Top Destinations for Valentine's Day 2020 Celebration in the US

Author: Sonali

Love is about loving yourself! 


Have you found your Valentine? 14th February is a day of LOVE. But, do we really understand the meaning of love? Why do we always need someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

This article is for all those singles out there! The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is, particularly for singles, is loving oneself. 

What is better than celebrating yourself?` What is better than being with yourself and not yearning for an outer source of happiness. That’s the best way of living an amazing life! 

There are infinite reasons to explain why traveling can be the most perfect way of showing tenderness and love to oneself. There are plenty of romantic places around the world that are great destinations for celebrating singlehood. 

Here’s a perfectly compiled list of top travel destinations around the world for Valentine’s Day 2020 where singles can enjoy like kings & queens. 


Top Destinations in the US for Valentine’s Day 2020:


New York, NY

Nothing could be a better idea wandering around the glistening streets of New York all alone. It’s peaceful, it’s an amazing way of reviving from the heartbreak of being single. But, believe it or not, but you will never feel alone in the city that is popularly known for being the part of the country that never sleeps. 

And, there are plenty of things that you will enjoy ~ visit the Statue of Liberty, the Central Park, the Diamond district, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Hayden Planetarium. There are a bunch of activities that are ONLY for single. You should not actually avoid going along with people. So, if you are single, you are already lucky.


Top things to do for singles in New York: Go on a Pizza tour, lots of selfies, spend a night at a museum, enjoy conversing with a stranger, and more.


Jackson Hole, WY

If your kind of romance is an adventure then you have got to travel to Jackson Hole ~ for the ski-in and ski-out resorts are amazing to be in. Whether you want to spend some time with yourself in a place sometimes too quiet or are searching out for some amazing souls who can turn a not-so-quiet place into too quiet & serene experience - Jackson Hole has to be that place. For singles, this place is just an amazing experience. 


Be it about enjoying the hot chocolate in front of a fire or playing around the slopes, everything has a different kind of experience. It’s going to be completely amazing booking a Valentine’s Day 2020 package that comes with breakfast, dinner, a fireplace, and amazing views. 


Top things to do for singles in Jackson Hole, WY: Exploring Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park, Spa Session at Amangani, and more.


New Orleans, LA

It’s the love & romance deeply engraved in every part of this beautiful part of the US that attracts people from different parts of the world. From being the home of murderous mavens and voodoo queens, amazing jazz clubs to mouthwatering treats for your taste buds to a couple of amazing places to visit, New Orleans, LA will offer you anything & everything for the celebration of the love of a lifetime. In NOLA, you have got to take a harbor jazz cruise and that’s definitely something that your heart & soul must be yearning for. Wander around Bourbon Street, enjoy dinner at one of the city's French Quarter courtyards, and there’s a lot of amazing things to do and enjoy. At every point of the trip with all beauty surrounding, you will find your reason to hold her/his hand and say “I Love You”!


Top things to do for singles in New Orleans, LA: The Country Club, BMC Jazz Club, New Orleans Dating Sites, Mid-City Yacht Club, and more.


Laguna Beach, CA

Into the dreamy land of Laguna Beach, you find the most perfect reason to love yourself as a part of your valentine’s Day celebration. Nothing could be a better way of celebrating life & traveling to a place where you live your dreamland. Laguna Beach is particularly known for the serene landscape & that perfect ambiance that you yearn for while you want to enjoy a solo Valentine’s Day vacation. 

When you enter one of the historic inns of the beach, a morning yoga session, visit a popular art gallery, and enjoying lunch at a bistro are things that you are going to enjoy. And, a candlelight dinner all in the company of the serene environment at a Laguna Playhouse is real fun. 


Top things to do for singles in Laguna Beach, CA: Live music at Heisler Park, a self-guided art tour of the city, explore marine life in the tide pool and do more.


Charleston, SC

Charleston is one of the ancient cities of the U.S. and that definitely will make you feel like going back in time. With beautiful historic churches, impeccable harbor views, and the wonderful Cobblestone streets, you are going to love it all. And, the Caribbean-themed architecture is all that’s going to win your heart anyway. The beauty that you discover inside of you when you start loving yourself is something that can’t ever be compared to anything. When you go on exploring the amazing restaurants & boutique hotel all alone, the way you want to do, it’s gotta give you an amazing sense of peace & happiness. 


Top things to do for singles in Charleston, SC: The Battery, Charleston Farmers Market, Charleston music hall, Charleston museum, walking tour of the city, and more.


All you need is to enjoy your own company! Valentine’s Day is one occasion when everyone yearns to have someone by their side to love them to pamper them. But, have you ever thought of how to love yourself? Discovering these special places in the US especially during Valentine’s Day will make you learn everything about how to love yourself. 

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