Unknown Facts About Thailand You Must Know

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 25,2020

Thailand is the new destination for honeymoon and parties well, it is mostly known for the amazing landscape and the beautiful beaches. it also has the charm it carries in its architecture and day to day life which is mesmerizing. Home to many bizarre yet enchanting things, it is a package of surprises. Many tourists fly into Thailand every year for their vacations. It is a popular honeymoon destination and is now taking place of one of the best bachelor party hubs. It has offered so many things to each and every one. It has islands,  mountains and everything in between. There are 77 provinces in this Wonderland. If you are planning to visit Thailand then we have some amazing facts for you.


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Thailand has the world's longest-supreme ruler on the planet 

Thailand has seen very few rulers as Bhumibol Adulyadej ruled over Thailand till 2017 and this has been the longest tenure of any ruler. He was considered to be the best and learned ruler of Thai. He was seen as an idol by many and the knowledge he had was renowned in the entire nation. He even wrote a praise song for Thailand. His tenure as the ruler has made Thailand achieve many great things. 

It was also known as the Venice of East

It will not be wrong to say that it is somewhat like Venice. The architecture and water gateways are very beautiful and scenic. Bangkok is your go-to place when it comes to experiencing the alternative of Venice. Many tourist sites are built near the riverside and the pontoon rides are quite famous here. If traveling Venice is on your bucket list but the budget allows you Thailand then you surely must take a shot here. 

Statistics about Thailand 

Well, there are a few things that you should be knowing about the geography of Thailand. This would help you in planning your vacation on a better note. This would give you an insight into the number of places you can visit and the experiences you could enjoy while you are on a trip here. No. of islands- 1,430 and 35,000 sanctuaries. The population of this country is 67 million.  It shares its territorial border with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. All these countries are as beautiful as Thailand. It is known for the weird food that it offers, however, the staple crop here is rice. Hence, they use it in almost every dish in one or another form.      

No patting on Head

It is considered a bad omen if you pat the head of anyone. Thai people believe that the head is the most significant organ of anyone and one should not reach out for it even not the children’s. Head is associated with respect and one should avoid touching it even if they want to show affection. Also, you won’t see any statue or painting where the feet are showing. Thai culture is very much associated with respect and being down to earth. Hence, when you visit here you should keep these things in mind. 

The largest exporter of Orchids

Thailand is considered to be the biggest exporter of orchids. This largest exporter trades almost 45% of its Botanical Heritage to other countries and the rest is used for the local use. There are almost 1500 species of orchids present in Thailand and this adds another feather in its cap. If you visit Thailand you can see this flower almost at every corner. This flower adds charm to this country and you can even carry back some home. Orchids are considered to be one of the expensive and lucky flowers that you can gift someone. If you happen to be here during the spring festival you can see every street and shop decorated with Orchids. 

Fish that can walk

No, we are not kidding. Thailand is home to Cryptotora thamicola. It is one of its kind fish it uses its blades to climb up the shores and is also popularly known as the cavefish. Another important fact about this creature to know is that it looks like a lizard and carries features of it but is a far relative of goldfish. The researchers are continuously working to find some similarities between any other known fish of this family. Everyone is amazed to know how similar it is to the lizard family even after having no links to it.

All men used to become Buddhist 

Thailand is a Buddhist country and people have very strong religious beliefs here. In ancient times the men in their twenties used to turn monks for good Karmas. It often pertained as a religious act. People believed that the good karmas of these kids will shower prosperity and add on to the karmas of their families. It was a sacrifice that men used to make for their family. However, with the changing times, people have started opting less for it. Still, in many families it is a gesture that few take. It is not necessary that you can take the path of monkhood if you are a local resident of Thailand. You can also opt for it if you are a traveler. 

Expensive delicacy prepared from saliva

Would you eat someone's saliva? Well, not that of any human for sure. It is made from the thick saliva of a bird. The bird makes a nest for their offspring with their thick saliva. The bird used in this delicacy is the swiftlets. Their saliva is considered to be rich in proteins and Thai people use it to make the bird nest soup. It is an edible nest so you need not worry about it spoiling your gut. 


These facts make it more interesting to visit Thailand. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and travel to this amazing location. Thailand is known as the land of smiles because it offers a variety of experiences and you will never be disappointed. You can relish almost each and every moment you spend here.

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