Top 15 Exciting Adventure Travel Activities for 2022

Adventure travel is the sriracha of globetrotting. It is the snap in your step and the kick in your trip. All the fun of travel with an extra dose of adrenaline rush.


Adventure travel activities are a unique way to discover new cultures and landscapes. This happens through immersion, education, and plenty of wild rides.


This is a great intro guide to the many types of adventure travel for newcomers to the scene. It is a hearty helping of inspiration for the next expedition for seasoned adventure travelers.


If you dream of the next great adventure, a trip that pushes both borders and boundaries: look no further. It may be deep meditation or deep-sea diving. Adventure travel stretches you physically and mentally.


It asks you to climb mountains and talk to strangers. It makes you wade through treacherous waters in pursuit of learning, fun, and the story of a lifetime.


The types of adventures available were already out-of-this-world, but like a fine wine, they are getting even better with the years!


The Best Adventure Travel Activities


Being a hip world citizen and keeping your heart rate up comes down to one thing. It is finding the funkiest types of adventures the universe has to offer. This year's trends are hotter than ever. Staying home is so last season.


1. Safari



Is there anything to prickle your senses and make you feel alive, like being within reach of a lion? So, take a walk on the wild side.


Channel the Indiana Jones inside you with an adventure travel program. This may be unlike anything you have ever done.


Safari travelers can expect plenty of tail-spinning, hair-raising sights in unlikely destinations.


Recommended Safari adventure travel activities:


- Nullarbor Traveller

- Enkosini Eco Experience


2. Yoga


Not all types of adventures involve death-defying antics.


Some of the most challenging adventures are within. The search for a peaceful soul is a true internal Odyssey.


Greet the sun, breath deeply, and reach your toes into the Earth. Bring yourself to the heart center.


Yoga activities are a great way to get to know yourself. Discover a new environment at the same time.


Recommended Yoga adventure travel activities:


  • Mente Argentina 
  • Tico Lingo


3. Summer camps


Summer camp is the ultimate source of crazy and beautiful adventures. It is the kind you can embarrass your grandchildren with for decades to come.


Count on plenty of crafting with natural materials. Go on group hiking and schmoozing with co-eds on your summer camp adventure.


The campfire s'mores and songs at the end of each night are just the icings on the cake.


Recommended Summer Camp activities:


- ELI Abroad

- Where There Be Dragons


  • Trekking



Are you one of those people who respond positively to "taking a hike!" Then trekking is your travel soul mate.


So much of this big, beautiful planet can only be reached by mountain trails and rugged footpaths.


You may be an experienced climber or just dipping your toes in the water. Breathtaking trails around the globe are calling you. Put your boots to dirt and hit the road.


Recommended Trekking adventure travel activities:


- Gapforce

- Pure Exploration


  • Cycling 


Let us not reinvent the wheel. Sure, bikes have been around for ages (since 1817 Germany, in fact), but what makes cycling a new adventure activity is the constant stream of new paths to explore.


You can make your cycling adventure as tame or wild as you please. The options range from pleasant peddles through exotic valleys to downright extreme mountain biking.


Recommended Cycling adventure travel activities:


- Projects Abroad

- Travel for Teens


6. Canoeing


Just because you are not Ariel does not mean your adventure has to stop at the shore. Canoeing takes you where your legs cannot.


Do you want to take your canoeing adventure to the next level?


Try canoe camping – like backpacking. Only your canoe is your backpack; hope off the boat whenever it is time to set up camp for the night.


Recommended Canoeing adventure travel activities:


- Stray

- Broadreach


7. Kayaking



More than half of the body is water, so it is only natural that travelers yearn to reconnect with their H2O roots.


You may fancy fresh air, buff arms, and some rhythm in your adventure. Then you will love kayaking.


Catch gnarly waves in a sea kayak, chill out in a kayak on the lake, or dodge swirling eddies in a river kayak. Any way you try it, kayaking is a boatload of fun.


Recommended Kayaking adventure travel activities:


- ELI Abroad

- Camp Europe


8. Rock climbing


It is the new millennia, and humans can scale cliffs now. Rock climbing is an excellent way to meet like-minded people. You can spend a glorious day outdoors on your travels.


