Enjoy The New Year's Eve Celebrations In Germany

In Germany, the love for boisterous public parties and celebrations is quite prominent, and it comes as no surprise that the country celebrates some of the most spectacular New Years Eve in Europe that Germans call it Silvester. Read on to learn about the best New Year holiday destinations in Germany to visit when you are planning to visit Germany to celebrate New Year Eve.


Trip Highlights


  • Explore the markets and places that host New Year parties
  • Visit pubs, clubs, and streets that hold New Year parties
  • Enjoy the live music performances

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Day 1: Arrival in Berlin

Germanys' capital city shows the biggest and the most bombastic New Year's Eve street party in Europe. So, make sure to start your New Year celebrations with Berlin. Brandenburg Gate is the place where the biggest street party takes place which starts from December 30 to January 1 till morning. Live performances, stunning lights, and music shows are the best part about these street parties that end up with a breathtaking firework show as the New Year rolls in. The historic Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column are the places where most of the tourists hang around till the wee hours of the morning. No entry fee is required and moreover, the entire city is decorated with lights on Silvester, and the fireworks are something that can't be missed. Just in case, if you want to shake your leg on amazing and pulsating music, do visit the clubs that will pep you up with these exhilarating parties. Call off your day with amazing music and excellent food.

Day 2: Frankfurt

The brisk business city of Frankfurt transforms into a magical land on New Year's Eve each year. The best way to nail your New Year moment is by taking a cruise and being right in the center of the brilliant play of light. Standing on the bridge on the River Main and watching the amazing fireworks would definitely make your New Year the best New Year experience you have ever had in your lifetime. The Old Opera House and Romerberg Marketplace are some of the best places to celebrate your New Year when you are in Germany. Explore, enjoy, and feel the ecstasy of being in the beautiful city around New Year, and don't forget to grab yourself some drinks to add some fun to your New Year's eve celebrations in Germany. When you are done with the fireworks, cruising, and partying around the city, come back to the hotel and take some rest to regain your energy for the next day.

Day 3: Cologne

Just to grab the sight of the majestic Cologne Cathedral silhouetted filled and adorned with amazing fireworks, a lot of tourists prefer to visit here during New Year. This is one of the best places to visit in Germany to celebrate New Year's Eve. Apart from this, the River Rhine and the Rheinpark are the places to celebrate your new year with your partner. Tourists who are looking for some romantic vibes can visit here since the romance is in the air and you can feel it when you see the dark sky is adorned with jewel-like fireworks. It creates a new and fresh vibe in the air that attracts a lot of people to the New Year's Eve celebrations in Germany.

Day 4: Dresden

If you want to experience live music performances and want to welcome the new year with some amazing music pieces, the gorgeous city of Dresden pulls off an extravaganza. The city hosts the grandest public parties in Germany in Theaterplatz Square which consists of live music performances, dancing, and delicious food. An excellent fireworks show adds a cherry on the cake. So don't forget to book tickets to have a sprawling party that promises banging music, delicious food, and endless fun. Go explore the city, make friends, and enjoy the New Year's Eve celebrations in Germany thoroughly. While being a part of the celebration, make sure to grab some of the best grub available in the city. When you are done with your New Year celebrations, you can come back hotel to take a rest and wish your companions a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Day 5: Departure

The new year has come and so is the time to say Goodbye to New Year's Eve Celebrations in Germany. So pack your bags and fly back to your country. Leaving in the morning will save a lot of time as you will be facing less traffic jams.

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