8 Best Places To Visit At Grand Teton National Park

Author: Shubhankar Sen on Jan 08,2024
Grand Teton National Park

Natural beauties such as the Grand Teton and Jenny Lake and historic communities flourish in Grand Teton National Park. You are introduced to pictographic scenes at the park, lush greens, tall and snow-capped mountains, long drives, blue lakes, and many more for a great summer trip! 

You can find something to do here for yourself. Families can enjoy a picnic outing, hiking and trekking, and just enjoying a boat ride with the kids at Jenny Lake. The luxurious flora and fauna is a dream come true for photographers as they may find their favorite bird flying across the waters. And, for those ruthless adventurers, Grand Teton National Park has miles and miles of the trail stretches to get those carbs burning in your thighs! Before planning on a trip to the park, you must know all the cool things you can do there for the best experience. And here we have our list of what to do at the Grand Teton National park, so let's get started!


1. Jenny Lake trip


Jenny Lake trip


Jenny Lake, with its 2-mile length and 250-foot depth, is a favorite of many painters, photographers, and families and a perfect site to start your Grand Teton National Park visit. The weather dictates what you can do there, including swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, and even driving around the lake road for the most fantastic experience. The lake offers two round-trip hikes. The first one is 7.5 miles long from the Jenny lake trailhead, which gives you a perfect view of various other spots of the national park, and a few mentions are Cascade canyon and Mountain Maron. The second one is much shorter and more convenient that spans the length of 1.5 miles for a calming walk. There is also a shuttle service every 10-15 minutes across the Jenny lake, starting at just $10, and at the end of the ride, you can continue your hike towards the Inspiration Points and Hidden Falls. If you are not the one to take your legs for long walks, then you can opt for canoeing or kayaking at the Jenny lake. One thing to note is that Jenny Lake is the most popular tourist site at the Grand Teton National Park, so evidently, you will be greeted by crowds and herds. The best time you should plan a visit to Jenny Lake is between 7-10 am.


2. Mormon Row historic district


History is very familiar in this place where the Mormons migrated and settled down from Salt Lake, making it essential to understand civilization. The land has been under the National Register of Historic Places since 1997 and was established as a Mormon ranch settlement in the 1890s, featuring entire homesteads and barns that serve as a compelling foreground to the Teton Range in the background. It is a hotspot for photographers and historians all across the globe due to the various shots that can be taken of the barns under different light settings. The district is easily accessible via Highway 191 with free entry. If you find yourself lucky enough, you may even be visited by prairie dogs peeking from their burrows! 


3. Inspiration Points and Hidden falls


This trail is one of the most heavily used in the park, and with good cause. Hikers will be rewarded with panoramic views of Jenny Lake and the surrounding mountains from the Inspiration Points peak. Right next to the Jenny lake and into the Teton range, you will discover the 100 ft water drop of the Hidden Falls. These two landmarks offer you the best view of Jenny Lake and the waterfalls surrounded by thick trees, pebbles, and rocks. You can reach the summits of Inspiration Points via the bridge through rocky terrain to experience the 7200 elevation point that would mesmerize you with mist and a panoramic view of the surroundings. If you start at the Cascade Canyon intersection, the climb to Inspiration Point is 1.8 miles roundtrip. Due to its popularity and tourist attraction, it is better to visit before 9 am for a blissful adventure. 


4. Schwabacher Landing


Schwabacher Landing


What is more wondrous than eyeing snow-capped ranges with dotted outlines of trees and canopies? Schwabacher Landing offers the best scenic view of mountain ranges at the Grand Teton national park. Located off Highway 89, you'll find yourself immersed in the beauty of nature and the gliding waters of the Snake River. A flat riverside trail makes for a pleasant stroll rather than a strenuous hike. It is a popular site for photographers to capture the beauty of the ranges, and you may be lucky enough to spot some ducks, beavers, and moose as you walk along the trail. The Schwabacher trail lasts about 2 miles and is open during spring, summer, and fall. The best time to visit the course would be the early morning or late afternoon for lesser crowds and better viewing.


5. Teton Park road


Not a fan of hiking or long walks? Grand Teton National Park gives you the freedom to explore the vast greens and waters via the Teton Park Road. Teton Park Road travels around the Teton Range's base, providing tourists with a panoramic view of the park, featuring Tetons, Menor's Ferry Historic District, Snake River Overlook, and Jenny Lake. The road covers a distance of 42-miles across the National Park, providing the bliss of nature and long drives, something everyone enjoys to unwind during their vacation periods. The best time to experience the Telon Park road drive is between May and October, when the roads are clear of snow and blockages. An alternative to the Teton Park Road is Highway 26/89/191, which is open all year round and takes you directly to the Schwabacher Landing and the Snake River Overlook.


6. Grand Teton


Many visitors think Grand Teton is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the country after seeing it. The mountain views draw your attention, and the possibility of witnessing wildlife in the region adds to the excitement. Grand Teton is the 13,770-foot peak of the Teton Mountains, viewable from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The glaciers did a great job creating this masterpiece that is constantly reshaped by nature, making it more beautiful as days go by. One needs to be experienced enough to map this summit due to its icy ridges and jagged paths. The easiest way to climb Grand Teton is via the Owen Spalding path, traveling around 5 miles of rough ground. Some hikers choose the Upper Exum Ridge Route, which is considerably more complex and needs cables. If you want to enjoy hiking trips during July or winter, then carry your ice picks and gears!


7. Signal Mountain


Your journey will surely be incomplete if you fail to visit the Signal mountain at Grand Teton national park. Visitors to Jackson Hole's Signal Mountain are greeted by views of rugged peaks, tall trees, and an immense valley. It is a complete nature experience for those photographic geniuses and flora lovers. The Signal mountain also offers views of the Jackson Lake, and the Teton ranges from its peak, leaving your mouth hanging in awe at its beauty. Most visitors choose to drive to the summit of Signal Mountain via a 5-mile long twisting and turning route, driving you through the lush and majestic views of surrounding forests and bushes. The best time to visit the Signal mountain is during sunset to get that romantic feeling of staring at the setting star. It is an extraordinary summit to spot some wildlife. The trail remains closed from November to May due to weather conditions making it unsafe to traverse.


8. Taggart Lake trail


Taggart Lake trail


The Taggart Lake trail is the best choice to start your hiking journey at the Grand Teton national park if you are relatively new to the entire trekking and hiking concept. Most hiking sources list the Taggart Lake Trail as extremely simple, and it's an excellent one to try if you're a beginner hiker or visiting the park with kids. The elevation reaches up to just 400 feet and spans 3 miles of length for a round-trip, ideal for a quick getaway. The Taggart Lake trail greets you with luscious greens, thick bushes, conifers, meadows, and streams, providing a breathtaking, out-of-the-world experience. You can even head towards Jenny Lake quickly by jumping off the trail as it is free to access and easy to map.


Wrapping up

A relaxing time is all you would want from your vacation, and Grand Teton national park aims to provide you just that with its serenity and beautiful ranges. With loads of activities to do and lodges providing shelter for your stays, it's a perfect spot to be one with nature. We hope this article helped you with the things you can do at the Grand Teton national park. For further information on places to stay at the Teton national park, the best places to visit for 2022, and planning trips, visit leisure.com!

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