Visa-free Entry In Oman For Travelers Around The World

The sultanate of Oman, The beautiful country in the Middle East has been longing to open up tourism ever since it suffered a drop in tourism due to the emerging pandemic. The country has been receiving lots of footfalls over the years for the magnificent tourist attractions it boasts. However, the recent surge in cases of Covid-19 in the country put down a major blocker for tourism completely reducing the financial gains in the travel industries. IN all this recent wake of events and Pandemic, Oman has given an exemption for people from 103 countries to enter the land without any visas. This has looked like a surprise package and has thrilled lots of captivated travelers around the world who have appreciated the efforts of Oman.


Oman is a country filled with natural beauties like golden cliffs, high-ranged mountains, Seas, and eye-catchy deserts. People swarm in here to enjoy their vacations as this place is also considered to be safe and secure for travelers. The facilities and infrastructures this country offers are also immense as traveling and tourism act as a major financial source for the country. Usually, people who visit and like the country for its various tourist spots are spread across the world, and they will need a visa to enter the country. 


They offer a 30-day arrival visa before this new deal as people flying to the country sans Visa that is supposed to apply for an arrival Visa before entering the country. The arrival Visa had some restrictions to places like the Oman-Yemen border, and boundaries of the country. However, the recent developments of a visa-free entry in Oman have led to a total surprise and excitement for people who crave to visit the beautiful country and capitalize on this exclusive offer.


Detailing more about the visa-free entry in Oman, this plan was announced in December 2020 after some considerable drop in the country’s affected cases. Oman has been recovering from the Corona upsurge and travelers across the world are mandated to give a PCR test while entering the country. As is the case, the new Visa-free entries apply to 103 countries, where 27 countries out of these 103 will have some regulations before leveraging this offer. One of the main regulations for this visa-free entry in Oman, for the 27 countries includes, members from those countries are required to own a Schengen visa, or they either possess a proper and valid visa to countries like the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, or Japan.


Schengen Visa is recognized as a visa that covers all the European countries. One of the longest Visa rendered to people who go through a long evaluation process if they are non-European nationals. It includes a package of 26 countries belonging to the EU border and all those countries allow Schengen Visa holders. Visa-free entry to Oman has included the Schengen Visa requirement for people from 27 countries. The most important countries which have to go through these limitations are India, Jordan, Morocco, Bhutan, Mexico, Salvador, Vietnam, and the Maldives. Other minor countries have been included in this regulation. The other regulations for these 27 countries include a valid passport availability of more than 6 months and enough finance to afford a stay in Oman.


Visa-free entry in Oman is not the only leeway for people from the exempted countries, people from non-exempted countries who accompany these people will also enjoy the privilege. The span of this free visa is for 10 days which proves sufficient for any vacation packages in Oman. This 10 day period comes as fixed as any extension to this will not be allowed in the deal. If travelers are found violating their stays, they will be incurred with a penalty on each day’s basis.

If we were to avail of this 10-day package, we could enjoy a lot of exclusive tourist attractions across the country which boasts brilliant and eye-catchy places. Of course, some places like borders have been restrained for tourism ever since the Covid-19 cases have had an upsurge in the country. According to the airport and infrastructure facilities for the travelers are concerned, the country has adhered to all safety guidelines to be followed. The citizens have been going through a 2-week quarantine period to curtail the heavy spread of the infections.


Although all pandemic guidelines have been followed in the airports and transits, the tourists are urged to follow all the guidelines without fail.


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