10 Family Travel Tips For Enjoying A Hassle-Free Vacation

Author: Megha Agarwal on Sep 23,2021

When it comes to family travel, people are always scared. They usually say, “Ohh, I have no idea how to do it?”, “I have never traveled like this before,” and much more. Planning family travel is a fine art that requires balancing energetic toddlers, moody teens, and exhausted parents. Although traveling with kids or family can be a tricky affair, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, it is a beautiful experience that one can never forget. All it needs is a little attention and focus on planning a vacation. 


So, if you are looking forward to a family vacation, this article is a must-read for you. The list we have curated here is packed with great information. It has ten great travel tips that will not just make your family travel go smoothly but also ensure safety and hassle-free experience. So, whether you are going on a vacation or just thinking about family travel, go through the given list of travel tips. 


Read on!


10 Family Travel Tips - Less Stress & More Fun!

- Take it slow with lots of extra time

- Reserve everything far, far in advance

- Pick the destination wisely

- Keep IDs of every member of the family

- Prepare your kids for the travel

- Look for a child discount

- Pack plenty of kids stuff like diapers or wipes

- Carry spare outfits for kids

- Sort your travel entertainment beforehand

- Carry snacks everywhere all time


1. Take It Slow With Lots Of Extra Time



Remember, “Everything takes longer with kids than expected.” If you are thinking of family travel, it is advisable to leave early and plan everything with some extra time. You can never go wrong with estimating double or even triple the time of how long everything will take. Having a flexible schedule with some room for adjustment will make the trip less stressful and a lot happier. 


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2. Reserve Everything Far, Far In Advance


One of the best family travel tips one can ever get is to make advance bookings. Reserving hotels, flights, tickets for sightseeing and other trip attractions, and more comes with great benefits before you leave for the trip. It’s always convenient to make early booking as later, roaming around with kids to book a hotel or sightseeing tickets becomes difficult. 


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3. Pick The Destination Wisely



A destination can make or break your travel experience. Especially when you are planning family travel, destination plays a crucial role. To pick the right destination, you must consult every family member and then finalize the destination that interests everyone. Also, make sure the place you choose is practical to visit with kids. Children mostly prefer to visit amusement parks, nature parks, zoos, etc. So, make a wise decision and enjoy the most of your vacation. 


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4. Keep IDs Of Every Member Of The Family


When you are traveling, especially internationally, doing paperwork is one of the most critical parts. Also, keeping the documents of every member is essential, even for a toddler. Crossing the border with children requires additional paperwork where you can’t take the risk of not having all the documents. Also, do thorough research about the documentation of your destination as it varies from country to country. 


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5. Prepare Your Kids For The Travel



This is one of the tips that you won’t get to hear so often but is vital to make the most of your family trip. Before you leave for a vacation, start preparing your kids. Tell your children about the destination, show them the pictures, and get them excited about the holiday. The more your children will be enthusiastic, the more fun they will have. But make sure you don’t exaggerate. Doing so might end up in disappointment. 


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6. Look For A Child Discount


What can be better than saving extra bucks on family travel? If you are traveling with kids, you must look for a children’s discount. There are ample places where you can ask for such offers as transportation, a private guide, an entrance fee for tourist attractions, restaurants, etc. You might not find it written anywhere about such discounts, but asking for them will let you get your hands on it. 


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7. Pack Plenty Of Kids Stuff Like Diapers Or Wipes



When traveling with toddlers or kids, you must be well prepared with everything you need. Keeping extra diapers or wipes will help you be on a safer side and enjoy your family travel without stressing over buying such stuff. This will save you from the hassle and help keep the outfits from getting dirty. So, make sure you pack extra diapers or wipes.


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8. Carry Spare Outfits For Kids


When traveling with kids, it’s always better to have spare outfits for the kid and yourself. Kids usually spill food everywhere, which will ruin theirs as well as their parent’s clothes too. There could be plenty of other reasons for kids to ruin their clothes. So, you must be prepared with extra outfits that you can use immediately. Along with this, make sure you carry extra poly bags to keep spoiled clothes. This will help you keep your new clothes unspoiled.   


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9. Sort Your Travel Entertainment Beforehand



“When will we reach?” “How much more time will it take?”, “Will it take more time here?” are some of the questions that you will get to hear if you are on family travel. Kids usually get bored or frustrated on long flights, strolling across museums or other attractions, or sitting back at a hotel for long hours. To cope with such scenarios, you must prepare yourself with their entertainment beforehand. Carry audiobooks, toys, or download games on your device, or those that can keep your child occupied and entertained. 


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10. Carry Snacks Everywhere All Time


Hungry kids can turn a fun-filled vacation into a miserable family travel in a matter of minutes. To save yourself from it, take this advice and pack enough snacks in your bag. Having snacks in hand will be a great way to pass the time for the kids and keep them happy and entertained. So, make sure you have ample snacks. Also, while picking up the snacks, try to take non-messy and easy-to-eat snacks. 



Are you feeling prepped? Now that you are done reading this article, nothing can stop you from planning an incredible family vacation. Make sure you use some of the tips from the list mentioned above and make your holiday more manageable and fun. 


Happy Family Travels!



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