7 Places New Yorkers will Love to Explore on a SOLOCATION in 2021

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 24,2021

That’s about NYC, it’s all inundated with hidden gems— it will have you on your platter number of things to do and see, no matter if you are a lifer or a fresher. Spend a few days on your solo vacation in New York, you’ll be glued— even if you are naive & a starter, it’ll make you feel acquainted with every little thing— so they can’t phase a New Yorker on a J train. And, that will not abate the new discoveries that you have been making all through the trip, you will discover something new sparkling every day. That discovery coils mean anything— whether it be discovering your temporary home in a jazz club or maybe a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. The New City is all about making you meet a real home. 


But of course, NYC is as merciless as magical— sometimes, it might test your loyalty in an unforgiving way. The last year has been undoubtedly frenetic, pushing every New Yorker to their limits. But, people skillfully transformed themselves from rubbing shoulders with strangers to maintaining social distance and slowing down. And, as the New Yorkers do, they found different ways to come together — they sang & danced from the closed doors on the rooftops, and celebrated the courage of the frontline workers by clapping. So overall, that was a new experience. Now that the vaccines are out, slowly & gradually things are returning to normal— there are surprises awaiting you. Plan a solo travel trip to New York & unwrap the surprise like your precious piece of GIFT. Read on to discover the top seven places you must go on your solo travel trip in New York. The list includes some of the places, you can’t wait to travel through— according to New Yorkers themselves. 


1. Anable Basin Sailing



Official website: https://anablebasin.com/


Popular for: People come here during holidays, birthdays, World Cup games, and wedding celebrations. This Long Island City’s hidden gem is popularly known for wondrous views of Manhattan's iconic skyline. The glittering lights reflecting in the waves of the East River look just amazing. 


Opening Times: Mon - Fri 16:30 - 02:00, Sat - Sun 11:30 - 02:00


This bar will bring before you a casual atmosphere— where you’ll get to see a variety of picnic tables, plastic cups, paper plates & more. They offer customers select beer, cocktails, wine, soda & coffee. The menu will connect you with Eastern Europe getting on the table cevapi & kielbasa along with hot dogs & hamburgers. Anable Basin Sailing has something for everyone but the best thing you can’t miss on your solo vacation to New York at this bewitching bar is the kielbasa with a draft beer. It’s like you can’t resist it!


2. Lower East Side Tenement Museum



Website: https://www.tenement.org/


Popular for: Founded by historian Ruth Abram and social activist Anita Jacobsen in 1988, the Tenement Museum is where visitors get an opportunity to know about the experience of the migrants & immigrants. The place is an opportunity to understand — what role they have played in defining the identity of the United States. 


Opening time: Saturday & Sunday (11 am–4 pm)

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum takes you through the tales of American immigration & the rich history that the country is in making. The idea of creating the museum budded when 97 Orchard Street, which is a tenement building (that had remained closed for over 50 years) was discovered.


3. Rezdora



Website: https://www.rezdora.nyc/


Popular for:  Rezdôra Brings Northern Italy to New York City for all those food lovers. It specializes in photogenic desserts & handmade stuffed pasta. Rezdôra, the three-time restaurant from Chef Stefano Secchi and Partner David Switzer is located in the Flatiron neighborhood in New York. 


Opening Time: Monday - Friday (12 pm - 10 pm) and Saturday & Sunday (11:30 am - 10 pm)


The Rezdora menu is about the cuisine of Emilia Romagna & focuses more on the house-made pasta and that is obvious from the name of the restaurant which means “head of household”. Other offerings at the restaurant include Northern Italian wines, fish, meat, and local vegetables. Besides the food, the dining outdoors brings lots of positive energy— it’s absolutely fantastic to be in here & you cannot even imagine when you will bump into one or other celebrities like Danny Meyer or Anne Hathaway.


4. Washington Square Park



Website: https://www.nycgovparks.org


Popular for: It’s popular for being a cemetery, a marsh, a parade ground, a battleground for chess enthusiasts, and a playground for children. The park serves various purposes over the years— and has adapted in various ways to suit the needs of the visitors. The park has been named to honor George Washington, the first president of the United States. There are also several other monuments and things to watch for at the park. 


Opening hours: All through the Week (from 6 am to 12 am)

Washington Square Park is a 10-acre oasis in NYC’s 

Greenwich Village that brings you amazing opportunities to stroll around. This iconic neighborhood spot— is something you get a different experience every time you are here. You see & get awed by the menagerie of musicians, chess players, children, skateboarders, street artists, neighborhood residents & much more. The endless swell of people here and there making you feel like the star at the moment. When you are here at Washington Square Park, you cannot miss the Washington Arch, lingering on one of the park’s benches & sitting by the fountain side. There’s a kind of contagious energy reverberating from every other corner of the park. 


5. Happyfun Hideaway



Official website: 

Popular for: The Happyfun Hideaway is all about reggae music on Saturdays and “Double Feature Sundays'', which features two movies, pizza, beer, and much more. This hideaway in Bushwick's is one of the most popular hipster spots here. There’s plenty of space in the backyard to chill for drinkers when the weather is awesome. You’ll love the laid-back atmosphere & you’ll love buying cheap drinks here. 


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (4 PM to 4 AM) & Saturday & Sunday (2 AM - 4 PM)


Bushwick is the home to the JMZ train & Dominican restaurants— it always makes you feel like you are in a different world. Happyfun Hideaway is a  dive bar that features a huge backyard to enjoy your drink when the weather is GREAT. During the weekend, it’s all about dancing & drag queens— and also an amazing place to chat with friends or maybe with some strangers just about anything. In nutshell, it welcomes everyone — which is something New Yorkers love about this place. Besides, the decor looks chaotic invigorating the much-needed energy you might have been looking out for for a longer period of time. 


6. College Walk, Columbia University



Official website: https://www.columbia.edu/content/about-columbia


Opening Hours: All through the week (24 hours)


Popular for: New Yorkers love everything about Columbia University. It is one of the world’s most renowned universities, research centers & an amazing place that provides a plethora of learning opportunities for graduates & undergraduates in a range of professional fields. It’s known for its range of international faculty & research undertaking in varied areas. 


Go for a college walk and you would be awed by every part of it! All filled with chirpings of students & faculties, you’ll feel like going back to the college days. A walk through the Columbia University campus is like a fresh breath of air. With the greenery all over — a wave of serenity comes across. It is one of the most loved spots for the place for the locals & you would always find someone from the neighborhood to know about a little bit of the history. If you are a book lover, there is plenty of space to sit with your coffee in one hand & your favorite book in the other. Feel like a local!!


7. Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Terminal



Official website: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/grand-central-terminal-whispering-gallery


Popular for: The Grand Central Terminal was built in the year 1913. It’s the largest train station in the world. It tells you about history— the demolition of the first structure built in the year 1871 & many more secrets from the past. You must explore the shady past, the hidden corners & many other unique aspects of this popular landmark. 


Opening Hours: All through the week (24 hours)

The “whispering gallery” can be found in the dining area of the terming outside the Oyster Bar. For two people traveling together— you must try this— stand on the opposite corners of the walls & speak as you do in a normal conversation, you’ll hear each other in a way that feels like you are standing next to each other. That’s magic!! So, this is one thing that you cannot miss during your solo travel to New York City. Be there, have fun & don’t miss any of the above things to do in New York!


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