Why Disneyland Park Is Among The Best Kid-Friendly Places

Author: Shubhankar Sen on Jun 17,2022
Disneyland Park

Do you want to take your family on an adventurous and memorable trip? If so, it's evident that the first place on the list is a Disney trip. Disneyland is a popular theme park in California, United States, created by Walt Disney. This perfect theme park has hotels, a shopping area, a dining area, and enjoyable adventure rides to have fun with the family. The character rides in the amusement park are the perfect delight for the family, particularly the kids. This kid-friendly place will give your child a lifetime of memories and joy. 

This blog will tell you what makes Disneyland unique for a family trip and how to make most of your first trip to Disneyland Park.  


What makes Disneyland perfect for a family trip? 


Many families have plans to have a Disneyland trip for their dream vacation. The enclosed environment is safe, and the atmosphere is nostalgic for many children because there are popular Disney character-themed rides. Also, the adventure rides are exciting from a childhood perspective. Interestingly, Disneyland is even known as the 'happiest place on earth.' There are a total of 'five lands' to have fun in. The place gives form to the desire of Walt Disney to build a place where parents and children can enjoy themselves together. 

It becomes a total visit with characters, rides, and shows based on the creations of Walt Disney. The parents also get to live their childhood again as Disney characters have been a part of their childhood. Disneyland park becomes more magical as it gives the perfect escape from the modern complex and busy lives in a place where people can enjoy and live the moment with their families. 


How to make the most of the kid-friendly place of Disneyland? 


place of disney land


If you plan a trip to Disneyland, there are various tips to make the journey better and more enjoyable, particularly for the first-timers. So, let's give you some tips to make your first trip to Disneyland park all the more unique and fun:


1. Download the Official Application- 


Since you are new to Disneyland, it will be essential to know the park's timings and other basic details. So, it is significant to download the official Disneyland application. Also, it has an interactive Disneyland park map, making it easy to navigate the prominent place without failing to go to your desired position. It details the rides and locations for the restaurants and washrooms so that you don't have to roam these places. The application provides an option to download tickets there; once you download them, your phone will be your ticket, and you don't have to keep preserving it again and again. It won't let you lose your access and spoil your joy. 


2. Purchase your tickets online


If you choose to buy tickets online, you can straightaway enter the park and enjoy your day. Otherwise, you will start your trip to Disneyland while waiting in the ticket booking queues at the entrance before entering the place. It will save you time and effort. At the same time, you may get an opportunity to get good deals, offers, or even discounts by purchasing Disneyland tickets online in advance. 


3. Visit Early


It is common for families to visit Disneyland park before its official opening time. Even a three-day Disneyland ticket might include a magic morning early entry ticket for some specific days. You can even check the timings for the magic morning ticket on the official website or app of Disneyland. Along with the ticket, if you choose to stay in any one of the three Disneyland hotels/resorts, you can get an opportunity for an extra magic hour in the Disneyland park. The only option is to go to Disneyland an hour early, and you will have to get your theme park ticket and room keys. 


4. Wait till late




The best time to visit the park's main attractions while getting the shortest waits is early in the morning or late at night when most of the crowd leaves. For instance, there is a considerable wait for all rides at peak weekend hours. So, often the park is open late till night, even after the fireworks show. At that time, you will have very little or no wait, even for the busiest attractions. In that case, if you can choose to stay up till late and wake up late in the morning, then don't miss this fantastic opportunity. Also, a late-night adventure in Disneyland will be one of the unforgettable memories to have at the place. 


5. Choose a stay nearby-


Even though you live locally or in any order state, the good idea is to choose a visit nearby. It will particularly help in the summer to beat the crowds. Also, you will be comfortable coming back in the afternoon for a nap, rest, or a swim. Moreover, it's the perfect escape in the park hours with loads of crowds in the afternoon or evening. After spending the day, you can come back, relax and then go for an evening or night adventure in a refreshed mood. To stay nearby, you can stay in any of the on-site resorts or nearby hotels. But, the on-site resorts offer special reservations and other benefits. 


6. Go to the famous attractions later


This might sound weird but going late to the well-known attractions is a good idea. When you visit less popular attractions early, you will find fewer waits. If you go to famous attractions first, the long wait can make you miss out on the less popular ones. Since the popular attractions are busy early in the day as everyone heads there first, you can visit them at the end of the day when it has fewer crowds. 


7. Go indoor or long rides during extreme heat- 


Most people prefer to visit Disneyland in summer. But, it can get hot in the afternoon's peak hours, making your family and kids uncomfortable. For that time, a good escape is going for indoor or long rides during extreme heat hours of the day. It will be the perfect way to beat the heat and enjoy Disneyland. Otherwise, you can take a break and have some water while sitting down for lunch. If you stay at an on-site hotel or resort, you can go for a nap or a swim to escape the sun and freshen up after the heat. Don't forget to try the fantastic range of ice cream to rest from the heat of the day. 


8. Use reservations or online orders for food


Since the place is loved by families worldwide, you might see crowds of people even at the food corners. The table service gets full quickly, and you will have to wait. To save your time and beat the wait, you can choose to order online through the mobile order service at Disneyland and skip the lines by ordering food in advance. For instance, you can place an early order for lunch or dinner at night to get your order early for your hungry kids. Some food corners have unique pickup windows to pick up the food in advance to enjoy the parade, fireworks, or other attractions at night. Otherwise, reservation options are open even 60 days prior at 6. am. This idea is beneficial to eat at the most popular places in the park that get full in no time. 


Summing up, 

The fun, joy, and memories with family and kids at Disneyland are an unmatched experience. Your kids will keep talking about it and hold on to the experiences throughout their lives. It is safe and the best way to relive the magic of our favorite Disneyland characters. It will give a break from the monotonous life, and along with the food and adventurous rides, there are parades, fireworks, shopping options, and much more. Even adults will get a reason to forget their stress from life and relive their childhood again. The tips mentioned above will help you make the most of your trip to the kid-friendly place and return with a bag full of memories and experiences of your lifetime. 

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