Tour the Charming Italian Riviera on this 7-Day Itinerary

Author: Nidhi Sood on Feb 14,2024

Italy is a country of beautiful shores, untameable mountains, and exciting floodplains. Cinque Terre and Liguria are two places that have not been traversed much but have exciting prospects as far as luxury travel is concerned. This 7-day itinerary to Cinque Terre and Liguria will give you a taste of luxurious Italy, starting from the famous Milan and less traversed but glorious villages of Genoa, Portovenere, Rapallo, Sanremo, and much more.



  • Make and eat a traditional Italian pasta meal.
  • Hike along a magnificent seaside trail between Cinque Terre settlements.
  • Sunbathe on rocky beaches and take in the laid-back atmosphere.
  • Stay at Portofino, a charming ancient fishing community.
  • Go snorkeling to discover the underwater Christ of the Abyss monument.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: From Milan to Genoa

Upon landing at Milan airport, you will be met by your private guide in the arrivals hall. Set off by private car for Genoa (about two hours), which became an important seaport back in the early Middle Ages. Check into your hotel and then join your guide for an introductory tour. Walk along narrow medieval streets and visit the historic Porto Antico, the old port area which was restored in honor of the 500th anniversary of former resident Christopher Columbuss arrival in America. Return to the hotel. 

Day 2: From Genoa to Sanremo

This morning, explore the Romanesque 12th-century Church of San Donato, the Gothic 13th-century Church of Sant'Agostino, the modest 15th-century Oratory of San Giacomo della Marina, and the exquisite Baroque 17th-century Basilica Della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato. In the afternoon, take a guided excursion to Sanremo, the City of Flowers and Sun, by high-speed train. The economy of this beautiful town is based on the farming of flowers and tourism. In the evening, visit a famous casino. Return to Genoa for the night.


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Day 3: Visiting Portovenere, and Cinque Terre

After breakfast, depart to Porto Venere, a fisherman's village near the La Spezia Gulf. Here you will take a ferry to Cinque Terre. This place, a combination of five fishing villages, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a unique group of elegant landscapes and medieval-style buildings. Return to Genoa in the evening.

Day 4: Visit Portofino and Rapallo

Make your way to the port after a leisurely breakfast for a morning on the water. Portofino is known as the gem of the Italian Riviera coast, and its picturesque harbor, clean waters, and breathtaking landscape attract divers and beachgoers from all over the world. Nibble on a classic slice of focaccia, a variety of local bread. Continue to Santa Margherita, a famous seaside city of Riviera Di Levante. 

Day 5: Hike up to a vineyard in Riomaggiore

Hike up to a vineyard in Riomaggiore, where your experienced guide will describe the region's winemaking heritage, which revolves around each family owning a little plot of terraced vineyards on the cliffs above the hamlet. Enjoy an evening vineyard tour before sampling two local wines to taste the exquisite fruit tastes for yourself and understand how organic winemaking affects flavor. Explore all this and more on your 3-hour boat excursion led by your guide. You'll visit the beautiful San Fruttuoso Beach, which stands in the shadow of a historic monastery, before snorkeling around the underwater Christ of the Abyss monument.

Day 6: Learn world-class cooking in Cinqe Terre

In a 6-hour private lesson, you'll learn classic Italian cuisine. After breakfast, proceed to the market. Your tutor will help you choose fresh items.


Gather your materials, then visit a Cesarina. The Cesarinas adore teaching visitors traditional Italian cuisine in their homes. You'll prepare and display three dishes. Focaccia is a tasty Ligurian bread with olive oil, herbs, and sometimes olives. Fresh-baked focaccia from the neighborhood bakery is a local favorite.


Ravioli purportedly originated in Novi Ligure, Liguria. The raviolo was reportedly a favorite supper for seamen on ships. Leftovers were diced, combined, and placed into spaghetti envelopes for the next day. You'll prepare ravioli using fresh ingredients and homemade pasta dough.

Day 7: Departure

Your private guide will drop you at the airport for your international departure back home. 


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