10 Best Romantic Places in the US for a Perfect Vacation with Your Partner

Going on a vacation with your loved one is one of the best experiences, for people of all ages. You make memories to be cherished for life and bring you two a lot closer to each other. The United States is filled with stunning destinations where you can spend the most magical time of your life. It doesn't matter if you have just started dating, or been married for years, there is no wrong time to pack your bags and set off into the sunset with your partner.


With valentine’s day behind, people have started to come back to their usual routine. Although we as Leisure believe that destinations in this article contain some of the best romantic places in US which will make you want to rewrite your love life, like a novelist.


And even if you do not wish to go these places with someone, then you can also go solo and have an amazing date with yourself. In the words of Robert Morely “To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.”


1.       The Big Apple, New York



Starting this list off with the city that has inspired some of the best romantic comedies of our time, such as Serendipity (2001), When Harry Met Sally(1989) and You got Mail (1998). The city of New York in itself is so majestic that you can’t help but fall in love with it. As cliché as it may be, a stroll in Central Park during sunset with your partner is an amazing way to spend an even. But if you want to take it one step further, New York has a great many things for you to do, like watching over the whole city from the Empire State Building, hit the famous food joints around the city, or simply grab the authentic New York Slice. Spending a lazy day indoors or enjoying the pleasant New York weather is an amazing way to make the most of one of the best romantic places in US.


2.       The Beaver State, Oregon



Oregon is the perfect destination for adventure-loving couples and one of the best romantic places in US. It has something for everyone, from majestic views of the mountains, scenic ocean, and lush forests. Oregon is the perfect place for you to enjoy a lovely vacation with your partner filled with adventure, the diverse beauty of Mother Nature, and some of the best wines in the world. Laze around the Cannon beach hitting up elegant restaurants, or delve into the wilderness to explore some of the most perfect hot springs. Get a birds-eye view of the vast mountains and fields in the Central Cascades, or go wine tasting in Willamette Valley Wine Country. In Oregon, you will always find something to enjoy a lovely vacation with your better half all year round.


3.       The Windy City, Chicago



If you are also done with spending your days in PJs watching Netflix and wish to pamper your partner with some of the innovative and exhilarating dates then Chicago has you covered. Go on an Urban vacation in the city with one of the greatest skylines in the world and one of the best romantic places in US. Experience luxury at some of the finest hotels of the country in Chicago, or explore art like never before. Chicago has a large number of museums to spend time with your loved one in the presence of mind-blowing art. There is one spot in the city which you absolutely cannot miss if you want to explore the best romantic places in US, which is Promontory Point. Placed along the shore of Lake Michigan, this popular attraction provides you the most magnificent views of the city skyline, and the perfect place to pop the question.


4.       The Golden State, California



California undoubtedly takes the first spot of being the best romantic places in US. Filled with serene beaches to stare off into the horizon with your partner, and the majestic view do the mountain makes for the perfect backdrop to spend a lovely evening with your special person. Elegant beach towns such as Santa Barbara and Carmel offer a variety of fun activities for you to enjoy and the best spots to enjoy a romantic date.


5.       The Big Easy, New Orleans



New Orleans is a close contender to California, for the spot of best romantic places in US. It has so much to offer for couples of all ages. Visit Jackson Square with your partner in the evening to enjoy a lively date filled with street performances, live music to serenade you, and historic artwork that would blow you away. Considered the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans has one of the oldest Jazz clubs in the country where you and grove to the intoxicating rhythm and swoon your man or lady. Try the authentic New Orleans beignets for a sugar rush and begin your day with a little sweetness.


6.       The Green Mountain State, Vermont



Vermont holds a special place in the hearts of young and old lovers alike. It offers  picturesque scenes which look like something out of a novel. Enjoy the lovely fall weather by taking a walk with your partner, or snuggle up beside a fire in winters at some of the best Inns and Hotels. If you’re traveling in peak winters, you should definitely hit the slopes or rent a ski cabin for some quiet time after a tiring day of snowboarding.


7.       Colourful  Colorado



Colorado is a dream destination for any couple who seeks adventure, offering some of the most exciting outdoor adventures to take part in. However, the state also offers some of the most majestic views of the rocky mountains and the blissful hot springs which earn Colorado a spot on this list of best romantic places in US. Visit a ski resort and unwind in a spa with your partner, or book a secluded cabin with private hot springs yourselves.


8.       Home of the Grand Canyon, Arizona



If you want to take some time off the cold winters, you can visit Arizona and hike through one of the most marvelous natural wonders of the world. The true grandeur of the grand canyon can not be described with words, it is something you only understand once you witness it with your own eyes. Plan a one-off vacation at one of the best romantic places in US by any of the desert resorts and witness real beauty while being surrounded by the red rocky hills. You can also hike up the Grand Canyon and sit with your partner for a picnic, alternatively, you can also kayak down the Colorado River and experience the canyon from a different perspective as it unfolds before your eyes.


9.       The Land of Presidents, Virginia



Not only Virginia, the land to give birth to 8 US presidents, it is also one of the best romantic places in US earn it the slogan ‘Virginia is for Lovers!’. Experience heritage and colonial history in Williamsburg, which is one of the first planned towns of America. Grab the stunning view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, while having a secluded picnic with your loved one alongside the Shenandoah River. Take a stroll on Virginia Beach at sunset, or cycle through the scenic vineyards in Middleburg.



10.   Experience Southern Hospitality in Savannah



Savannah is truly one of the most unique and innovative destinations for a romantic getaway with your special someone. Filled with historic places and cultural diversity, Savannah is one of the most off-beat and the most rewarding vacation destinations in the country. Savannah takes you back in time and makes you feel like you’re in a foreign land without ever leaving the country, this is why it takes the final spot in our list of best romantic places in US. Go for an extravagant dinner with your partner to show your appreciation for them, or move around town, finding delectable southern barbecue joints. Or simply take a stroll through nature and make the most of the pleasant weather.


This completes our list of the 10 best romantic places in US to rekindle or light a spark of love in the heart of your partner. Whether you want to take your wife on a second honeymoon, or swoon over your beloved by surprising them or waiting to find the perfect setting to pop the question,  we assure you that the destinations mentioned in this article will fill your heart with love and joy.


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