Top Valentine's Day 2020 Getaways- Different Shades of Love!

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 14,2020

The cupid will control your day, Valentine’s Day 2020! LOVE - what is this feeling all about! For, there are different shades of love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to discover those extremely immaculate shades of Love. As we say, any special day is not to decide or quantify love that exists between two people. But, there has to be definitely a day, when you find a reason to celebrate love & that unsaid bond.

With Valentine’s Day 2020, you will once again get this opportunity to relive those palpably amazing moments. And, if this is the first time you are going to confess your love to your other half, Valentine’s Day 2020, 14th February would be a perfect time. Let the cupid in your win her heart forever. Plan your perfect valentine’s Day 2020 Getaway and make it a super surreal experience. 

Here are Top Valentine’s Day 2020 Getaways - Discover the Different Shades of Love:

1. Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii

Not surprisingly, but Hawaii’s Turtle Bay Resort is one of the most popular tourist spots for celebrating love. An uncountably huge number of love stories have given birth in the pleasant panorama of the beaches around. A huge number of honeymooners plan Hawaii vacation packages. The amazingly magnetic beaches attract travelers from around the world every year! 

Plan Valentine’s Day 2020 vacation to this beautiful location and you will be treated with love, life & nature. With a four-course gourmet meal at the Pa’akai, you will have the best time of your life. You can surprise the love of your life with a rejuvenating and let her immerse in the aloha spirit by attending a spectacular Fire and Ice Gala. And, that’s not all - there are other things to add other flavors to your love life. Horse riding on the Oahu beach, that uniquely colorful cocktail, a private dinner with your sweetheart and more. 


2. New York 

Not to mention, New York is one of the Top Valentine’s Day Getaways! With every corner of the city laden with choices for the lovebirds, it has to be on top of the list. Valentine’s day is one of the most celebrated occasions in New York with a myriad of options to celebrate togetherness, love, happiness & joy of being in love. This valentine’s day, plan a vacation to New York - go to a flamboyant restaurant to surprise your love, arrange that perfect dinner to reach the deepest corners of her heart. And, if you are celebrating your breakup, just get into your shoes, switch on some of the best breakup songs and celebrate this day in the best clubs of NYC.


3. San Juan, Puerto Rico

For a Valentine’s Day getaway, San Juan, Puerto Rico is one of the most exciting places. Winters can give your romance a great start in the middle of the fascinating beach. The great thing is, you do not need a passport to plan a vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico from the USA with most airports having direct flights to most destinations. The historically rich city of San Juan is perfectly known for the club-hopping, lounging & strolling around. Avail a valentine’s vacation package in San Juan with a luxurious room, massage, and champagne. 


4. Dublin

Another interesting Valentine’s Day Getaway in Dublin! With Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in the city where the remains of the Valentinus, patron, who is the saint of love are present. You will feel the love in every pinch of the air & your love will get this opportunity to flourish no matter what. And, the pleasant panorama, mountains, the cobbled streets, and the perfectly beautiful stately manors will make you fall in love with your sweetheart all over again. Most hotels will have special arrangements for couples with chocolates as a welcoming gesture, flowers & more. If you are an adventurer, you can enjoy activities like hiking, horse-riding & more. Plan Dublin vacation packages & surprise your better-half. 


5. Denver, Colorado

Another top spot for Valentine’s Day celebration in Denver, Colorado! Not the day, not the week, but Denver celebrates the entire month as Valentine’s Month. Travel to this exotic location to celebrate love - get treated by a spa, luxurious hotels, and amazing tourist spots. Even for the heartbroken ones, there’s all this way to make them feel amazing all over again. In addition to the lovebirds, this place is an amazing getaway for the history buffs. You can explore & know about the romantic vacation of celebrities who have been to this place since it was opened during 1892. You have this option of enjoying a passionate day cherry chocolate scrub spa. And, the Loveland ski slope is located in the vicinity of Denver that’s going to be another amazing way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. The annual Mountaintop Matrimony Ceremony is also very popular among couples and they renew their vows at the top! 


6. San Francisco, California

A place where you can kiss & canoodle the love of your life, treat her with champagne, and chocolates ~ San Francisco, California. This valentine’s Day 2020, plan a romantic vacation to this amazing part of America & she will be pleasantly surprised with what you have done for her. With romance in every inch of the air, the perfect walk across the town, you will get that perfect opportunity to discover that deep-seated & immense love in her eyes. Visit the San Francisco Zoo to woo your partner taking some love lessons from the birds & bees. 


7. Taj Mehal (Agra) India

Taj Mehal - The epitome of Love! It has to be on your list of top places to visit during Valentine’s Day 2020. Popularly known as the edifice that was built by Shahjahan for his beloved queen Mumtaj, this Taj mahal is another place that accentuates love between two people. Just the air around the memorial is so pure, so powerful that it makes you look into her eyes and feel reaching the heart absorbing all love. Located in the vicinity of Delhi, the capital city of India, it’s easy to reach Agra by car/bus/other vehicles. If you want a peaceful place to feel the essence of love from the deepest corners of your heart then Taj Mehal (Agra) is an important place to visit. 



So, these are some thoroughly researched destinations for Valentine’s Day getaway 2020. It’s not about what you choose, it’s not just about where you are planning this vacation, but the most important thing is the purity of your relationship. This valentine’s Day, make sure that the love, the bond strengthens. 

Instead of opting for one destination, you may also plan to go to multiple places together! This is an amazing idea if you want to see the different shades of love.

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