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Bulgaria is an exotic land surrounded by soul-stirring mountains, sublime beaches, and beautiful churches. Winter sports opportunities and adventurous hiking, one can have exotic and adventurous experiences during the Bulgaria tour. While coming to the cities, they have great nightlife and the artistic approach to the art and culture. The country has a blend of historical places, natural beauty, and waters, which guarantees the unforgettable adventures. All in all, Bulgaria is a nice place with a wide array of adventurous activities for the traveler to do.



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Pamper Your Traveling Dreams With Bulgaria Tours Including Black Sea


Most Interesting Places to Visit on Bulgaria Tours

Bulgaria, the tiny little Balkan country is among the gems of Europe. It houses a number of fascinating mountains including Rila, Rhodope, Balkan, and the Pirin and that decorate the backdrop of many of the beautiful towns of Bulgaria. During Bulgaria tours, it's a paradise for hikers, with its rich cultural heritage, and one can get here the most perfect view of the naturalistic mountain ranges. The country with a plethora of tourist attractions gravitate travelers from around the globe. Here are some of the most interesting places to visit in Bulgaria:


Flanked by a number of lakes and sea, Burgas is one of the most beautiful seaside towns that people can see on their Bulgaria tours. The place has transformed into an active tourist location only after the 20th century. And, gradually it was found that the bay was a great protector for the navy and trade industries. Beaches are quite enough to plan the perfect Bulgaria tours. Our recommended Bulgaria travel agents are well-informed and have all the needed information to help their clients make the most of their trip.


Koprivshtitsa had once been in limelight for being the place where the roaring of the fierce uprising of April against the Ottoman Empire took place. The rich history of the town is showcased in the colorful houses, folk festivals, and traditional Bulgarian architecture. While isn't any evidence relating to the origin of the town, but there are many legends as narrated by the locals. A number of times, the city was destroyed with fire. Throughout the city there are around 350 architectural, historical, artistic, and ethnographic monuments. Get in touch with our listed Bulgaria tour agents and they will plan the trip in a way to cover most of these interesting sites.

Sozopol - The oldest cities of Bulgaria

Sozopol is the oldest and one of the most charming cities of Bulgaria. Established by Greeks in 610 BC, it has gradually transformed itself into a center for salvation and arts. After Greeks, several empires came to rule Bulgaria. While traveling to this part of Europe, one can get to see many ancient walls, fortresses, and a medieval Christian complex. Our suggested Bulgaria tour agents are going to take you to the gorgeous seaside resorts that boasts of the fabulous beaches, romantic cobblestoned streets, and the coastline.

Veliko Tarnovo - Central Bulgaria

Being home to the spectacular Tsarevets Fortress this part of central Bulgaria is one of the places that one cannot afford to miss mentioning on their list. It’s also sometimes referred to as the “City of Tsars” for housing the Tsars. Having a height of 3000 feet, the fort is built with stone walls. One can perfectly get a 360-degree view of the charming city, picturesque hills, and everything around the city. The old part of the city offers traditional homes, ancient churches, cobblestone streets, and has been built on hills. And the new part of the city is considered the administrative and economic center. Our selected Bulgaria Tour agents will be taking you to the accommodations with modern facilities and the best dining options.

Bansko - The skiing mecca

Bansko is considered the skiing mecca of Bulgaria! Nestled at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, the city is beautifully located in the Southern part of Bulgaria. From the capital of Sofia, one needs to travel a distance of 160 km to reach Bansko. There are uncountable après-ski restaurants in the town and resorts. And, the visitors get a chance to involve in world-class spas and nightlife when in Bansko, Bulgaria. Also, the Bansko Jazz Festival held annually attracts people from different corners of the globe.  

Varna - Third Largest Cities of Bulgaria

Varna is the third largest cities of Bulgaria. This enlightened seaside city also has a rich and empowering tale of history. Varna Archaeological Museum is one of the most fascinating places to visit during Bulgaria tours. There are extraordinarily amazing gold exhibits that feature some of the oldest gold that was extracted from the country. Other worth visiting places in Bulgaria are the Roman Baths, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, and the Baroque Opera House. Also, there are three main beaches in the city!

Nesebar - Beautiful Beaches

Nesebar is known for some of the really beautiful beaches and superb ruins. The old part of the town gives evidence of occupation by a number of civilizations. There are a number of churches but most of them are not in good condition. However, it’s great exploring them this way. The most famous of them is the St.Stefan Church and The Church of Christ Pantocrator. These churches belong to the 11th century and 13th century respectively. The later one has been very well-preserved given the fact that it belongs to the medieval architecture. Locals often call it “the pearl of the Black Sea”. One can’t afford to miss this site on their Bulgaria tours.

Rila Monastery - Simply Stunning

Most people revel Bulgaria Tours because of the Rila Monastery. Initially, it was found by a hermit, St. John of Rila, in the 10th century. From last many centuries, travelers and pilgrims from around the globe come to visit this place every year. There are a few secrets that the monastery holds. During the times of Peyo Yavorov and Vassil Levski, many of the revolutionary leaders have taken refuge here. And, interestingly with its library holding around 250b manuscripts belonging to the 11th century, Rila Monastery has played an important role in preserving the history of Bulgaria.


The best time to Visit Bulgaria

The most significant thing while planning Bulgaria tours is the best time to visit the country. Anyone who has on their minds a plan to wander around the streets of this part of Europe must know everything about what's the perfect time to visit Bulgaria. has, therefore, jotted down this piece of information that will help travelers in deciding when to plan Bulgaria tours. Moreover, our enlisted Bulgaria Travel agents are adept enough with all the required information.

