9 Of The Best Yoga Meditation Retreats In Thailand To Gain Peace!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Mar 16,2021

Want to go away from the daily chaos? Imagine yourself on a magical land enjoying the beautiful waves, granny sand, spectacular waterfalls, and exotic locales. If this sounds like a dream to you, what would be better than taking a break and moving to Thailand? Since life is like waves with beautiful moments at once and anxious at others, it is important to take a break and enjoy a relaxing adventure. For this, nothing can be better than Yoga Meditation Retreats in Thailand. In the past few years, Thailand has become an exceptionally prominent destination for its rich culture, appetizing cuisine, magical landscapes, and yoga retreats. People love to fly to the destination and balance their body, mind, and soul.  Yoga retreats are no different. Thailand is a hub of yoga and meditation retreats. Irrespective of what you are looking for, this paradise has something for everyone.


There are over hundreds of yoga retreats in the country that are no less than a paradise for relaxing, reconnecting, and exploring. For the wonderful sceneries and luxurious offerings, the Thai yoga meditation retreats are ideal for healing your mind. To help you relish the universal pleasure, we are here with a list of the 9 best yoga and meditation retreats in Thailand. Explore this list, make the right decision, and have a truly incredible experience!


1. Absolute Sanctuary



Therapeutic and Rejuvenating” are the words that perfectly describe the experience of Absolute Sanctuary. This is one of the finest yoga meditation retreats in Thailand which is perched on the North of beautiful Kom Samui island. Even if you are a beginner, this is the place where you can uncover the power of meditation and yoga. They not just focus on one aspect, but are a complete package from detox to yoga to pilates to rejuvenating to hot yoga. Apart from ultimate yoga classes, this award-winning retreat is also known for its luxurious amenities. Here you’ll get to enjoy aromatherapy massage, steam room, fitness studio, infinity pool, infrared sauna, and much more. They have more than 3 studios and 5 hydrotherapy rooms to offer. If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, this is the place to unwind. 


Location: Koh Samui


2. The Kamalaya Yoga Retreat



Another award-winning yoga meditation retreat on the list is The Kamalaya. With a focus on individual skills and goals, this place is perfect for gaining maximum benefits. Together with yoga sessions, you can learn about prominent Ayurvedic therapies which will help you in working on your goals and physiology. They have a vivid range of programs like body bio-impedance analysis, different types of body massages, wellness consultation, holistic activities, and physical exercise sessions. In case you are not attending the yoga sessions, there are ample other things that you can enjoy like an infinity pool, massage, meditation, steam cavern, plunge pool, etc. Beyond this, The Kamalaya provides a private balcony to each of the visitors that offers scenic views of the ocean. If you want to enjoy luxury in total tranquility, this retreat is for you!


Location: Koh Samui


3. Chiva-Som Wellness Resort 



Planning to get in touch with the spiritual realm? If yes, then Chiva-Som Wellness Resort is the place that you must visit. Among all the renowned yoga meditation retreats, Chiva-Som is known for personal wellness programs, detox therapies, and yoga practices. They offer individual sessions that are great to focus on yourself and help you learn in a much better way. You can also join the group yoga classes to improve your skills and feel rejuvenated. This resort works with an aim to assist each of their guests with longevity, the formation of positive habits, and ultimate wellness. For this, they have yoga sessions, pranayam, Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage, mood mist, daily fitness activities, and more. From diet to fitness, this retreat takes care of everything. With the ultimate offerings of the Chiva-Som, this is an ideal place to soothe your mind and soul. 


Location: Hua Hin District


4. Soneva Kiri Resort



When you start practicing yoga, attending yoga classes or yoga meditation retreat might be a little daunting. But that is not the case with Soneva Kiri Resort. It is a place that is targeted towards beginners with beneficial classes and well-being classes. Visiting this place, you don’t have to look for the instructor. However, Soneva Kiri Resort provides special attention to each guest with three customized yoga sessions, two pranayam sessions, and one guided meditation session. To better focus on the wellbeing and learnings, the tranquil surrounding works the best. It is located on the off-beat island of Koh Kood with a population of just 2000 people. Being perched in a small area, this place is perfect to connect with nature.  To kinesthetically learn yoga and balance your chakras, you must-visit Soneva Kiri Resort. 


