8 Top Fall Vacations In US For 2021!

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 23,2021

Fall is without a doubt one of the most romantic, scenic, and beautiful, and picture-perfect seasons of the year. The cool breeze of the coming winter and the different shades of leaves make this season loved by people of all ages.


With COVID- 19 spoiling most of our fall travel plans in 2020, most of us didn’t get to enjoy the season to its fullest due to the lockdown. However, with 2020 behind us, things are starting to look bright again and many of us can’t wait to start planning for top fall vacations in US.


The United States of America has an abundance of biodiversity both in flora and fauna, which makes the fall season particularly vibrant with stunning colors of foliage all around us. From different shades of yellow, orange, gold, and Red from the variety of trees that are available in different parts of the country, the number of destinations where you can enjoy a nice fall vacation with your family and friends is quite high.


The travel experts at Leisure.com bring you the top fall vacations in US including some of the most stunning places in the country which are perfect for spending a fall vacation with your partner, family or even with some friends. This list will definitely entice you to start packing for your fall vacation right now!


1.    Maine



Maine is a crowd favorite when it comes to top fall vacations in US, however, it is still not as packed as some other fall attractions which we’ll cover shortly. Maine is famous for a lot of things not just its tender soft shell lobsters and other seafood delicacies.


During the fall season, the whole region comes alive with vibrant fall foliage and beautiful autumn colors such as red, orange burgundy, etc. In addition to filling your stomach on the delectable lobsters and other delicacies, Maine also offers many other activities which make it one of the best places to enjoy top fall vacations in US, such as Whale Watching, surfing, exploring lighthouses, take a hike at the Acadia National Park to enjoy of the best scenic views.


2.    Vermont



Vermont is popular among city folk as a destination for a romantic getaway for its picturesque beauty. However, the beauty of Vermont attracts people of all ages and relationship statuses to enjoy its vibrant and scenic fall foliage, which makes Vermont one of the best places to have top fall vacations in US.


Visit the various orchards for apple picking, and later calm your exhaustion with amazing apple-based dishes. You can also try various cheeses while exploring the famous Vermont cheese trail with more than 150 varieties of cheese.


Stay at a rustic cottage or try a farm retreat, or book yourself into some of the best B and Bs in the state. One of the most underrated attractions of Vermont is its craft breweries. There a vast number of breweries in Vermont where you can try some of the best craft beers.


3.    Oregon



Owing to its majestic landscape, Oregon is a major tourist attraction especially in winters for the lovely cold and in summers to see the beauty of Oregon, in its crisp and pleasant weather. However, some people know that in reality fall is the best time to visit Oregon and get the best of both seasons, and so much more, making it one of the top fall vacations in US.


The vineyards of Oregon are famous for producing award-winning wine. The Willamette Valley Vineyards is situated around 45min from the city of Portland. It is a perfect postcard destination to spend your holiday with your friends, family or partner.


In addition to that, the thing that makes Oregon one of the top fall vacations in US is the spectacular state parks, which are just magical in the fall season. Go on a hike in the silver falls state park, and explore its beautiful waterfalls while walking on yellow and orange foliage from the trees. Other fall attractions in Oregon include Drake Park, Washington Park, Lithia Park, and the most off-beat fall attraction, the Bagby Hot springs.


4.    Colorado



Colorado is another year-round tourist attraction for people from around the world, due to its magnificent Mountains, rocky crevices. But the things that make Colorado a perfect destination for top fall vacations in US, are its beautiful fall weather and the mind-blowing and vibrant foliage from the trees. The best time to enjoy the beautiful views of the autumn season in Colorado is between mid-September to late October, before the cold winters arrive.


Visit the mountain town of Aspen which will give you majestic views of the mountains of each side covered in beautiful yellow, and bronze glory of the fall. Enjoy the views of snow-covered mountain tops while soaking the bright sun in Kebler Pass, which becomes a picture-perfect attraction in the fall season.


5.    California



Visit California in the fall seasons and witness why it is in fact the Golden state of America. In addition to its famous beaches and lovely towns. But come fall, people start to realize that it’s the perfect time to get out of their homes and enjoy the open weather and a peaceful day in nature, because come winters, doing all this might get a little difficult due to the cold.


California offers one of the top fall vacations in US, and a lot of fun activities to do with your family and friends which makes this place a popular attraction for tourists in the months of late July to October.


Witness the glory of some of the oldest trees on the planet, in Hum bolts Redwood State Park. It is said that some of the trees in the Park are almost 2500 years old. Take a hike at the Yosemite National Park, and explore some beautiful views of the valley covered in effervescent fall foliage. Enjoy the amazing wines in Napa County or simply enjoy a quiet and peaceful day at the beach.


6.    Chicago, Illinois



Chicago, Illinois is possibly one of the most beautiful cities of the world, and this beauty gets amplified significantly in the fall seasons. The fall season in Chicago doesn’t bring vibrant fields filled with golden fall foliage, but the city comes alive with the changing colors and the crisp weather, which make Chicago one of the best places to have top fall vacations in US.


Enjoy the breezy fall weather by taking a day off and spending time in the city, hitting famous bars, and exploring quaint little food joints. If you seek a little more adventure, then you can take a trip to the Indiana National Park which is no more than an hour’s drive from Chicago, and enjoy a beautiful day by Lake Michigan. 


While the city offers some of the most beautiful and photogenic scenes of the colors of fall, you can also delve deeper into the lap of nature at the Starved Rock State Park, or the Mathieson State Park for some of the most beautiful fall experiences in the woods.


7.    Massachusetts



Home to the beautiful city of Boston, filled with history and beautiful architecture, Massachusetts is an amazing destination to enjoy top fall vacations in US. Take the freedom trail and embrace the history of the city, make the most of the lovely fall weather by visiting the Museum of Fine arts and the Boston Public Gardens. Enjoy a scrumptious meal at some of the best restaurants you have seen.


If you wish to escape city life, you can visit Provincetown and enjoy a peaceful day by the beach while soaking in the sun in the amazing fall weather. If you seek the thrill of hiking on top of hills to catch majestic views of fall foliage, then Berkshires is the place to be at.


8.    New York



We have saved the best place for the last for having top fall vacations in US. The city of New York and many nearby regions offer some of the most mind-blowing fall views, without even leaving the state. Catch some of the best fall foliage while doing some leaf-peeping in the Sunken Meadow State Park, the Greenbelt nature center, and the Fort Tryton Park for an offbeat spot away from the crowd.


Take a hike in the scenic trails of Catskill, or explore the Hudson Valley, among the changing leaves. Explore some of the most legendary food joints, fancy restaurants in the city, or spend your day looking at art, culture, and history at some of the most amazing museums you have ever seen.


This brings our list of top fall vacations in US to a close. The fall weather brings in joy, calmness, and romance in the air for people of all ages which makes it one of my favorite seasons of the year!


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