6 Breathtaking Vacation Picks For Your Senior Travel Plans

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Jul 14,2021

With all the hassles you have seen so far since the pandemic, it could be difficult to imagine if there is any vacation coming your way again! Well, now that people over 60 are being vaccinated in mind-boggling numbers, it is time for you to welcome senior travel plans in your life again. 


Yes, in 2021, being over 60 comes with its perks! 


You have the time, the money, and the flexibility to go on a vacation. Moreover, you have a vaccine supporting your travel goals this year. So, take your passports out of your storage boxes, brush the dust off them and pack your bags. 


Top 6 countries to visit for senior travelers


Now that you are over 60, your travel style has changed. Perhaps, in the past, you made travel decisions based on your family or your children, but now it is time for you to think about yourself! It is your time to travel to all the beautiful places that you have always wanted to. So, we found six wonderful countries that will support you on your journey. 


1. Experience the hospitality of Vietnam 



If you are looking for the perfect destination for your senior travel plans, Vietnam is the place to be. Known for its easy, hassle-free travel destinations, inexpensive food, reasonable accommodations, Vietnam is not going to burn a hole in your pockets.


The culture of Vietnam is based on relationships and familial bonds. Customer service, tender and nurturing, is coded into the Vietnamese DNA. Almost every kind of service here is offered instinctively. Vietnamese people are warm, nurturing, and caring. 


Moreover, the calmness and serenity of Vietnam’s geography aim at creating a palette to paint a picturesque vacation for you. And, if you are looking for more reasoning to vacation here, most of the cuisines in Vietnam are heart-healthy.


2. Cruise across Canada 



Canada has become more and more a fun-filled destination for seniors looking for some adventurous time, which is why it is a top pick for your senior travel plans. A vacation on a cruise across Canada is filled with versatility and comfort. Choosing to visit a vibrant city like Toronto or even Montreal and going crazy exploring all the summertime festivities will leave you asking for more. Take a few weeks on a transcontinental journey on a train in Canada while you are here and visit the Prairies. The views here are spectacular. The open spaces create a serene, calm, and relaxing atmosphere for everyone. You could enjoy this vacation either on a bohemian budget, or you could just take a luxurious vacation cruise and travel in style. It is your call! 


3. Explore down-under - New Zealand and Australia 



If you want to take a plunge and are up for a long flight, head down-under and visit Australia and New Zealand. You will truly be getting the experience of a lifetime. Vacationing here will be familiar, you will have many exciting places to explore in both countries. The scenery and wildlife at both locations are unique; everyone speaks English, the food is to die for, being traditional and approachable at the same time. As a senior traveler, the infrastructure in cities like Sydney is spectacular. New Zealand is loaded with quaint villages that give you a sense of stepping back into a much quieter, almost zen-like environment for you to get your share of mental peace. This is especially after the tough times you have faced in the past year since the pandemic began. 


4. Make friends in Ireland



If you are looking forward to a charming taste of the British Isles, plan your next vacation to Ireland. You will find it surprisingly easy to make friends here, at the local pub, or even in random town markets around. 


If you move forward toward the southern parts of Ireland, you will be offered sweeping views with mesmerizing rainbows that appear almost every day. Beaches in Ireland are full of caves ready to be explored by your adventurous inner spirits. The waterways offer you some beautiful tours around the country’s shoreline. Your overall vacation to Ireland will be full of cultural entertainment and some amazingly warm people. You will easily make a friend or two here! 


Ireland is also a relatively safer vacation destination, being hassle-free for senior travelers. 


5. Experience the Rainforest in Costa Rica 



While it is a bit more expensive than other vacation spots, Costa Rica is worth every dollar you spend. The country is easy to travel to and can be explored even with your car or by bus. The water is drinkable everywhere; the people are friendly, helpful, and service-oriented. The language spoken here is Spanish, which is an easy dialect to understand and to speak. And not to forget, the scenery here is breathtaking. You will not regret even a single moment you spend in Costa Rica, especially when you are getting the chance to see real scarlet Macaws flocking around the rainforest canopy. Or seeing a three-toed sloth lazing around in the comforts of the rainforest above the beach.


Costa Rica has become a destination for expats. When visiting this country, you are likely to find other older, retired vacationers, just like yourself. Sharing your stories with them is the experience you do not want to miss out on. Costa Rica has also been voted as one of the happiest countries on earth, so pack your bags and step into happiness. 


6. Go biking in the Netherlands.



A country dedicated to women’s liberation and independence, the Netherlands is a great country to visit and extremely easy, especially if you are a senior woman traveler. While you are in the Netherlands, be ready to enjoy the canals and cafes in Amsterdam, and spend your day shopping at some of the best boutiques in the country, with a comfortable flat landscape. There will be many opportunities for you to walk and bike around the country so that you can get your share of exercise after a delicious brunch at one of the cafes. Pack your bags and experience a new culture altogether. And, once you do get out of the city, you will also find shimmering lakes, sandy beaches, and a chain of windswept islands. Best of all, it can all be explored from the comforts of your bicycle seats. 




Though not every vacation spot in the world is open yet, some places are ready to welcome you, waiting for you to resume your vacation plans again. 


There are, of course, a few regulations you need to keep in mind, even when you are fully vaccinated. Before you head out to your destination, confirm whether testing is necessary before your arrival or return home. Of course, being fully vaccinated brings you the peace of mind to step out of your homes, still be prepared to adhere to all the rules. 


Leisure travel guide brings you these top locations well-suited for senior travel plans. Research, book and have the leisurely time that you deserve! 



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