traditional baguette. In the winter, you can share some romantic moments as you visit several museums with their modern and classic imagery.


Top Destinations for Valentine's Day: Venice, Italy


People often say that you can either hate or love this city when you go to this northern Italian location. But we can safely say that this beautiful water-enveloped city will enhance the feeling of romanticism between you and your partner. Even for the tourist who is quite well-traveled, the city gives a very new experience. This is because it is the capital of the whole Veneto region, which has more than ninety small islands. There are not many streets in the city. But you will get several canals that make a gondola ride with your partner an absolute must. As you stroll across the many romantic bridges present in the city, including the Rialto Bridge, which is a big engineering marvel, you can take in the very hospitable culture of the Italians. On your sojourn, you will see Gothic landmarks and the monuments of the Renaissance era.


St. Mark's Square is where numerous local vendors sell their handmade goods. But the area is also infamous for hosting swarms of pigeons that fly around the place in search of good food, so do keep sight of anything you are nibbling on. Go to the top of the Campanile Bell Tower for some memorable photos. It gives a great view of the city. You can even go to the blowing region on Murano Island and create your own keepsake as a milestone.


Top Destinations for Valentine's Day: Santorini, Greece


As one of the top honeymoon locations globally and one of the most gorgeous Greek Islands, Santorini might need a lengthy plane ride and another connecting flight, but it is well worth the small trouble. The city houses the clean Aegean Sea that calls out to tourists in the distance, and there are houses with blue domes that are so white that they sparkle in the abundant sunlight. The beautiful sea is one of the major reasons why several newlyweds opt for Santorini. Apart from its capability to give a cooling sensation to even the most hassled of tourists, the watery city gives gorgeous golden, orange, and pink sunsets that are best seen from the city of Oia. It is very romantic, but you will not be the sole person enjoying the beautiful nightly display from mother nature. The city gets good crowds during all the times of the year. Many of the city's resorts, restaurants, and boutiques are built into the rough cliff sides. This gives people the option to book a special private room for their tour.


Do not be shocked if you realize that you are walking on someone's roof when strolling around the city. Apart from strolling through steep and narrow roads to get a glimpse of the legendary white skyline, it is also advisable to rent a vehicle for the tour. Though you can get a taxi service, many people like the independence of scaling the island independently. This gives the tourists the ability to stop and click some memorable photos when the mood strikes. If you want to be even more adventurous, you can rent a scooter instead. We think there would be nothing more romantic than holding your loved one as you ride along the scenic streets of one of the top destinations for Valentine's Day.



The top destinations for Valentine's Day will give you ideas regarding the traveling gift you can give your partner during this special day. Touring generates many memories that you can share with your loved one for a lifetime. You can schedule these trips at your convenience, and you do not even need to gift wrap them. Further, we can say that you will not even require chocolates or roses to go with it. Just find out the date and pack your luggage for a great vacation for you and your loved one. You can even purchase a sweet card to write a note with your very own travel gift. It does not matter how many tours you may have taken when you were still single. There is something very beautiful and unique about touring with someone you consider your special one. Not only will you be finally able to rest your head on a trusted partner on the plane, but you have a company with whom you can travel around the most beautiful and romantic destinations around the globe, and also put the do not disturb sign to some use.


Many happy couples will see any part of the globe romantically. But some places have become synonymous with romance. There are several charming locations to consider. These include cities that glow under the illumination of the street lamps to great beach excursions where no shirt or shoes are needed. During the Valentine's Day weekend, you may even be going off for your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or just needing a romantic getaway for the both of you. You will be easily able to chalk out your trip with our guide to the top destinations for Valentine's Day.



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