6 European Cities to experience the best of Fall Vacation!

Fall in Europe comes with some of the most spectacular views and natural colors to blow you away. The amazing weather is perfectly complemented by Europe’s breathtaking landscapes and beautiful cities that are full of culture, and enthusiasm. If you'd like to enjoy the elegance of Countries in Europe, the fall (or autumn) season is the best season of the year to do so. Witness breathtaking waterfalls, elegant meadows, and colorful forests, or just walk about the neighborhood, exploring its secrets. Leisure travel experts recommended the best Fall Vacation destinations in Europe where you can experience the gorgeous fall colors without worrying about throngs of people and ridiculous prices.


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1.    Hannover, Germany



Hannover, Germany is one of Europe's best Fall Vacation destinations. The region has developed a reputation among tourists and vacationers in the last ten years, making it one of the most contested leisure travel packages on this list. The city is famous for its romantic scenery among couples and lovers from around the world and is home to one of the most famous shopping streets in Germany.


Hannover is especially popular with backpackers and students who like to discover the city's hidden gems on a budget. As a rule, the months of September and October are ideal for enjoying lower costs, less traffic, and ideal conditions in the city. The region comes alive in fall, which is already full of stunning ponds, unique buildings, and vivid autumn foliage colors. Hannover is a wonderful place to explore with your girlfriend if you're looking for a romantic getaway. The city also promises cheaper airline fares, hotel rooms, and smaller crowds, in addition to the beautiful fall scenery making it one of the best fall vacation destinations in Europe.


2.    Edinburgh, Scotland



Edinburgh is perhaps best known for becoming the catalyst for one of the most successful fiction stories ever written, The Harry Potter. It is a well-known matter that JK Rowling was influenced by this magical city and composed the bulk of her scripts here. This is why Edinburgh draws tens of thousands of Harry Potter fans from all over the globe. You could take leisure tour packages that will take you to the magical world described in the novels and movies and allow you to visit locations from the films such as castles that inspired the structure of Hogwarts and along with many other Easter eggs that you will remember as soon as you look at them.


With all its spectacular autumn foliage and breathtaking buildings, Edinburgh is without question among the most picturesque and best fall vacation destinations on this list that transports you to a different time. During the months of September and October, because when skies and the sunshine show you the finest natural beauty, the city becomes absolutely gorgeous. Make the most of the crisp autumn air by cracking open a bottle of Single malt, or better still, visit one of the city's many distilleries or pubs.


 Visiting the amazing gardens and parks spread across town is one of the best ways in Edinburgh to enjoy the spectacular fall foliage, but if your timetable doesn't afford it, you can always catch glimpses of their liveliness in the city's castles. Edinburgh is one of the best fall vacation destinations to enjoy with your children, colleagues, maybe even on your own. Ensure there's plenty of storage in your smartphone camera as you'll come across a picture-perfect shot anywhere you turn on your journey that you'd need to preserve for a lifetime.


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3.    Gdansk, Poland



In Gdansk, the autumn season presents both joy and tranquility. As the city braces to welcome the season, the area is already bright, allowing you to soak up the heat. Fall foliage with vivid colors and fiery red leaves offers the ideal background for spectacular images. The city's architecture is one of a kind and full of colors. The city has a rich historic significance which is reflected through its buildings.


Due to the abundance of trees and shrubs and friendly weather, fall is the ideal time to visit Gdansk. Without the cold temperatures of winter, you can enjoy the public spaces or visit the Dlugi Targ without having to deal with large numbers of visitors and high rates.


 New, bright mornings announce the arrival of autumn, allowing you to fully appreciate nature's splendor. As a result, Gdansk has been one of the best Fall Vacation destinations which are often overlooked by travelers, offering the best of autumn colors as well as a variety of enjoyable and entertaining events. Fall in Gdansk brings brief bursts of rain with plenty of chances to enjoy the vibrant colors and nice afternoon light. Gdansk has a multitude of Instagram-worthy locations to adorn your feed.


4.       Lisbon, Portugal



Fall is the perfect opportunity to travel to Lisbon due to the extremely beautiful leaves that can be seen in the city's various parks. And with lower costs on airline fares, hotel rooms, and a smaller number of visitors, fall gives the perfect fares for a budget trip to have an affordable holiday, making Lisbon one of the best Fall Vacation destinations in Europe.


Book your stay to take advantage of the best offers and enjoy the elegance of fall in one of Europe's best Fall vacation destinations. Discover fun experiences in Lisbon, such as group tours, photo walks, and soaking in the city's charm while exploring its secrets. Everything is much brighter and vibrant in Lisbon in the fall, including the Praça do Comércio, the Jerónimos Monastery, and São Jorge Castle. Climb the ancient structures for a panoramic view of the lush greenery produced by the crimson, orange, peach, and bright green trees in Lisbon, which look like something out of a fantasy novel.


The city has stood the test of time and has been popular amongst travel as one of the best fall vacation destinations in Europe since the Roman Empire. Some of the most popular attractions in the city are Lisbon Cathedral, The Belem Tower, Miradouro da Senhora do Monte which offers some of the best views of the city, the National Azulejo Museum, and many along with many others.


5.    Barcelona, Spain



Barcelona is among the best fall vacation destinations in Europe, where you can experience a romantic getaway with your partner, a weekend vacation with the children, or simply take a rucksack and go alone through leisure travel packages. Wherever you look, you'll find an Instagram-worthy backdrop and incredible market stalls delectable authentic Spanish food.


The weather in Barcelona during the fall season is quite pleasant, making it an ideal time to come for a relaxing autumn holiday. Barcelona has a unique culture that is expressed in its incredible festivals, majestic buildings, medieval squares, cathedrals, and vibrant architecture. You can find leisure travel packages which would take you through the best Spain vacation spots such as Madrid, Valencia and ending in Barcelona. 


Barcelona throughout the fall season is nothing less than a fairytale; the shifting colors compliment the city's stunning architecture, and it's all considerably less expensive than in some other periods of the year, rendering it one of Europe's best Fall Vacations destinations. In the period from September to mid-October, the atmosphere in Barcelona is ideal, with average temps varying from 65 degrees to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


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6.    Pula, Croatia



Taking a Game of Thrones-themed tour of the area, stopping at different spots at which the show was shot has become one of the most popular reasons for visiting Croatia. Whether you're a fanatic like us or not, you're in for a treat when you walk through the neighborhood, where you'll come across several similarities and familiar settings like in the show.


Since its appearance in Game of Thrones, Croatia has become a popular tourist destination. Over the past several years, the country has been overwhelmed by fans and travelers since Croatia is full of secret tourist attractions, and it has undeniably established itself as being one of Europe's best Fall Vacation destinations. If you travel between the months of September and October, you can enjoy the beauty of the city without the queues or the high costs.

Pula has warm temperatures throughout the year, with mid-to-high readings during the fall season with 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit and cold conditions of 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Pula is a popular tourist destination in the wintertime and midsummer, coupled with high rates and a massive crowd.  If you come during the fall season between September and early October, you can escape the crowds and the high prices. 


Pula has some amazing architecture that will blow you away, and one of Europe’s most perfectly preserved Roman Amphitheaters. The city also has some of the most serene beaches where you can enjoy a nice quiet evening without any crowds or noise.


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