8 Best Amusement Parks In The US You Can Visit This Year

Summer is here! This means it is now time to pack your bags and have fun where the roller coasters are! Yep, we have your next family vacation destination all covered up. There are multiple amusement parks in the United States that you can visit this year. There is something for all kinds of thrill-seekers. 


You can either visit the East Coast or hit any of the famous Disney Parks across the country! You’ll be in for a treat. Wherever you call it home in America, we have the best amusement parks in the US that you can visit this year with your family. 


8 Best Amusement Parks In The US 

1. Cedar Point 



Location - Sandusky, Ohio

Cedar Point is probably on everyone’s list, really! It truly is one of the best amusement parks in the United States, all for the most well-deserved reasons. Cedar Point is also known as the ‘Roller Coaster’ capital of the world because some of its roller coasters go up to 120 mph with an 80-degree huge drop. Want more? 


There’s plenty more to do other than just a huge roller coaster! There are other family-friendly rides, entertainment shows, water rides, and dozens of places to relax and dine in. The entry fee will vary hugely, depending on one’s age. And, if you are a group of over 15 people, you get access to special deals and discounts on different rides and dining packages. 


2. Six Flags Magic Mountain 


Location - Valencia, CA

This just in: All the cool people from LA go to the Six Flags Magic Mountain! If you want to enjoy rides like nowhere else in the world, head over to this amusement park. Here, Superman will drop you 415 feet in just a matter of 7 seconds at 100 miles/hour. There is also the Ninja, on which you will be suspended on a coaster swinging you sideways at 90-degrees. 


Also, don’t ignore the daredevil of all - the Slingshot! Slingshot is going to catapult people upwards and upside down and throw them straight towards the restrooms for some post-aerial hurling! Been there, done that! 


Want some milder classics? 


Twisted Colossus is a woodie-steel hybrid that is a replica of the original one built 36 years ago, adapted for today’s age. Apart from this, there is also a 116-feet tall, 80-degree drop G Roll, which slowly clogs your throat, inverts you, and leaves you hanging for many hours (well, exaggerating, but it feels real!). 


3. Busch Gardens


Location - Tampa Bay 


This Tampa Bay amusement park is all set to take you on an adventure of a lifetime, right into Africa. As a visitor, you will find various rides here you can hop on, ranging from river rapids ride to roller coasters. For people who want to do something much calmer, you also get multiple options like cable car excursions throughout the park. Apart from rides, you can also meet animals living inside one of the best amusement parks in the US, like elephants, lions, gorillas, cheetahs, and rhinos. 


The Busch Gardens amusement park also features multiple shows during the day, like a safari ride where you can get closer to the animals inside. It is the perfect family weekend getaway in Florida!


4. Magic Kingdom Park



Location - Orlando, Florida


With dozens of family-friendly Disney classic characters and the iconic castle of Cinderella, Magic Kingdom is a magical place on earth. The Magic Kingdom amusement park deserves a spot on the list of the best amusement parks in the US and the world! 


The Disney theme park is not just the most popular amusement park globally without any reason. Did you know that in 2019, almost 21 million people visited this magical kingdom? If you still haven’t visited, check this one out! 


5. Universal’s Island of Adventure 


Location - Orlando, Florida


Florida is truly blessed with some of the best amusement parks in the United States. With Universal's Island of Adventure, you can pack your bags, hit the road with your loved ones, and visit this mesmerizing Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 


The park also features multiple roller coasters for those belonging to the adventurous lot. And for people looking to have an extra dose of fun, you get access to some of the best nightlife scenes around the park, along with delicious food. 


PS: While you are here, don’t forget to have Butterbeer as Harry and Hermoine did. It is non-alcoholic, so your kids can have it too! 


6. Dollywood


Location - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


Dollywood, owned by Dolly Parton, is located right in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. The amusement/theme park offers a scintillating and eccentric combination of rides, entertainment, and attractions that are fun, family-friendly, and amazing. 


Don’t forget to indulge in some musical entertainment over here and some comforting, delicious food! 


7. Santa’s Village 



Location - Jefferson, New Hampshire


For those of you who are always waiting for the year to end to get in the Christmas spirit, this one’s for you! Visiting Santa’s Village is a must for someone who loves Christmas more than they love themselves.


It is festive here, all around the year. This holiday-themed amusement park has multiple winter and Christmas-inspired attractions, rides, and entertainment, in the heart of New Hampshire.


8. Silver Dollar City


Location - Ozark Mountains, Missouri

Silver Dollar City should be at the top of everyone’s list! This 19th-century themed park sits right on top of a cave in Missouri. It is home to multiple record-breaking rides, such as the fastest and tallest spinning coaster in the world. The overall environment here is completely immersive, celebrating different artisans, pottery makers, and even bakers! 


There is completely different magic here in the air, and guess what? The staff here are not just actors pretending; they’re all real professionals. The food here is incredible; in fact, it stands out. It is celebrated, especially in restaurants like Rivertown Smokehouse's open-air kitchen, inspired by the best of Texas


Silver Dollar City is unarguably one of the best family vacation locations, better than most amusement parks in the US. 


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