Must-Visit Theme Parks To Explore Around The World

The best sort of adventure is the unplanned one; wherein you don’t know what’s coming next toward you. What is better than a trip to an exciting theme park? Theme parks are loved by all, right from young kids to old people. Visiting a theme park is interesting at any age. It helps one to escape from the daily congested life and proves to be the best thriller. Theme parks include creative and adrenaline-junkie rides, including a variety of food to try. 


Become a kid again and relive your childhood by adding these theme parks to your vacation package.


1. Disneyland, Paris:



Nobody’s childhood would be complete without Disney in it. Honestly, Disney has made kids as well as adults dream of being in a fantasy world. It might be the only place on earth that pulls back people to a land of fantasy and dreams where dreams are supposed to come true.


Needless to say, Disneyland Paris will be the best addition to your vacation package! It has incredible rides, food stalls, and replicas of castles and forts that come in Disney movies. The replica of the Sleeping Beauty Castle enthralls everyone alike with its exact features and splendor. What’s more, you and your kids can frame your own tailor-made fantasy stories and be a princess for a day! Don’t miss to check the Phantom Manor- a haunting rendition of fantasy. It is ghastly with friendly ghosts. The Walt’s is a popular American restaurant that serves great American cuisine but with a tinge of European style. The Ratatouille adventure allows guests to explore the world of cooking with a twist. Overall, Disneyland Paris offers a magical experience. It might be the perfect getaway your family is looking for!


2. Legoland, Malaysia:



Who doesn’t love legos? People, especially kids, love to link the lego pieces together as it relieves them from stress. It is a great toy to tone the motor skills of children. It tickles the imaginative instinct of young people and helps them to build creative things.


Now, what if you get to enjoy your day in the land of Legos? Well, it is possible! Legoland Malaysia has hundreds of lego themed rides, stores, and shows for lego lovers to revere. Moreover, it has lego replicas of the Taj Mahal, Merlion, Angkor Wat, etc., and other prominent monuments in the world. The Lego Ninjago ride is a one-of-its-kind 4D ride. Love ninjas? Shop ninja-themed souvenirs in the Sensei shop. The Lego Kingdom lets kids live their royal dreams. Eat and rule like a king here. Other things to explore Lego Star Wars, the Technic Twister ride, Lego Adventure land, Miniland, etc.



3. Warner Bros. Movie World, Gold Coast:



Warner Bros. has gifted the world DC Comics. Thanks to it for having given a reason to believe in Superman. Other remarkable characters created by Warner Bros include the supervillain Joker, Aquaman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Looney Tunes, and several others.


The Warner Bros. Movie World needs to be on every comic lovers’ vacation package. It is located in Australia. Here you will meet and greet your favorite characters in real life such as Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Tweety, and many more. An all-star parade is held wherein every character of the Movie World participates! The DC Comics Superhero has several interesting rides for people to enjoy. Tourists can also buy merchandise of their favorite characters in the stores inside, right from capes to the props used by them. The Looney Tunes Show is a must-watch. Once done with the rides and shows, have a good foodie time at the Gotham City Cafe!


4. Efteling, Netherlands:



Efteling in the Netherlands will be every child’s dreamland. You can add this to your vacation package and visit it any time of the year. Be it rain, spring, summer, or winter, the Efteling theme park has catered activities based on every season. It moves children and adults alike with its fairytale-themed forest. This forest is the hiding place for your favorite characters such as Pinocchio, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and several others. Get your adrenaline racing with about six hyper roller coasters and other thrilling rides. Your trip to Efteling will be incomplete without witnessing Europe’s largest aqua show! It is the perfect romantic place to be with your loved ones.


5. Walibi, Belgium:



Belgium’s Walibi is an excellent idea for the summer. It has two different worlds- the dry zone which has thrilling rides and the water zone known as Aqualibi with exciting aqua adventures. The most famous ride of this theme park is the Pulsar. Have fun on this ride which dives fast into the water. The Calamity Mine is another intriguing ride that takes tourists deep inside a mine tunnel. Other rides not to miss include the Rajda river, Werewolf, Vampire, and Dalton Error. Tourists can also plan their trip to this theme park during Halloween. Be ready to get scared to your wits with spooky characters that prank you out of nowhere! 


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