How To Find Best Alaska Cruises For Solo Travelers On A Budget

An excellent choice for all single travelers is to go on an Alaska Cruise this summer. You can experience the excitement of the destination in a new, endearing way while making new friends and acquaintances along the way. 


Alaska is one such location if you are looking to explore a destination you have not visited yet. You can get the experience of a lifetime while introspecting about life during this vacation. 


However, if you think traveling alone means you will have to backpack through rough terrains and live at the destination without a plan, think twice! You can cruise through the vacation and have a luxurious time, all by yourself, for an unforgettable experience. Here is how. 


Why Alaska cruises for solo travelers?



Cruising is now becoming essentially popular, being the best way to vacation for socializing. On-board, a cruise has numerous facilities to offer to everyone, even solo travelers, including sophisticated fine dining, fun casinos, cooking classes, spas, swimming pools, and much more. You can avail these state-of-the-art facilities on a cruise within your budget that promises a great time. 


Therefore, once you start with your solo cruise adventure and start socializing with the community within, you cannot stop. Cruises for solo travelers are known to be extremely addictive. 


Tips for a great vacation on Alaska cruises for solo travelers


The biggest challenge with cruising as a solo traveler is that you will find a surcharge on a variety of cruise lines and itineraries. This charge could be anything from 50% and 100% of the cabin/room rates. So, it can be very expensive to cruise. 


Here are the top five tips to show how you can cruise in a much more cost-effective manner. 


1. Search for solo cruises 



Search out cruise lines and ships that have solo cabins. The good news is that almost all the major cruise lines, as they are growing, are bringing newer ships with many solo cabins. They understand that solo traveling is a new trend and are working on increasing the number of cabins dedicated only to singles.  


A few of the cruise lines that can be recommended to you are the Cunard cruise line, the Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Victoria. These are ships that include solo cabins. 


There might not be a lot of them, but they are available. The only thing you need to do is search. 

There are also some cruise lines, like the Royal Caribbean and the Norwegian cruise line, which you can look forward to booking your next Alaska cruises for solo travelers. The Norwegian cruise line has one of the most innovative things when it comes to solo cruising. They have a whole area on their larger ships, dedicated to solo travelers with their cabins. So, you get a dedicated area that can be accessed with your cruise card, offering you an extra bit of security. They also have a dedicated singles lounge and a common room for singles to socialize. 

When looking for a cruise, ask your cruise agent for ships and cruise lines with specific solo cabins. That is your best way of finding a great fare. 


2. Look forward to a great deal catering to your needs.


The second thing to consider is to look specifically at Alaska cruises for solo travelers. Many cruises are present that will go up and down the path, offering great deals with solo cabins. It is very easy to find solo traveler deals on certain cruise lines. You will usually find lots of solo travelers, and these cruise lines do cater to the requirements for solo traveling. Alaskan cruises are a great option for solo cruisers.


3. Sign up for a partner



The third tip is that some cruise lines actually offer programs where they will partner up solo travelers. You will find that happens quite a lot on some of the more exotic location cruises, including Alaska. They will often offer schemes where they will partner sets of travelers together. 


Even mainstream cruise lines like Holland America or Princess offer opportunities like these. 


So you can approach the cruise line while booking your solo vacation or your cruise agent to get you the best deals and find out if they run those programs on your particular itinerary. 


Of course, the downside is that you may be cruising with people you may or may not get along with. Still, on some of those itineraries, which are very port intensive, you may find you do not mind that because it helps you save the extra 50-100% of the surcharge, which is always worth taking this risk of partnership program. 


4. Sign up for blogs and newsletters 


The fourth tip is to sign up for solo traveler’s sites, forums, and blogs. A couple of really good blogs specifically target solo travelers. They are always on the lookout for deals in their posts and newsletters; they will always publish when they come across some special deals and offers to target solo travelers. 


One such blog to consider is, one of the largest online resources for solo travel advice and deals. 


Apart from signing up for these newsletters and posts, you can also check if any particular cruise lines really appeal to you, whether it is Royal Caribbean, Holland America. It is on their newsletters where they will also publish promotions and other deals to solo travelers. These newsletters will have a specific time of the year or a program targeted at solo travelers. 


5. Take Google’s help



The fifth tip is actually related to using the internet. What you can do on sites like Gooogle, for example, is if you search “Alaska cruises for solo travelers” or “solo cruise deals,” etc., it will offer you various resources and tips. You can set up alerts for these. It is very easy to do, if you type in a particular search term, you can set up an alert, and as various articles, promotional deals start coming up, they can be picked up by the Google search engine, which will then be sent to you as an alert. 


You can find a cost-effective way to travel to Alaska on a cruise this summer through these five tips. It can be very expensive to go on a cruise as a solo traveler, with the extra surcharge. But there are different resources you can utilize. Increasingly, the good news is that cruise lines are now focusing on solo travelers.  


How affordable are Alaska cruises for solo travelers?

When traveling solo, the budget can be a significant factor. However, you do not have to opt for a budget cruise line to manage your expenses for the trip, neither do you need to spend a fortune to enjoy all the facilities on your cruise vacation. 


However, the reality is far from that. Most cruise lines are offering occupancy tariffs and discounts, keeping in view two people and traveling companions. Therefore, in most places, when you search, cabins are priced based on double occupancy or “single supplement.” But, with growing trends and the current times, these cruise lines are recognizing the need for solo travelers, and based on just one person, they are refurbishing their costs, discounts, and cabins as well. 



Going on a cruise for solo travelers should not be a big hassle. With the proper planning and the right approach, you can easily hop on a ship and have the time of your life. Keep these tips in mind for a fun-filled exploration, and you will not regret overspending your pre-planned budget. 



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