Top Tour Guides - 9 Essential Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Author: Megha

Traveling solo as a woman can seem pretty daunting and intimidating at first, as a way to explore the entire world among so many people. But the reality is far different than what we expect. Thousands of women travel solo all the time and are pretty independent and confident because of the same. 


It might not always be possible to find a relative or a friend to travel with you at all times when you feel like dipping your toes in the beautiful white-sand beaches. But this should never stop you from living your life the way you want to, and you are allowed to go wherever you want, and explore different parts of the world, just like you have always dreamt of as a little girl. 


Here are the top tour guides’ nine essential tips for solo female travelers for the upcoming travel plans for 2022. 


Fake It Till You Make It



Nobody really starts out on their journey extremely confident. There is something that just comes over in the form of a learning experience during one’s travels. It comes with time; you can be more and more confident every single time you board that flight on your own and look for touristy places by yourself, making your own choices every day you are on vacation. 


However, solo women who look confused and lost often attract the “wrong” kind of attention. Therefore, you must look extra confident and walk through all sorts of situations by keeping your head up high, at least until you travel solo so much that you develop your own confidence. This is one of the best tips by top tour guides for the solo women travelers of today. If you ever feel uncomfortable, you can simply use your best judgment to seek help. 


Travel during daytime 


It is true that more and more incidents happen during the night than in day time. So, if you are embarking on a vacation of your lifetime, avoid traveling during the night time. Try to travel during the day. 


If you do have to go on very long journeys, try using your trusted mode of transportation. Look for a private cabin or a couchette which can be locked during travel time. It is always helpful to plan ahead when arriving at your desired destination during the daytime. 


Try to blend in 


One of the easiest ways to attract the wrong kind of attention while exploring a new destination is to wear clothing or carry yourself differently from the local women. Avoid wearing outfits that literally scream “Tourist” is perhaps the most obvious advice our top tour guides will offer you. 


If you are traveling to a country where women are seen sporting some extremely conservative outfits, blend in and wear them. This will help you avoid being a potentially vulnerable tourist who can easily be singled out. 


Stay in touch with your loved ones.


Stay in touch with your loved ones via social media or messaging services. Let them know about your itineraries and whereabouts. This will act as a great safety blanket. While friends and family might be limited in what they could do, leaving a trail of your whereabouts on your social media for them or through messages is a great way to reassure them about your safety. They would also breathe a sigh of relief, knowing you are comfortable and are enjoying yourself. 


As you meet fellow solo female travelers like yourself, befriend them, at least on Facebook. It is excellent to stay in touch with them. 


Be open to new experiences and people. 


One of the biggest challenges of traveling solo, as per our top tour guides, is that it can get lonely at some points. But one thing is for sure: you will not be crying over your loved ones back home and painting their pictures on a random volleyball. There could be times when you are actually homesick, but always remember that traveling is like a journey in itself. 


It can be accessible on some days and exciting on others. Traveling solo is a great way to meet people, explore new destinations, and make new connections. It is easy to strike up a conversation with strangers, especially when you do not have a traveling partner. You will be much more comfortable and open to meeting new people, and you will be more approachable. Just be open to these new feelings, experiences, and people. You will get through all the challenges attached. 


Be cautious 


Yes, it is important to be open and approachable to new experiences and people, but, at the same time, it is also essential to be cautious with your personal belongings. Keep track of your travel gadgets - your camera, smartphone, iPads, laptops, etc. These can be lovely items for thieves. 

Try not to flash your gadgets around. Only take them out when you need them. It is also wise that you keep all your possessions within your reach, along with your essential documents - your passport, visa, and your wallet. 


Drink to enjoy, not to pass out 


Alcohol, in many ways, can be your friend and your enemy, especially when you are a solo female traveler. You are allowed to enjoy your drinks with someone you just met during your journey. It is a great way to get to know them, but enjoying yourself too much can sometimes land you in that potentially vulnerable spot. 


Even in a party setting, it is a risky thing to let yourself be vulnerable. Top tour guides suggest that drinking in moderation, where you are still aware of yourself and your surroundings, is the best way to be drunk as a solo female traveler in a new location. 


If there is someone or something that you feel is suspicious and makes you uncomfortable, inform someone around you or cautiously excuse yourself from that situation. Bartenders are often great people when it comes to getting some help when you are in a nightclub or a bar. They are used to dealing with every kind of situation and personality type. You can involve security as well, which can quickly escort you to a safe location. 


Learn the fundamentals of the new language


Not being able to communicate in the new language is one of the biggest factors that pose challenges for solo female travelers in multiple situations. So having even the fundamental knowledge or even knowing the most basic words in the local language to figure out your needs, shopping, looking for directions, or asking for help can go a long way for you! 


Top tour guides suggest it to be beneficial, especially when dealing with daily routine activities. It can also help you avoid being ripped off. Most locals show more respect to tourists who make an effort to learn even small parts of their native language. 


Research you destination 


Understanding your destination is extremely important when it comes to planning what needs to be done next on your journey. This is helpful, especially when something goes wrong. It is always worth checking out if the men are particularly forward or are known for potentially approaching female travelers. Get to know, in advance, about any typical tourist scams of the destination you are traveling to. It will come in handy to keep you safe. 


The Final Takeaway 


Traveling solo is a spiritual experience. It is not scary. The world is filled with some highly amazing people and beautiful destinations that are just waiting for you to explore. 


Traveling can play just as crucial of a role as education does in your life. Solo traveling does not have to be about holding off on certain things in your life, like your career, your marriage, or your family. Most married women, mothers, and even older women travel solo today. 


There is no time frame when it comes to traveling solo. There is no expiration date on dreams. Give yourself this beautiful gift package of independence, the opportunity to delve deeper into new directions, cultures and learn about yourself. 


Leisure’s top tour guides suggest after traveling solo to some locations, you will be highly confident and independent, without even realizing it.


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