Things To Know About Germany Family Vacation Packages

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 24,2022
Germany Family Vacation

Germany, located in Central Europe, is the world's industrial powerhouse. Still, there is more to this fascinating country than meets the eye. It has become a treasure mine of history and legacy for visitors worldwide, with an unusual blend of cultural influences tossed in for good measure. Long weekends in a significant metropolis like Munich or Berlin, leisurely days in the beautiful countryside of Bavaria, or idylls along the Mosel River might all be part of a family-friendly holiday to Germany. We recommend combining the most outstanding features of all three! This combination will allow your family to participate in several exciting activities, such as spending sunny afternoons in local beer gardens or taking bike rides among hilltop castles. Germany's kid-friendly lodging options are nearly limitless, ranging from alpine lodges with incredible onsite amenities to city hotels in prime locations.

Summer is the most fantastic time to visit Germany, from May through September. It provides travelers with longer days and access to the alpines in all of their natural splendor. If you prefer a less crowded vacation and a lower price, you can travel during the spring season, which runs from March through May. This blog brings you all the popular Germany family packages to spend your vacation filled with exciting adventures and tourism. 


11 Days - Germany, Switzerland, and Austria 




The operator of this tour is Gate 1 tours. This tour's starting point is Mainz, which ends in Munich and generally starts on Thursday. The price ranges between $2000 to $6000. The cities you visit in this tour package are Heidelberg, Innsbruck, Lucerne, Mainz, Muniz, and Salzburg. You will arrive in Frankfurt, Germany, on your first day, on a Thursday. On the second day, you will have an orientation with your Tour Manager, who will tell you about your tour plan, and you will receive a welcome drink and dinner. Then you can rest for the next day. 

You will get the Rhine River Cruise and Heidelberg City tour on the third day. The cruise offers a beautiful sightseeing voyage and a glimpse of the Lorelei Rock, named after a siren known to lure people into her trap. The trip also offers breakfast meals for tourists. Day fourth, you will be at the Black Forest, seeing the Rhine Waterfalls. This way you will visit a new place every day until the tenth day when your trip ends by visiting Munich. Additional detail from the operator is that 'land only price' doesn't include Arrival and Departure transfers. 

Overall ratings this vacation package has gotten till now are 4.7, making it a popular tour package within a budget and perfect for families. 


The Christmas Markets of Berlin and Dresden


This package is ideal for those looking for a short vacation in Germany and is operated by Goway Travels. The price starts from $689. Give yourself a gift this Christmas by taking yourself to the Christmas Markets of Berlin and Dresden. Your exciting winter vacation begins in the country's capital Berlin. 

Berlin has become one of the most unique and famous cities in Europe. It has everything a traveler seeks, from history, nightlife and culture. There are places for every kind of person in this unique city. The Hop On- Hop Off bus will give you the advantage to pleasure your eyes with some remarkable landmarks of Berlin, such as the State Opera to Brandenburg Gate, Potsdam Square, and Checkpoint Charlie. Then visit Gendarmenmarkt, which is a famous Christmas market in the city. You can shop, eat, and celebrate your holidays and the good days of your life here. 

Keep your vacation by visiting Dresden, a Baroque city risen from the traces of World War II. You will get to see River Elbe here. Striezelmarkt is your last destination, and your winter vacation can come happily to an end here.


Berlin And Prague By Train


Operated by Tripmaster, this is a 6 to 9+ days trip. The charges range from $1039. You can choose the day and number of days you need to explore Germany in this package. The Hotels are pocket-friendly, and you are free to choose the activities and hotels where you want to spend your holidays. 

You can start to explore from the very first day of your trip. Reichstag, the Parliament of Germany, provides a transparent view of the busy life of Berlin. Brandenburg Gate is to the Reichstag. Museum Island has been given the status of World's Heritage Site. But there is not just this museum for you to explore. You can explore several museums such as the Pergamon Museum, Bode Museum, Altes Museum, Neuse Museum, and Alte Nationalgalerie. In this way, you can introduce your children to the great German history and how the country has improved since the World Wars. 

And there are a large number of places which you can visit in the three or more days you choose to spend in Berlin. It would help if you made the train reservation between 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Tripmaster offers private transfers where a representative will help you reach the airport. Visit places like Old Town Square, rich in history. Charles Bridge will give you a beautiful view of statues. Visit churches like the Church of Nicholas and Our Lady Victorious. And there's a long list from which you can choose where to visit and where not to. 


Bavarian Highlights with Oberammergau - Faith-Based Travel 2022




Suppose you believe in fairytales and want to visit real-life castles. Then this is your cue to do it. Globus Tours operates the package, and the price begins from $3,289. This is a 9 days long tour. Your tour director and traveling companions will be waiting for you with a welcome dinner at your hotel. You will get guided sightseeing to Marienplatz and its old and new Town Halls. In Regensburg guided walk tour, get amazed at the sights of St. Peter Cathedral. 

Day 4th will get you enjoying the smoked beer, and Day 5th will get you enjoying the famous coffee tasting of Black Forest. On day 6th, fill your heart with contentment at the peaceful view of Lake Constance. On Day 7th, visit King Ludwig's castle of the museum of the Bavarian Kings. The package has plenty of fun activities, like horse-drawn carriage riding, hopping on a cruise, and having fun in a motor coach. Wi-Fi is available in your motor coaches. So, you do not lose contact with the world. A full three-course dinner and buffet breakfast are provided with wine.


Prague, Vienna & Budapest 2022


Cosmos Tours operates the package. The price begins from $1579 and is a 9-day tour. A motorcoach does travel with AC and Wi-Fi available at all hours of the day. You will get buffet breakfasts daily and one dinner in Munich. This package focuses on small group discoveries where you don't get a huge crowd traveling with you. This is a tour of Central Europe's most incredible cities: Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Salzburg. The trip will introduce the Habsburg Empire to you, which was the dominant political family of Europe during the Renaissance. The tour starts and ends in Munich itself. Local guides and experts will help you dig deeper into these cities with their outstanding knowledge. Get to know the history and the culture by heart

Charles Bridge is one of the oldest stone bridges in Europe. Experience the gothic architecture of St. Stephen's Church in Vienna. If you are a music enthusiast, then you will be pleased to know that you get the chance to visit one of the most famous musicians in history, Mozart's house. Beautiful scenic views of the Alps and Danube river will play with the strings of your heart. 




Germany is a great place to spend your summer and winter vacations with your family. Wherever you go, you need to know that sometimes you always need a plan. This ideal plan helps you make your holiday easy without a perfect procedure that has an excellent vacation package. Your money is in danger, and your mind is more prone to the complexities of everything on your own. Follow for more details on traveling packages, trip advice, and suggestions. 

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