Top Romantic Destinations around the world that aren't Paris or Rome!

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 14,2021

Traveling the world and exploring its stunning beauty is a love affair in itself, but doing it with your partner just takes the experience to a whole another level. Travelling and romance usually go hand in hand, for lovers of all ages. Here are some of the top romantic destinations from around the world that you can consider for your first vacation away from home with your partner, or taking your newlywed wife on a honeymoon she wouldn’t forget, or surprising your other half with one of the most romantic dates anyone can ever wish for.


From lazing around at some of the most beautiful beaches to stargazing in the moonlight, these top romantic destinations are sure to fill your heart with passion and make you fall in love with your partner, the place, and everything else around you. Whenever you plan your romantic excursion to any of these destinations, you can be sure to find personalized leisure travel packages and itineraries with the best romantic things to do to make your vacation memorable for a lifetime.


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1.    Amalfi Coast, Italy



The Amalfi coast is Italy’s one of the most prized possessions and one of the world’s top romantic destinations. To enter this beautiful haven, you have to take a scenic and albeit dangerous drive, which contains multiple hairpin bends and stretches for 30 miles alongside the coast, before entering the Amalfi village. The village is etched into the side of the mountain, with many hidden spots and nooks to discover with your partner. It is an amazingly romantic place to be at, which doesn’t attract as many crowds as Venice, or Rome or Florence, and still offers an amazing vacation with your loved one. The villages and towns along the coast are full of color and vibrant locals. Positano, one of the top romantic destinations on the coast, with multiple fashion boutiques and beautiful restaurants, and a pristine secluded beach to end the day with your beloved.


2.    Seville, Spain



Offering tough competition to Barcelona, Seville is one of the top romantic destinations in Spain, giving many other romantic places in Europe a run for its money. This colorful city is full of history and passion, with one of the most romantic settings with its gently lit lanes and streets. Taking a stroll in the city in the evening with your partner should be at the top of your list of things to do in Seville. Seville offers the best candlelit dinners while sitting alongside the river, and to make your evening even more romantic, the smooth calming music helps to fall in love with your partner all over again, or for the first time. It doesn’t satiate your search for top romantic destinations to take your partner to, then you can enjoy some of the most amazing and spectacular views of the city, along with its beautiful architecture from the various viewpoints in the city.


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3.    Kerala, India



Enjoy a tropical vacation with your partner at one of the top romantic destinations in Asia. Situated at the southern end of India, Kerala is nicknamed by many as God’s Own Country. The place is full of tropical forest, beautiful rivers and streams and plenty of pristine beaches along will spectacular hills. Kerala is a popular honeymoon destination that attracts newlyweds from all over the world to explore its beauty. It is one of the most romantic places in India, with some of the most luxurious and off-beat accommodations, such as elegant hotels, nature resorts, and even luxury treehouses full of all modern amenities. Spend a day or two on the river on a houseboat, or visit the sweet tea plantations in Munnar to beat the heat. Experience its rich culture and amazing seafood, and end your day while watching the sunset at Kovalam beach, or begin your day by surfing the wave at the vibrant Varkala Beach. And the best thing about it? Due to the low currency exchange rates, a romantic vacation in Kerala is so much easier on the pocket.


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4.    Santorini, Greece



How can you leave the majestic white resorts of the Greek heaven Santorini? The all-white architecture, the blissful volcanic cliffs, and the serene blue Mediterranean Sea make this small town, one of the top romantic destinations in the world. The sheer experience and the vibes you get at Santorini Island are enough to make you fall in love with the place. The beautiful white houses and hotels and the blue churches bring a calming feel which is displayed in its food as well. Go on a photoshoot with your partner, and click some of the most amazing pictures you will ever click in your lifetime, spend your evening watching the sun go down at the volcanic beaching for a change from the sandy ones. Go horse riding, scuba diving, parasailing, or if you want some privacy you can even hire a yacht. Book a cruise, sip on cocktails, go on Jet Ski rides, visit the monasteries or have a romantic dinner with your beloved. With fun and exciting activities for couples, along with blissful ambiance and architecture, with wide-open views of the seas, Santorini is undoubtedly one of my top romantic destinations to visit.


5.    Quebec, Canada



Take a stroll back in time, with this 17th-century town in Canada. Sitting along Saint Lawrence River, Quebec is a city that gives you a taste of Europe without ever leaving the continent. The city has a rich history which is demonstrated in its streets, architecture as well as food. The majority of people in Quebec speak French because of French settlements. The city feels royal with its colonial architecture and colorful buildings. The city is most famous for the magnificent hotel, Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, which is massive in size and looks more like a castle. The hotel consists of 600 rooms, several restaurants, and even a Starbuck and has been termed as the most photographed hotel in the world. Quebec even has its version of Notre Dame, called Notre Dame de Quebec. If that isn’t enough to make the cut for your top romantic destinations list, the food of Quebec will certainly make you think otherwise. Home of the Poutine, which is Canada's preferred way of eating fries, Quebec serves plenty of different types of Poutine, all of which are to die for on a lovely romantic vacation with your partner.


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6.    Santiago, Chile



Santiago is the capital city of Chile, it is often overlooked by most people when they think of top romantic destinations in the world. However, the landscape, the weather, the architecture, the people, and the food together make Santiago a perfect place to have an amazing romantic getaway with your special someone. Surrounded by the Andes Mountain Range and the Coast on the other side, Santiago serves as an all-year-round destination for couples who can experience the best of beaches and mountains both in the capital city. The city is full of art, music, and amazing architecture that make your vacation all the more romantic with your beloved. The Bellavista neighborhood in Santiago is full of colors and graffiti on the walls that you should definitely explore with your partner on a romantic vacation to Chile. There are plenty of sights to see, and innumerable things to do while you’re on romantic getaways, which makes it worthy of a spot on our list of top romantic destinations in the world.


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7.    Kyoto, Japan



Kyoto in Japan is without a doubt one of the top romantic destinations in the world and my personal favorite. When thinking of the top romantic destinations in the world, most people think of Paris, Rome, or Venice but this little Japanese Town turns out to be an equally beautiful and romantic contender for these destinations. Especially for anime lovers and manga readers, Kyoto stands out from the crowd as a dream destination for many people, but even if you’re Anime or Japanese comics, this little town has a lot to offer to you for an amazingly romantic vacation with the love of your life. Kyoto lets you experience fine Japanese craftsmanship in everything, from its architecture, food, clothing, and even the tree. The rich culture and traditional values of the place make you feel connected with the place. Experience fine dining like never before, and enjoy the delectable Japanese cuisine which is so much more than sushi. During fall and winters, the region becomes vibrant and colorful because of various trees in the area and gets ample snowfall to make your visit even more magical. One interesting thing about Kyoto is that it is one of the cleanest places in the world, so there is absolutely nothing to spoil your romantic holiday with your beloved at one of the top romantic destinations in the world.


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