Location: Koh Kood


5. Samahita Retreat



One of the top-notch wellness, fitness, detox, yoga meditation retreats in Thailand is none other than Samahita Retreat. On your visit to this retreat, you will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay in eco-friendly accommodation with mesmerizing views, natural light, fresh air, and a peaceful atmosphere. Here you choose among the cycling classes, body-weight classes, Dynamic Vinyasa, and more. This place is ideal for unlocking your potential for self-love and making you love yourself more. The main emphasis of this retreat is on core flexibility as well as fitness with an array of exercise and programs. They take the art of yoga very seriously and keep a check on the visitors that they spend their quality time working on themselves only. With the ultimate combination of modern technology and traditional ayurvedic treatments, the Samahita retreat is ideal to find the balance in life and refresh your mind. 


Location: Koh Samui


6. Six Senses Yao Noi



On the list of best spa facilities providers and yogic detox, Six Senses Yao Noi is a famous name. This is one of the best yoga meditation retreats in Thailand which is nested on the lesser-explored island of Koh Yao Noi. Here you will get the opportunity to relish yoga as well as detox retreats. From asanas to pranayama to balance diet to meditation to exercise, this retreat pays attention to every single thing. When you visit this retreat, your journey will begin with the yoga consultation and will go a long way. Along with these sessions, this retreat includes several other programs too. This includes detox wrap, detox scrub, massage, facials, toxic intestinal cleanse, etc. With all the offerings, you will definitely leave the place feeling rejuvenated.  Sounds great? Must visit this, you’ll surely have a good time. 


Location: Phang Nga Bay


7. Wonderland Healing Center



Located on a magical island with tropical settings and a peaceful environment, you must visit this place to heal your body and mind. This is one of the yoga meditation retreats where you can work on yoga asanas and walk towards the path of perfection. Not just the yoga that makes this place famous, but people also love to enjoy the community feel, mouthwatering meals, and fun activities. On your visit to this retreat, you’ll definitely end up having lifetime friendships. Beyond all these, the highlights of Wonderland Healing Center remain the Reiki Treatment, Thai massage, swimming pool, vegan food, herbal sauna, and detox programs. When it comes to the accommodations, this place has 37 rooms, right from the budget-friendly dorms to luxurious lodges. If you are looking to unplug yourself from the outside world, this is the place that you must explore.


Location: Koh Phangan 


8. Vikasa Yoga Retreat



The word “Vikasa” means spiritual growth and evolution. Being true to the name, this is the place to nourish your body, evolve the soul, and reconnect with your inner self. The Vikasa Yoga Retreat is located on the Chaweng Noi Beach which offers the visitors scenic views of the vibrant island. Also, in general, tourists don’t prefer to visit this place which helps the guests to find their zen away from the chaos of the outer world. This yoga meditation retreat runs with an aim to provide its visitors with a transformational, life-changing, and inspiring journey. You can customize your program as per your skills and goals to enhance your potential and push yourself to become better. Adding to the list of regular yoga and meditation activities, they have Reiki healing, anti-stress sessions, Ayurvedic coaching, infinity pool, buffet, and more. If you want to fulfill all your wellness goals, this is the best bet for you. 


Location: Koh Samui


9. Pure Flow Yoga



On the list of yoga meditation retreats, Pure Flow Yoga is another great addition. For healing your body, feeling relaxed, and rejuvenating with yourself, you must choose to visit this retreat. Unlike other retreats, this one is located on a hidden destination that can be accessed just by the BOAT! Yes, boat. Doesn’t it sound great? In this paradise, you can align your chakras amidst nature and explore some of the hidden gems that this world has to offer. With the help of  Hatha, Yin, or Restorative yoga, connecting with nature at Pure Flow Yoga retreat is quite an easy task. They have various classes to strengthen the minds and help the visitors find true inner peace. On this uniquely placed retreat, you can practice yoga, focus on meditation, enjoy pranayam, build your own practice, relish a steam bath, and get relaxed with Thai massage. Visit this yoga meditation retreat and embrace the real YOU!


Location: Ban Tai

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