Witness The Highlights Of Turkey And Greece Tour With This Middle East Travel Guide

This fabulous 14-day Middle East tour is comprised of the splendid attractions, most comforting accommodations and once in a lifetime experiences that Turkey and Greece have to offer. Among many other captivating sights, you will get to explore the enchanting and mystical city of Istanbul, the awe-inspiring elegance of Mykonos and lofty Santorini islands, as well as the ancient splendor of Athens.


Istanbul, Canakkale, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Rhodes

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Day 1: Arrival at Istanbul, the Capital City of Turkey

Welcome to the magnificent historic city of Istanbul, that once marked the meeting place of East and West. Graceful domes and magical minarets create the skyline here. The aroma of rich spices fills the atmosphere. The streets of Istanbul are dizzyingly energetic. The sounds of prayer echoing over the rooftops are almost hypnotic. Your private transfer will escort you to your superb accommodation from the airport. On the way to your accommodation, youll witness the layers of the city unfolding around you. Youll discover tables decorated with aesthetic textiles, cobblestone alleyways lining with cafes, the aroma of sweet mint tea emanating from the restaurants that mix well with the rich aroma of Turkish dark roasted coffee. You have arrived in the land of Istanbul and can very well feel the historic charm and contemporary touches of the city.

Day 2: A full-day tour of the City of Istanbul

The sunrise over the cityscape stretches far and wide here. The Marmara Sea sparkles in the early light. After breakfast, your guide will meet you at the hotel and will take you on a full-day tour of the beautiful city of Istanbul. The city begins to liven by now. The Shops start to open. Youll visit Hagia Sophia, the Church of the Holy Wisdom. This church in its present form was constructed in the 6th century under the supervision of Emperor Justinian I. The Byzantine architecture of the church is fascinating. The diameter of the central dome is about 102 feet. The four pendentives are all decorated with seraphim mosaics.

Day 3: Witness the Ancient Ruins of Ephesus

The early city of Ephesus was once home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Artemis Temple. It is found near the Aegean Sea. The entire city is a vast outdoor museum which is filled with legendary as well as interesting antiquity. Originally, the temple of Artemis was constructed in the 7th century BC. As you come to the marsh you discover a lone column standing 13 feet tall. This temple was the first monumental building which was designed and built of marble entirely.

Day 4: Explore the Natural Beauty of Ancient Hierapolis

Pamukkale in Turkish means the Cotton Castle, and you will soon understand why. As you wander closer to Pamukkale you can witness the pristine mountainside glistening in the sunlight. The calcite pools stretching over 525 feet high and 1,970 feet wide are used to terrace the foothills. The water is dazzling and is concentrated with calcium carbonate beyond the saturation point. The hillside which appears like a combination of ice and infinity pools can be seen from over 35 miles away. The ancient ruins of Hierapolis are nearby. These ruins comprise mostly of relics from the Roman period. The holy pool is clear and warm and the hot springs heat the pool water to a comfortable temperature. At the bottom of the pool, you can see pieces of ancient marble columns. Once these columned porticos encircled the water however earthquakes dropped some of them into the pools. Swimming with the antiquities is allowed and you can float above the underwater columns. The water here is totally inviting and the experience will be truly unique.

Day 5: Transfer to the Greek

This morning takes you to Marmaris. It is a port town and resort area along the Mediterranean Sea. As you step aboard the ferry and head towards the famous Greek Island of Rhodes, the water changes from turquoise to sapphire and finally becomes clear and crystal. Youll be transferred to the Hotel Mediterranean, which is situated at the heart of a famous beach. The afternoon is going to be warm and comfortable. The water will be calm and quiet. Youll find the beach lined with umbrellas providing comforting shade to the visitors and creating a perfect atmosphere.

Day 6: Explore the Greek Island the Fabled Ruins of Rhodes

As the morning begins, this day is yours to enjoy the island as much as you can. Sit under the umbrellas and listen peacefully to the sounds of water on the shore or stroll alongside and enjoy the atmosphere. The Turkish bazaar is lively and bustle with energetic vibes. At the Gate of Eleftherias, you can see the ruins of Aphrodites temple. Discover here a vast variety of relics collection in the Archeological museum. As you reach the Street of Knights, have a walk along the buildings that are completely restored. The large and thick stone structures and the pebble streets give you a feeling of walking through a splendid castle. The streets are covered with cobblestones and there is an infinite number of quiet alleyways that you can consider your very own. In the evening, dine in an elegant historic atmosphere at Dinoris. The courtyard seating will make you dine next to the old wall. The aroma of prawns cooked in tomato, pepper, and feta cheese is tantalizing and savory.

Day 7: Departure for Home

Indulge in one last cup of the fabulous Greek coffee before you head towards the airport. You have witnessed and experienced more than just ancient history. The cultures of Turkey and Greece have developed over time. From beaches to legends, bazaars to ruins, you have really experienced and lived them all and can't wait to return home taking along with you some amazing memories.


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