8 Best Beaches In Georgia To Enjoy Your Perfect Vacation

Georgia is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. that offers breathtaking scenery with countless beaches scattered along its coastline. This state is highly regarded for its rich history, gorgeous mountain peaks, and pristine beaches that are truly awe-inspiring. It has over 100 miles of soft white sand along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline and several sandy beaches hugging the sparkling lakes of the state. It is one of the destinations that have beaches of different shapes and sizes for every style of traveler. From kid-friendly beaches to serene and secluded romantic settings to huge artificial beaches, here are some of the best beaches in Georgia.  


With multiple beach escapes, exploring some of the best beaches in Georgia is something that you can’t miss. This is why we are here to help you find the right destination for your beach getaway. For this, we have come up with a list of a few beaches that fit the needs of most travelers. So, come along and discover the allure of Georgia's tranquil beaches.


1. Driftwood Beach



Perched at the north end of Jekyll Island, Driftwood Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Georgia among photographers and wedding enthusiasts. This beautiful beach is covered with thousands of majestic pine and oak trees and their branches protruding from the sands. This unique beauty of the beach is breathtaking and appears to be right out of a fantasy book. The fascinating, rugged, yet soft landscape inspires the photographers to snap some of the most stunning beach images in Georgia. 


2. East Beach


Stretching along the oceanside of St. Simons Island, East Beach is one of the best beaches in Georgia, which is highly known for its fine white sand. It is a dog-friendly beach where visitors can enjoy ample fun-filled adventurous activities like kiteboarding, sunbathing, swimming, hunting for shells, and other water sports. Also, the sand is ideal for running, biking, and even hiking. This makes it clear that the East beach is a must-explore spot for the adventurous souls visiting Georgia. 


3. Nanny Goat Beach



Nanny Goat Beach, nestled on the southeastern end of Sapelo Island, is a pristine beauty that captivates the attention of thousands of tourists every year. This beach is a stunning expanse of sugar-white sand, surrounded by marine woods and undulating sand dunes, making it look no less than a fairyland. By visiting this beach, you can enjoy some quiet, relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Apart from rejuvenating your senses in tranquility, the Nanny Goat Beach is ideal for endless family fun.


4. Glory Beach


Another Jekyll Island beach that is a perfect spot for all the water babies is Glory Beach. It is a beautiful stretch of white sand that is incredibly captivating and calming to the senses. Apart from tranquil water, this beach offers ravishing greenery and a small forest nearby which is home to some of the unique entrancing flora. This is not it; this small surrounded forest is also a home to wild grass species, which makes it possible for visitors to spot some beautiful animals and colorful, charming coastal birds. Having said that, this beach is clearly a peaceful, tranquil paradise to explore in Georgia. 


5. Gould's Inlet



If you happen to be at East beach on your Georgia vacation, Gould’s Inlet is another beach that you must explore. The beach is one of the favorite spots for soul-searching and outdoorsy activities. However, this place is primarily known for birdwatching, fishing, and as an ocean observation zone. Also, this beach is a pretty spot with clean sand and a fantastic view. While it is all great, it is not an ideal place for swimming because of the strong currents and an undertow. 


6. Robin Lake Beach


Just an hour away from the beautiful city of Atlanta lies Robin Lake beach, which is supposed to be the largest artificial beach of white sand in the entire world. It is a beautiful sparkling beach that is an excellent addition to the list of the best beaches in Georgia and a perfect spot for people who want to relish the beach experience. Visiting this beach, you can enjoy water sports, beach bikes, or mini-golf. There are also some fun festivals that take place around the year. 


7. St. Andrews Beach



The widest stretch of sandy beach on the southern part of Jekyll Island, St. Andrews Beach, is a perfect spot for wildlife enthusiasts. This beach has a two-story platform for wildlife viewing and is highly known for bird and dolphin sightings. Apart from this, the beach has plenty of space that is open to the public. This is the reason St. Andrews Beach is a famous picnic spot for families in Georgia. Being a family-friendly beach, it offers all the amenities like easily accessible restrooms, grills, and more. So, if you happen to be in Georgia with your family, this is the beach you must visit. 


8. Cumberland Island’s Beaches


Last but not least, we have Cumberland Island and its beaches on our list of best beaches in Georgia. Cumberland Island is among the most prominent islands that are home to multiple mesmerizing beaches. Many adventurous souls are lured by the powdery white sand and hit the beaches to enjoy several activities. The beaches here are isolated, peaceful, and serene, perfect for spending some quality time and rejuvenating with yourself. While the beaches here are not much commercialized or developed, their fascinating beauty and spectacular history captivate every tourist's attention. 


Summing It Up


If you ask us to describe the natural beauty of Georgia in one word, the answer would be ‘divine.’ With the presence of enthralling landscapes, spellbinding fauna, flora, and sea wildlife,  topped with alluring beaches; this state is a true heaven for nature lovers. It boasts a stunning coastline rich in history, culture, and wildlife and offers a unique and enchanting beachside experience to everyone. So, if you are lured by this list of best beaches in Georgia, then pack your backs and leave for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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