Ukraine Travel Advice 2022: What You Should Know

Author: Shubhankar Sen on Jun 20,2022
Ukraine Travel Advice

The country of Ukraine in Eastern Europe came under the spotlight in 2022 owing to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This second largest European country has been news of the war situation where thousands of property and lives have been lost. At the same time, millions of people have been displaced from their homes and forced to flee to other countries and take refuge. Ukraine was known for its architecture like domes, churches, and cathedrals, particularly in its capital city of Kyiv, which has been damaged. Owing to the turbulent situation of the country, people are choosing not to go there. At the same time, some feel it's the right time to explore the place with the right Ukraine travel advice.

In this blog, we will tell you whether you can travel to Ukraine, whether it is safe, and other advice about traveling there.


1. Can you travel to Ukraine?


can you travel in ukrain


After the Russian attack on Ukraine, the government issued immediate guidelines for foreign nationals to leave Ukraine. Engaging in any commercial activities in the country has not been safe. Also, a travel advisory by various nations has been released by governments and a 'Do not Travel' advisory. At the same time, martial law has been implemented, and air traffic has been limited for commercial flights. Still, foreign nationals can travel to Ukraine through land routes. Moreover, the situation is more sensitive in a few places, particularly on the eastern side. The rest can be a little safer to visit. 


2. Why is it unsafe to travel to Ukraine?


Ukraine is facing a Russian Invasion, and there are attacks in some major cities, particularly in the Southern and eastern parts of Ukraine. This situation poses a risk to life in the country. Heavy fighting, explosions, missile launches, etc., have occurred between the two countries' armies. It caused the death of countless citizens and a shortage of essentials due to supply chain disruptions. In these severe conditions, the safety of travelers is at risk, and the local authorities are enforcing strict measures. 


3. Important Ukraine travel advice for travelers 


It is important to follow the latest instructions and guidelines of the local authorities.

  1. The Russian military can disrupt the transportation or essential services supply in any area, and it is important to be prepared.
  2. Prepare an itinerary avoiding the sensitive areas for travel to Ukraine.
  3. Check the entry requirements for your destinations.
  4. Verify the occupied routes and potential delays.
  5. Carry all your travel and identification documents carefully.
  6. Monitor the current news to stay updated with the present situations in the country. 


4. What are the Covid-19-related travel restrictions in Ukraine?


travel in covid19


Considering the Covid-19 situation, the government of Ukraine has released some new rules. Per the further instructions, the travelers to Ukraine have to take their vaccine doses before traveling to Ukraine, and if not accepted, then avoid travel. Also, despite taking a Covid-19 vaccine, there are chances for a spread of infection. It is important to wear masks for people above the age of 2 in indoor public spaces. It is important to carry the documents like proof of vaccination, testing, quarantine, etc.  


5. What is the most sensitive area to avoid traveling in Ukraine?


Some important areas of Ukraine in the eastern and the southern part are under intense conflict. So, it is important to know about the areas and stay away from them:

  • Crimea- The Russian troops have a presence in Crimea, and allegedly they have captured the place. So, there is heavy Russian military control over it. Although, the majority of the countries don't recognize Ukraine as a sovereign nation. But, the place has limited accessibility.
  • Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts- The Russian-backed separatists have control of the two places, and there is a de facto dividing line between the areas held by the Ukrainian government and others owned by separatists. So, it is advised not to travel there.
  • Non-governmental areas- The places within 20 km from the contact line from the government-controlled areas are unstable. It is a site of armed conflict and fire with occasional bombings.
  • Government-controlled areas- These are places where there are uncleared minefields and remnants of war. If you want to travel in this place, getting a local consultation and making secure route planning is important. 


6. The different types of threats to travel to Ukraine


Travelers to Ukraine can face multiple kinds of threats in the country that are:

  1. Crime- Small crimes like pickpocketing are common in crowded, tourist, and public places. In the capital city of Kyiv, the criminal activity is more at night, and you must take care of all your belongings. Some people can have small arms and explosives that they might use in conflict.
  2. Small-scale bombings- Small-scale bombings like car bombings, property damages, or bomb threat hoaxes. To stay safe, it is important to follow the instructions of the local authorities.
  3. Fraud- There are chances of credit card and ATM fraud. The travelers must not give their pins and not show their cards to others. Also, keep a check on the transaction details of the card. Never leave your belongings at the hotels you stay in, as it is safer to carry them alongside. 
  4. Demonstrations- Demonstrations can occur more frequently, and peaceful ones can turn violent. Also, they can cause traffic disruptions and injuries if you get caught in one accidentally. For this, travelers must avoid areas with demonstrations.
  5. Chernobyl- Following the Chernobyl disaster, a zone of 30 km near the site is declared an exclusion zone. Also, the access is restricted as the area remains radioactive. It is one of the most restricted areas for the safety of people. 


7. What is the Ukraine travel advice for travelers from the USA? 


US citizens are advised that they should not travel to Ukraine amid the armed conflict in the country. There are chances of singling out US citizens by the Russian government and military. Every US citizen traveling to Ukraine must be updated with the latest travel guidelines, government notices, and news from local or global news outlets. The security situation in Ukraine is volatile and sensitive. Also, the security conditions have been becoming difficult for US citizens, who need to carry all necessary documents and permissions with them. It is important to note here that the country is not safe to travel to at the most. 


8. What is the present situation for traveling in Ukraine? 



The situation in Ukraine is not desirable for travel, and heavy fighting is going on throughout the major cities of the country. Also, multiple civilians have lost their lives, and foreign trips have been particularly targeted in areas without direct fighting. But, the idea of traveling to Ukraine can be a threat to life, and one must review their security plans. Also, it is important to take care of the surroundings, and travelers will be responsible for the safety of their families. 

Travelers must carefully plan and choose safe routes as some roads are crowded witnessing military action. If possible, getting a local guide and consulting with local authorities is important. Moreover, people can find more security restrictions with lengthy queues at checkpoints with crowds. Travelers must carry food, water, medicines, and fuel. One must know that the Foreign Embassies can provide only a little or no assistance at this time in Ukraine. 


Summing up,


The country of Ukraine came into existence after the late 20th century. Still, the fertile land conditioners made it a leading exporter before the Russian invasion. The country was known for its diverse and mesmerizing landscape. Along with that, the government has successfully preserved its culture and traditions. Still, it has a history of deadly natural disasters. The situation has taken a turn now, and it's not advisable to travel to a war-torn country. There is a threat to safety and life with countless restrictions. But, if you still intend to travel to Ukraine, it is important to follow the Ukraine travel advice mentioned above while being safe and careful of your movements. Furthermore, avoid armed conflicts and demonstrations that can be a major threat. 

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