Secret Tourist Attractions To See In Croatia

Croatia, the incredible country of Europe, is a blessing to travelers in all aspects. Tourists are exploring the country in larger proportions to visit the beautiful cities that score as exceptional tourist attractions. Some cities in Croatia are deemed to be the best Christmas venues and people flock there to view the exuberance of those cities.

Seaside areas and some beautiful landscapes of cities attract the masses, but some hidden beauties tease the fantasy of travelers to a large extent. Even accommodations and restaurants do not fail the tourist’s expectations at any cost. It is a country that gives scope for the best vacation packages and excellent tourist attractions to relieve you from the strains of a busy life.

Let us look into some of the hidden and unsung beauties of Croatia that will mesmerize travelers in abundance.


Lastovo Island: Dubrovnik



Croatia is a culmination of many islands that define the beauty of the country. One island that meets the standards of ecstasy and keeps the tourists in awe is none other than Lastovo Island. One of the splendid tourist attractions in the vacation package of Croatian vacation that binds the travelers with its serenity and tranquility. The island is diagonally opposite Korcula Island that overlooks the peaceful Croatian village. It is a ferry ride from Dubrovnik and the sea route to the destination is no less of a pleasure. It is a never-to-be-missed spot that counts as the best tourist attraction.


Motovun: Istria



Motovun is the village that scores as one of the best vacation spots in the whole of Europe. It is scantily populated but the beauty of this serene village captures the sight of so many tourists. The quality of wines and olive oils that are replete in this amazing place is of exceptional quality. Beautiful vineyards fill the place that also could be splendid tourist attractions. The twin town Gronzan is similar in all aspects to Motovun which also could host a lot of travelers and bind them with its exceptional beauty. This is a compelling place that would be included in all vacation packages for Croatian vacations without fail.


Omis: Split



Omis is another beautiful town that is slightly far-stretched from prominent tourist spots but is one of the exceptional tourist attractions. A local 40 minutes’ drive from Split to this gorgeous village is worth an effort to enjoy the splendidness of this vacation spot. A beautiful unfolding lake that sides its way across the magnificent built houses to offer an exceptional look is one specialty of the town. This place is invariably included in vacation packages of Croatian vacation to be enjoyed and explored by the visitors.


Splitska: Brac Island



If anybody is crazy about fishing, they should definitely try their hand at this port Splitska. It is positioned exactly opposite the famous city Splits which lends the name to this beautiful island. Reaching here requires a small ferry ride from Split to reach the destination port and a cab journey to land in this fishing village. It is pleasant for the eyes and a treat to the travelers which also offers the best accommodations and restaurants for the visitors who drop here. The quintessential choice in the vacation package of Croatian vacation is often listed in the itineraries of travelers.


Vis Island:



Vis Island is one of the prominent tourist attractions worldwide which has gained popularity in recent times. It is the coast of Stiniva beach which is a specialty of Europe and is also named as the top beach of the continent. This is also a ferry ride from Split and could be an unmissable tourist attraction among all other places.


Rastoke: Slunj



A typical nature-studded place that is deemed as a hidden beauty of Croatia is the city of Raskote. Of course, every city in Croatia is special for its splendidness, this scores as a city the fodders the fantasy of nature-lovers. 2-hour drive from Zagreb, which is very close to Plitvice Lake is this beautiful destination that is necessary for the vacation packages of Croatian vacations. It boasts of beautiful landscapes and gorgeous waterfalls that entice visitors to a large extent.


Nin: Zadar region



The popular destination for romantic couples and marriage proposals is none other than this vacation spot. The place braces romance and lends itself as a spot for bonding couples with its serenity and beauty. A simple and elegant destination that is in nature spacious and lovely in its outlook is Nin. A must in the vacation package of Croatian vacation that calls for attention from visitors all over the world.

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