Exciting Places To Visit In Kaposvar: 9-Day Luxury Tour

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 10,2024

Hungary has great attractions for tourists traveling to the nation for the first time. It is blessed with entrancing views, warm people, and great weather. Kaposvar is located south of Lake Balaton and is one of the leading cities in Transdanubia. Our 9-day luxury tour of Kaposvar will help you explore some truly enticing places it has to offer.

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Day 1: Welcome to Kaposvar

Meet your private guide at Kaposvar airport, who will transfer you to your luxury hotel. Set off with your guide on an introductory tour of the city. Visit one of the greatest architectural works in the region - the Csiky Gergely Theater, which has been a part of Kaposvar's history. Wander at the theater structure, which was the first ever to use ferroconcrete on its roofing works and used to accommodate 1400 people at a time before the refurbishment. Explore the entire theater to learn more about the place's historical significance.

Day 2: Discover Rippl-Ronai Museum

Visit the magnificent Rippl-Ronai Museum, one of the region's largest of its kind. Spend a few wonderful hours perusing the displays and exploring the artistic and historical pieces present in the museum. Be captivated by the array of costumes exhibited on the first floor and the charming garden filled with vibrantly colored flowers outside the building. Later, visit the market to browse through some lovely local souvenirs.

Day 3: Adventurous Viragfurdo Kaposvar

Explore the Viragfurdo Kaposvar, a water park with everything you want related to water-based activities. This includes heated pools, a sauna, thermal baths, and adventure rides for kids. Enjoy the perfect place to spend time with the whole family with modern and clean facilities. Then, enjoy a delicious dinner before retiring to your resort for the night.

Day 4: Musical Kaposfest

Explore the fine musical performance in Kaposvar with the Kaposfest, also known as the Kaposvar International Chamber Music Festival. Enjoy the performance of local and international artists, for which more than 15,000 visitors drop by every year. Then, enjoy some lovely local dishes at a posh eatery before retiring to your hotel for the night.

Day 5: Historical Rippl-Ronai Villa

Discover the monumental building of Kaposvar, Rippl-Ronai Villa, named after Jozsef Rippl-Ronai. He was a prominent person in the city during the 1910s. He came home to the city after being held by the French and has lived in the villa since then. Stroll through the building, which is now a memorial for the famed artist and is still furnished. All his items, including around 80 pictures, remain within the confines of the property. Afterward, relax in the beautifully renovated park situated within the site.

Day 6: Natural Zselici Csillagpark

Be immersed in the beautiful confines of nature in the Zselici Csillagpark, a part of the Zselici Landscape Protection Area. It is so coveted that it has won the International Csillag Bolt park spot. Gaze up and count the stars without much effort because there is not much artificial light. Relax and rejuvenate within the astounding natural beauty of the park.

Day 7: Entertaining Fusion Leisure Center

Get involved in great entertainment activities in the Fusion leisure Center, where you will find slide games, a huge trampoline, and a petting zoo. Enjoy the top attraction of the park, which is the go-kart ride. Relish the great food you will find here, along with the free WiFi. Explore the vast area that covers an area of 9042 hectares and is surrounded by recreational buildings that use special lights to minimize the effects of light pollution. Gaze up to the sky and see the Triangulum Galaxy if you are lucky and the sky is clear. These types of Zodiac lights are pretty common sights during spring and autumn.

Day 8: Strolling in Danube Bend

Head to the lovely region of the Danube Bend that is present in the north of Budapest. The banks are dotted with quaint towns that give a slower-paced taste of Hungarian charm. Immerse yourself in the artistic spirit of the town of Szentendre, which used to be a haven for artists. Stroll through the town to explore the contemporary art galleries and museums scattered liberally at every turn. Explore the baroque downtown with its narrow winding alleys and Mediterranean-style architecture. Be transported back in time at the Skanzen Hungarian Open Air Museum, a re-created village comprising relocated old houses that showcase the village life of the nation from centuries ago.

Day 9: Departure

Today, your private guide will transfer you to the airport for your international departure.

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