Valentines Day Vacation Package 2024: Romantic Slovenia Tour Itinerary

Valentines day is just around the corner And nows the best time to start planning for one of the most romantic times of the year! Giving yourself and your other half Valentines getaway treat is a wonderful choice if you are really looking forward to spending some quality time together and discover some fascinating corners of the world. But where should you go? There are just so many breath-taking places in Europe to choose from. To make things easier for you, we have put together an ultimate Valentines Day vacation package 2024. With its iconic lakes, soaring landscapes and stunning cities, Slovenia is the perfect destination for an unconventional Valentines day celebration.

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Lake Bled, Eastern Slovenia, Butcher's Bridge, Postojna and Skocjan Caves


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Day 1: Start By Visiting Lake Bled

For the ultimate fairytale vacation, why not start your romantic Slovenia journey with scenic Lake Bled? This picturesque lake with its islands is one of Slovenias major highlights. You can opt from a number of shorter hikes through gorges to scenic viewpoints. The rugged walkways and waterfalls of the famous Vintgar Gorge are just 2.5 miles from town.

Climb up to the castle and tour its wine cellar, smithy, and printing press before relishing a traditional meal in the restaurant, or paddleboard across the tranquil waters. On reaching the fairytale island at the lake's center, climb up the 99 steps of the church, where according to the legend, the ringing of the bell can grant your wishes. Later on, you can enjoy cycling on side roads through classic Slovenian countryside, head out to a local beekeeper, or just sunbathe on the lakeside with a slice of the popular Bled cream cake from the Park Hotel or Slascicarna Zima bakery.

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Day 2: Venture Through the Vineyards of Eastern Slovenia

With sweeping hills, an exuberant landscape and plenty of sunny days, one of the best ways to uncover Slovenia's surprisingly vast wine culture is on two wheels. Fall and late summer are the best time for a cycling tour as you'll avoid the heat as well as crowds that mark the peak high season months. While the most famous region of Slovenia might be Primorska, two more of Slovenia's major wine regions, Posavska and Podravska, can be discovered on the eastern side of the country, dividing Croatia and Hungary.

Podravska is Slovenia's largest wine-producing region. Here, youll mostly find dry whites, sparkling and dessert wines using grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Noir while Posavska is famous for their specifically unique and slightly sour variety, a low-alcohol predominantly red wine known as cvicek.

The northeastern wine region of Styria is also an amazing option for biking. You, with your love, can cruise through the lush fields of Ptuj, along the banks of the Drava river, and down the Malecnik wine road to Maribor. If you wish to stay overnight, consider Chateau Ramsak which is located on nearly 40 acres. Wake up to vineyard views before enjoying a massage, wine tastings, and a private hot tub.

Day 3: Visit One of Slovenia's Many Spas

Whether it is winter or summer, one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy Slovenia tour is by taking complete advantage of their sauna culture at one of the many spa centers in the country. Having an abundance of clean alpine water as well as thermal hot springs, the spa heritage of Slovenia dates back to Roman times.

If you are looking to relax and pamper yourselves, try Terme Olimia. Situated along Slovenia's eastern border, Terme Olimia was designed to be in harmony with its surroundings and exhibits Wellness Orhidelia, an adults-only luxury spa exhibiting indoor and outdoor pools, spas, and a number of packages and treatments for you and your other half.

If you wish for a spa that heals both inside and out, you can try out Zdravilisce Radenci, which is famous for the healing properties of its CO2-rich mineral water. This spa not only feature ten pools, but a thermal water park, and traditional services as well. It also has its own health center specializing in cardiovascular rehabilitation.

Day 4: Explore the Postojna and Skocjan Caves

Exploring Slovenia's underground is going to be an exhilarating experience for you. Postojna is one of the most visited cave systems of Europe for a reason. Situated in the Karst region, Postojna is approximately 15 miles long and famous for their olm, or "baby dragons:" secluded, eyeless amphibians that live exclusively in the waters of the cave. Also discover a nearly 50-foot-tall stalactite named Skyscraper and Renaissance-era Predjama Castle, constructed directly into the mouth of the caves.

While the Postojna Caves might be the most visited, the Skocjan Caves also truly impresses. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Skocjan Caves exhibit vast rooms with gigantic stalactites and stalagmites and the biggest subterranean canyon in Europe at over 400 feet high. Carved out by the Reka river, the cave system also exhibits numerous waterfalls. As these caves are situated many feet underground, they remain roughly the same temperature all year long and thus you can consider either one an experience to share any time.

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Day 5: Add a "Love Lock" to the Butcher's Bridge

Ljubljana is a picturesque ancient city with a handful of popular bridges. There is the Tromostovje ("Triple Bridge") that connects the new, modern city with the old town or the Dragon Bridge which is named for the four statues that sit guard. But for couples, it is good to take a quick walk from Preseren Square to discover Butcher's Bridge, where it has become a lovely custom for couples to inscribe padlocks and lock them to the bridge. You can also enjoy a romantic stroll through the Ljubljana Festive Fair later on while sipping on mulled wine.

Day 6: Dine in Romantic Restaurants

Make your way out for a romantic dinner in Ljubljana to witness Slovenia's booming culinary scene for yourself.  Try Strelec, a restaurant situated in the archers' tower of Ljubljana Castle which offers contemporary Slovenian cuisine in a Roman and ancient setting, and the views over the city are an amazing treat in itself. You can also make a reservation in the courtyard at Spajza, situated along one of Old Town's most photogenic streets, and taste seasonal fare inspired by traditional Slovenian menu items such as venison tartar, veal medallions, and octopus over truffled potatoes.

Altroke is another good option. This wine bar and eatery located in the heart of Old Town has outside seating on the enchanting, cobbled street or under the brick ceilings of the hip interior. Owned by a Slovenian winemaking family, you can expect here an exhaustive local wine list and food menu which is focused on Istrian coastal cuisine.

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