7 Churches In Toronto Vacation That Are An Architectural Marvel

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Toronto, the largest city in Ontario, Canada, has gained immense popularity in recent years. Located on the northwestern shores of Lake Ontario, this city is known worldwide for its architectural marvels. When it comes to Toronto's architecture, incredibly iconic skyscrapers, ultra-modern office buildings, art galleries, museums, and beaches spring to mind. However, nothing can depict the true architectural story of the city other than its churches. There is an abundance of churches in Toronto which are a stark example of the ancient architectural style. 


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It is common for people in Toronto to visit these churches, soak in good vibes, and get in touch with their faith. Apart from that, the architecture of these churches is what captives the attention of tourists from all over the world. These architectural wonders are a treat to the eyes and worth visiting trip attractions on a Toronto vacation. 


If you are leaving for a Toronto vacation, these churches are a must-add to your bucket list. So, take a look at the seven best churches in Toronto that possess not only artistic qualities but also have historical significance. 


So, without wasting more time, let’s jump into our guide to Toronto vacation churches. 



Churches That You Should Definitely Visit On Your Toronto Vacation

1. Church Of The Holy Trinity

2. Metropolitan United Church

3. St. Michael’s Cathedral

4. Corpus Christi Catholic Church

5. Holy Name Parish

6. Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church

7. The Cathedral Church of St. James


1. Church Of The Holy Trinity



Church Of The Holy Trinity is an iconic architectural piece in Toronto. It is built in Gothic style, which captivates the attention of all the tourists. This Catholic Church was designed in 1847 by architect Henry Bowyer Lane. It has unique design windows with stained glass and an arch-shaped structure. Along with this, the Church Of The Holy Trinity is a five-story building which makes it one of the tallest churches in the city. Trust us; this church is a beauty that you can’t miss on your Toronto vacation.  


Location: 19 Trinity Square, Toronto, ON M5G 1B1, Canada

Opened In: 1847

Website: https://holytrinity.to/ 

Phone Number: +1 416-598-4521


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2. Metropolitan United Church


Also known as ‘the downtown church for a diverse city,’ Metropolitan United Church is one of the architectural pieces that hold a special position on the list of Churches in Canada. This church is a historic Neo-Gothic style building that was originally designed in Victorian Gothic style in 1872. But then many parts of the church got destroyed by a fire accident. Later it was rebuilt in 1929. Today, Metropolitan United Church is one of the major tourist attractions to uncover on a Toronto vacation. Make sure you take a trip to this place and experience the beauty right from your eyes. 


Location: 56 Queen St 416-363-0331 E, Toronto, ON M5C 2Z3, Canada

Opened In: 1872

Website: https://www.metunited.org/ 

Phone Number: +1 416-363-0331


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3.  St. Michael’s Cathedral



Fitting perfectly in the list of best churches to visit on a Toronto vacation, St. Michael’s Cathedral is a perfect place to experience true beauty. It is one of the oldest churches in the city, designed by William Thomas and firm Gundry & Langley in 1865-1867. This architectural beauty belongs to Roman Catholics and is constructed in the Gothic Revival style. St. Michael’s Cathedral has large towers, spires, and domes which will surely amaze you with its beauty. Make sure you add it to your Toronto vacation itinerary because this beautiful cathedral is something that you won’t get to see anywhere else in the world. 


Location: 65 Bond St, Toronto, ON M5B 1X1, Canada 

Opened In: 1848

Website: https://www.stmichaelscathedral.com/ 

Phone Number: +1 416-364-0234


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4. Corpus Christi Catholic Church


Next on the list, we have Corpus Christi Catholic Church which is dedicated to Jesus Christ. This church has a Gothic Revival style of architecture with gorgeous arches, mural paintings, stained glass work, and much more. Everything in this church is painted with pastel colors like blue, cream, and white, which adds to its elegance. Corpus Christi Catholic Church is no less than an artistic mastery, and hence, it is included on the list of heritage buildings of Toronto. Even if you are not a history buff, this iconic cathedral is a trip attraction that you must witness on your Toronto vacation. 


Location: 16 Lockwood Rd, Toronto, ON M4L 3M8, Canada

Opened In: 1927

Website: http://www.corpuschristichurch.ca/ 

Phone Number: +1 416-694-0382


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5. Holy Name Parish



Perched in Toronto’s vibrant Greek Town, Holy Name Parish is a historic church known for its beautiful building. This church is an architectural marvel that showcases the unbeatable talent of Arthur W. Holmes. He designed this church, taking some inspiration from Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore of Rome. This church has an astounding interior series of seven bas-relief pictures and stained-glass windows depicting different religious passages of the Bible. With so much beauty, Holy Name Parish is, without a shadow of a doubt, a mesmerizing architectural landmark that you can’t miss in your Toronto vacation. 


Location: 71 Gough Avenue, Old Toronto Toronto, Ontario, M4K 3N9, Canada 

Built-In: 1913-1926

Website: https://holynameto.archtoronto.org/ 

Phone Number: +1 416-466-8281


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6. Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church


One of the heritage sites in the city, Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church is a trip attraction that you must add to your Toronto vacation itinerary. Unlike other churches, it has a reputation as an activist church because it strongly advocates same-sex marriage, better living conditions for the homeless, fair trade with everyone, and more. Apart from this, Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church is built in Romanesque Revival style, which is quite remarkable. The beauty of this church is something that excites tourists from all across the world to witness it on a Toronto vacation. 


Location:  427 Bloor Street West, Old Toronto Toronto, M5S 1X7, Canada

Opened In: 1889

Website: https://www.trinitystpauls.ca/ 

Phone Number: +1 416-922-8435 


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7. The Cathedral Church of St. James



The Cathedral Church of St. James can be perfectly described as “Elegance.” This church is an aesthetic beauty that is a perfect tourist spot to enjoy on a Toronto vacation. It is a Neo-Gothic architectural building designed with Ohio sandstone, stone carving pillars, pointed arches, and a white brick exterior. The stone used to build this church helps in lighting up the floor and creating mesmerizing reflections. Along with this, The Cathedral Church of St. James is decorated with glass paintings that portray the life of Jesus Christ. With so much to offer, this deserves a special place on your Toronto vacation itinerary.

Location: 65 Church Street, Old Toronto Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2E9, Canada

Opened In: 1853

Website: https://stjamescathedral.ca/ 

Phone Number: +1 416-364-7865



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