Go with a program provider to ensure you hit all of the best rocks in town.


Your hands may be screaming halfway up. But remember how amazing the view at the top will be!


Recommended Rock Climbing adventure travel activities:



- Global Works


9. Multi-adventure travel


Do not choose one when you can have them all. If this is your motto (or you’re just indecisive), multi-adventure travel is the solution.


Experience everything a destination has to offer. You can stack different types of adventures on top of each other.


Kayak to the trailhead of a trek. Take part in a cultural immersion program with a homestay.


Recommended multi-adventure travel activities:


- Oyster Worldwide

- Gapforce


10. Skydiving



This is one of the most adrenaline-pumping adventure travel activities. Launching yourself out of an airplane is one of the most extreme things out there.


You plummet through the air on a breathtaking freefall. As the parachute unfolds, you can admire the incredible views.


For a beachside vista, soar over the coast. Or get a bird's eye view of the sparkling lights of the Las Vegas Strip. 


Recommended Skydiving adventure travel activities:


- Miami Tandem Skydive 

- Las Vegas Tandem Skydive


11. Ziplining


Remember swinging tire as a kid or careening through the playground? Ziplining has had a makeover since then.


These days treetop ziplines reach dizzying heights. Zipliners can zoom through the air at break-neck speeds. All of this while they are securely attached to a safety harness.


You can tackle the longest zipline circuit in North America. That is not all. How about ziplining through the heart of the Puerto Rican rainforest?


Recommended Ziplining adventure travel activities:


- Cancun Extreme Zipline Canopy Tour

- Zipline Canopy Eco-Adventure from San Juan


12. Bridge climbing


Thrill-seekers can challenge their climbing skills within many cities themselves. Try climbing the rungs of these iconic bridges. You will get the best panoramic views in the city.


The Sydney Harbor Bridge is not just a monumental landmark. The 440-foot high walkway is also a bucket-list favorite. 


The Brisbane bridge climb is another popular choice. You get views from the summit spanning the Lamington National Park and the nearby Glass House Mountains.


Recommended Bridge Climbing adventure travel activities:


- Sydney BridgeClimb

- Brisbane Story Bridge Day and Night Climbs


13. Sandboarding



Forget walking across the dunes. The most exciting way to get around in the desert is by sliding downhill on a sandboard.


Sandboarding has fast become a popular activity. It is the summer alternative to snowboarding.


But if you cannot get your balance, do not worry. You can sit on the board and sled downhill instead!


Try a sandboarding tour to climb a famous volcano before zooming back down the other side.


You can wander the moon-like landscapes of the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia. You can even try sandboarding on the looming Lancelin dunes.


Recommended Sandboarding adventure travel activities:


- Cerro Negro Volcano Sandboarding Tour from Managua

- Pinnacles Desert, Koalas, and Sandboarding Tour 


14. Rappelling


Even more thrilling than climbing up a mountain is rappelling or abseiling down one. It is not relatively as easy as it sounds, in any case.


You will lower yourself down vertigo-inducing cliff faces. You must scramble down rocky outcrops and traverse icy cold waterfalls to get to the bottom.


Try rappelling 180 feet (55 meters) beside Brazil's mammoth Iguassu Falls for the most incredible views. Or scale Rio de Janeiro's iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain, then rappel back down.


Opt for underground cave rappelling in the Yucatan for an extreme-sport buzz without the stomach-churning heights.


Recommended Rappelling adventure travel activities:


- Rappel Adventure from Foz do Iguaçu

- 4-in-1 Tulum Adventure


15. Hang Gliding


Swoop and dive like a bird on a hang gliding excursion. You will have an unobstructed view of the landscape below.


Hand gliding hotspots are plenty throughout South America. Strong winds and high cliffs provide the perfect weather conditions for thrill-seekers.


Try a tour where you can soar over the Bogotá Savannah's grassy plateau.


Recommended Hang Gliding adventure travel activities:


- Hang-Gliding Tour from Bogotá



Adventure is not about where you are. It is about how you approach the world.

Nonetheless, a few activities seem to bleed the best types of adventures and are must-visits for any adventure traveler. In any adventure sport, always ensure you and others around you are safe. 



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