Quick Facts on Bulgaria Tours

Best time to Plan Bulgaria Tours

April to May & September to October

Bulgaria Tourist Season

June to August

Bulgaria No Tourist Season

November to March

Bulgaria Tour Ski Season

December to February

Winter in Bulgaria

November to March

Summer in Bulgaria

June to August

Fall in Bulgaria

September to October

Spring in Bulgaria

April to May

  1. The best time to plan for Bulgaria tours is between April to May and September to October. During this part of the year, traveling Bulgaria is fairly affordable and also the weather is pleasant (like icing on the cake).

  2. There are too many tourists around the cities during the summer season. So, it's the perfect time for those who like spending time with the crowd. Getting in touch with some experienced Bulgaria travel agents and specialists before taking any final decision is a perfect idea.

  3. Since during the winter there's too much of snow, only a few tourists can be seen around. Many of the smaller towns also shut down during this season.

  4. And, for the ski resorts, December to February is the peak season with thick snowfall in the country.

Best Accommodations in Bulgaria

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the first day of Bulgaria Tours is, how to find comfortable and cheap accommodation. As per our Bulgaria tour agents and experts, there are plenty of luxury hotels in Sofia, the capital city of the country. The prices range from seven to eight euros for a dorm bed and availing private rooms cost around 29 euros.

  1. Luxurious hotels in Bulgaria are a little more costly but that will entirely depend on the preferences of different people.

  2. There are online sites through which one can find the best hotels in every part of the country. Also, our recommended Bulgaria tour agents are adept with all the information to help find the best hotels in Bulgaria.

  3. Travelers can also find many of the cheap and modernized places in the developed parts of the country.

  4. For those who are not hiring our Bulgaria tour experts must only pick those hotels and accommodations in Bulgaria which have got high ratings.

  5. In some of the family-owned accommodations, the owner may not be that adept in English. But, don’t worry about communication, people here are sweet and they will find a way to communicate.

  6. For those who are keen to know the life of locals should prefer family accommodations rather than Michelin star hotels. This way one can have the chance to enjoy local breakfast and tips on how to visit on Bulgaria tours. And, it may be that the owner will accompany you through the trip.

Before You Go on Bulgaria Tours

  • Bulgaria is a part of the European Union. And, the rules are the same as for many of the EU countries. The US and Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter the country. They can stay here in the country for 90 days without a visa.

  • Other than the US and Canadian citizens, they will have to follow all the rules as does the Schengen country people do.

  • Bulgarian Lev is the currency of Bulgaria. But, the country is in the process of adopting the euro as the currency.

How to be Safe & Healthy on Bulgaria Tours

  1. A lot of stray dogs can be seen in Bulgaria. Try not to approach a dog and it’s really important to take immediate medical help if it bites.

  2. Throughout Bulgaria Tours, one can drink mountain and tap water, because that’s considered safe to drink.

  3. One can find a number of water refill points on the way to Bulgaria tours whether in Plovdiv or Sofia. It’s important that one keeps hydrated, particularly if it’s summer.

  4. For those who are visiting Bulgaria between July to August, shades, floppy hats, and suntan cream are extremely important.

  5. The best suggestion in case one needs medical assistance can be contacting their Bulgaria Tour agents and advisors. Also, one can call on 112 that is the emergency number for an ambulance in Bulgaria.

  6. Make sure to find another way out because staff in Bulgaria hospitals cannot speak English. We advise hiring reliable Bulgaria travel agents they can only help in the best possible way.

  7. Before availing medical facilities from a private hospital make sure to inquire about the prices.

  8. Take precautions beforehand, if you feel affected by altitude. It can affect people differently. For those who have a problem facing altitude must hydrate more and take rest as much as possible.

The People & Customs of Bulgaria

  • The people of Bulgaria are very friendly and welcoming. Don’t confuse if they are not smiling in public, because that’s their way of life.

  • Take some time deciding on the same by interaction and understanding the body language. They are really nice. Not smiling in front of a person, Bulgarians don’t know in person, is just normal.

  • One may get many strange looks on the way to Bulgaria tours because those who smile are considered simple.

  • However, people irrespective of being known or unknown will be very helpful and will always guide with the best possible solution on Bulgaria tours.

  • Bulgarians like dancing and singing. In various cities, during many cultural festivals, one can see people doing national horo dance. This is actually a dance performed in a circle that focuses more on the movement of the legs.

  • Bulgarians are passionate about telling stories and they are the perfect guide when it comes to explaining to someone.

How Works focuses on providing a platform for travel enthusiasts to plan their trip in a perfectly simple way. With a highly skilled team of travelers, has created this platform through which people can find a way to connect to travel experts and agents. The website has made a list of some really adept and experienced Bulgaria travel agents who will give the best possible assistance in planning a trip to this European land. Also, the site is exceptionally simple and user-friendly so that anyone can operate through with utmost ease.

These Bulgaria tour agents help their clients see the most stunning parts of the country making sure that one does not miss on any part. Right from planning the trip to booking hotels in Bulgaria, interacting with the locals, deciding on where to travel, trying out different food, these experts will help at every step of the trip. Give leisure a chance to plan the perfect trip for you. In any case, that decision won’t be a disappointing one. Also, valuing the customers’ hard-earned money the team tries making it affordable.

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