Experience the Best of the Ancient Middle East

Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 06,2020

The Middle East grabs attention when it comes to ancient wonders. There are so many incredible ancient sights that are surely going to amaze you when you visit here on your next vacation. They are a great way to know about the history and the nature of humanity. Once you visit here one can’t stop appreciating the wonders of the Middle East and how they could help in shaping up the human society. They help in understanding the ancient culture very well. Hence, one must visit these ancient sites once in a lifetime as they are nothing less than the wonders of the Middle East.


Church Of The Holy Sepulchre:

It has been acknowledged as the site for crucifixion and the burial of Lord Jesus. It is quite an impressive ancient structure which is very popular amongst the devotees of Jesus. This is a very common Christian pilgrimage site. It was built by the emperor Constantine I in 380 AD. But it is believed that it has been here for a very long time. It is still a reminder of the church of olden times. There have been lots of reconstruction and redecoration work from time to time that the original architecture has lost its charm. It has gone through many major changes, but still, it serves as a relic to the people who have faith in Christianity. It does not just serve as a Christian pilgrimage, but it is for the people of all faiths.


Baalbek Roman Ruins:

The remains of this Roman architecture have been through many ups, and downs of different cultures and colonial history. It contains a historical value to all the cultures which have been passed through these ruins. It was a Mesopotamian Temple until and unless the Romans had an eye on it in their colonization era. This Temple passed through the Christian faith it was then shifted to the Islamic rulers. It then served as a mosque. However, When the Ottoman Empire came in power then it got a touch of Lebanon. This site was last restored in 1900. When one visits this ancient architecture they get fascinated by the different kinds of cultures that influence its architecture, and the size. There are many individual structures that can be seen at this site alone.


Nizwa Fort:

It is a very well-preserved Omani architecture which is very popular as a tourist attraction. It is mainly famous for the cylindrical Tower that is the biggest in the region of Oman. It was constructed in the 19th Century and was again renovated in the 17th century. It has been able to stand strong in various natural calamities and has faced the wrath of time very strongly. When you visit here you can easily lookout for the shooting Windows along with pitfalls and different old Wells. One can also see the presence of prisons here. It is a great example of a fascinating history which gave an amazing architecture. Oman is a must-visit place during March according to ‘The Best Destination for Your Perfect Vacation Every Month of 2020.”


Madain Saleh:

We all have heard about the capital of Petra and may have even planned to visit there. But we all are missing out on a very mesmerizing ancient city known as medicine. It is not able to attract lots of tourists but it is very important when it comes to historical value. When The Empire was seeking different ways to build up its presence in the trade routes it served as an important part. Since it was built hundreds of years ago this city has majorly vanished into the sand, and it is very silent. It is a very beautiful city that is now majorly a desert. Yet, the visitors can easily locate 132 tombs which are still uncovered. Muslims believe that this site is cursed and hence it attracts very little tourism. But for the one who loves historical places and architecture then they must visit this at least once in their life. One can easily study the different inscriptions which are inscribed on the rock faces of the tombs.


Jerash Ruins

How proud will you feel if you come to know that another country is preserving your culture's remains very well? These ruins are considered as the best Roman Reigns that can be located outside Italy. It has massive Gates and many Roman samples. One can even catch a glimpse of the theaters and different kinds of architecture that speaks loud of the exquisite Roman Empire. During 749 AD, this site was damaged because of an earthquake, still, most of the structures can be seen standing strong today. The major attraction here is Hadrian's Arch. This Arc was built in 129 AD and is still holding its strength. In ancient times it was used for the Chariot races that grabbed the attention of at least 15,000 spectators whenever it was held. If someone wants to have a deep insight into Roman architecture in the Middle East, and this is the place to be.



It was once famous for the Hanging Gardens. But these gardens are no longer into existence, and it almost vanished along with a great ancient city. It was established in the 19th century and was home to 200,000 people. It was once the largest city of its time and had an amazing history. It is a place that everyone must visit.

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